interior design small bathroom pictures

interior design small bathroom pictures

ever wonder why a spa is so relaxing?so many of my clients tell me they want to capture that relaxing spa feeling fortheir very own bathroom. so how do you get that feeling? well i've got my top 3necessities for creating a relaxing spa bathroom. get ready to chill... the best spas in theworld use natural materials because they're inherently relaxing as well asbeautiful to look at. the look and feel of natural materials like stone and woodare really important when you're designing a spa-like bathroom.they tendto have neutral, natural and earth toned colors which are very soothing. look formarble, limestone, slate or wood like teak! don't forget real plants andflowers. they add beauty and life to any

interior. the second most importantnecessity in a spa-like bathroom is atmosphere and there's no better way tocreate atmosphere than with lighting. natural light is a huge plus so long asyou still have a sense of privacy but adding special light fixtures with areflective quality also does wonders for your atmosphere. and finally candles! makesure you have tea lights or aromatherapy candles on hand at all times. and finally the most important necessityfor any spa-like bathroom is water. but not just water... i mean water as a specialfeature there's nothing more relaxing than the flow, sound and feel of water. agreat big tub is a great way to soak the

day way. make sure it's comfortable andas big as you can fit into the space. then there's the shower. from rain headsto rainfall shower heads, once you step in you may never want to step out. andfinally even a special faucet can lead to a wonderful water experience. the flowof water makes everything soothing and relaxing. so here's your take away... spabathrooms are all about relaxation. use natural materials and special lightingto set the stage then focus on the water feature. the flow and feel of all of thistogether makes for a soothing spa experience in your very own bathroom.thanks for watching this little design tip. we'll have lots more design tipsjust like this one coming soon so don't

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