qanvast interior design ideas

qanvast interior design ideas

whether it's renovating a new hdb flat, resaleflat, or condominium, renovating can be as rewarding as it is miserable. before starting your renovation, here are5 simple tips you need to know about home renovation in singapore to makeyour renovation journey a pleasant one. number 1: budget considering setting a renovation plan thatfits your budget and then stick to it. do expect to overspend by 10 to 20 percentmore than your original budget. additional and unexpected problems may cropup and the cost of these will all add up.

hiring an interior designer is the best wayto get the look you want within your budget because they have tonsof experience and they can help you highlight features thatyou should spend less on. always refer back to your renovation planespecially when you are considering getting that expensivestandalone bathtub! number 2: trends have you ever picked up a decor magazine andsaid, “i want my house to look just like this.” while it might seem like a good idea to pullpictures for inspirations,

one must know that you are renovating a housethat is ultimately to accommodate yourselves or your guests instead of just being visuallyattractive. here are some questions you need to ask yourselvesbefore proceeding with a trend: “will this trend be outdated in 3 yearstime?” “will the structures and furnitures fromthis trend be a hassle to my everyday activities?” “are those trendy furniture expensive andare they difficult to find locally?” in conclusion, you want a design that canalso be easily transit to another decor without a major revamp.

number 3: practicality ultimately, a home is meant to accommodateits occupants so as to dramatically improve the quality of theirlives over a long period of time. hence it is important to pick furnitures andfeatures that are practical, lasting and able to withstand external andinternal complications. for example, high humidity and temperaturein singapore can cause hardwood flooring to be susceptibleto warping. wallpaper is not advisable as well as it isa hassle to replace, and is prone to discolouration and peelingdue to singapore’s tropical climate.

it is also advised to not to put in too muchfocus on renovating your children’s room as they will soon outgrow their room and thedecor no longer match their ages. number 4: rules and regulations before starting up renovations and repairsfor hdb flats, you will need the necessary permits. for condominiums, each building has its ownset of renovation rules and regulations. so do some research before you get into trouble for hacking away a pillar that is crucialto the structural integrity of the building. and always remember not to let this one timeevent

cause rifts between you and your neighbours. number 5: reliability let’s be honest. renovating your house can be very stressful. that’s why you should find the right peopleto work with. you might want to engage hdb-registered renovationinterior designers as they are the only ones that are approvedby hdb to work on your flat. remember to always hire ids from accreditedcompanies as there are cases of rogue designers andfirms.

with all these in mind, we hope that our 5simple tips can ease you towards a smooth renovation journey. hey! still trying to find a good interior designerthat is professional and trustworthy? here at carpenters, we are committed to upholdingour most cherished values in every project and task we take on. we offer solutions that tailored to our clientsand providing satisfaction to both parties. here are our list of qualifications and awardsthat we have achieved over the years. check out our clients’ written testimonialson our website -

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