quick interior design ideas

quick interior design ideas

hi there! you’re watching amitha verma!today i wanted to give you a little behind the scenes designer look at the some of thedesign mistakes you might be making in your house. working on these small nuances cantruly help you fall back in love with a project! oversized furniture – this is one of themost common mistakes i see whenever i walk into most homes. most often the furnitureis way to big for the space and sometimes even too small. i know what you’re thinking– but it’s so hard to tell until i get it home! i know i agree, even as a pro, furniturecan be very misleading. my tip, measure out your room and plan where your furniture willgo before you start shopping. generally, i like to leave around 3’ of circulation orwalking space as a minimum around my furniture.

once you go shopping see if you can take apiece home on approval and try it out before you buy it! drapery treatments being installed too low– we recently did a blog on how to create a plush window style. one of the biggest designmistakes that i see is drapery treatment being hung too low. on your next window projectplan to hang those rods higher up and let the panels barely puddle on the floor fora more elegant sophisticated style. matching everything – i know when you’reworking on your home you might be scared to take big risks and frankly may not even knowwhere to take a risk. but if you want to create designer style rooms try not to match everything.so for example, if i’m working on a living

room i may opt for a more neutral sofa fabricand then select a patterned fabric to go on side chairs. if i’m working on a bedroom project i maymix and match nightstands to create a more unique style. or if i’m working outside i may includean outdoor sofa paired with patterned garden stools – is this starting to make sense? beige everything – on that same note, tryto avoid upholstering all your fabric in the same color. beige or even gray everythingis boring. whenever i’m working on upholstery fabrics i try to add at least 5 differentpatterns, which may sound like a lot but really

is not when you start thinking about throwpillows, ottomans, benches and more. the other trick around this problem is to bring in metaltones, which can really add a great contrast to more subtle color palettes. all the same era – i know if you followthis blog, you’re probably passionate about antiques and mixing eras. however, sometimesour projects can lean too heavily new or too period. even though i love antiques, i reallywant to mix in all periods so my rooms never look dated or one particular decade. if youtend to go more “new” stretch yourself and see how can you include a few antiquetouches – this could be with art, wood shelving, accessories such as ironstone – do you getthe idea?

rugs that are too small – last, one of thebiggest design mistakes i see are rugs that are often too small for a room. they tendto look they are floating in the middle not really useful for anyone. my design tip – besure the rug is being touched by all or most of the furniture in the room. there you have it, my shortlist of thingsthat you may be doing wrong but are an easy fix! so what are you struggling with? thesesame trouble spots or different areas? leave a comment in the comments section and letus know! did you like this video? if so please be sureto subscribe to our channel and definitely share this video with a friend. if you haven’talready sign up to receive our design email

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