- yo, guys. jonathan here, and welcome tothe $1,500 smart room upgrade, where the idea is to hit a certain budget and find not only tech, but other elements where there's design,accessories, furniture, and blend those together to create the best possible room setup. plus, with each of theseepisodes, i want to give one of you a chance to makesome upgrades yourselves.

and if you're down with that, make sure you drop a like down below. now, whether it's asmart room, smart home, smart apartment, the coolesttech on the plant means nothing if your wifi is bottlenecking you. so kicking off the episodeis a linksys velop. and huge shoutout to amazonfor sending this out and sponsoring this setup. so the velop is thesuper attractive router

that blends performance with aesthetic. and if your household ispacked full of electronics with people fighting over wifi, this could save your family. now in this case, sincewe are in a single room, one of these is gonna work perfectly. but in the instance whereyou have a larger apartment, or maybe home, you canactually get this in a pack of up to three and spread them out evenly,

so you can get the fastest possible wifi across your home. now the instance where youare using more than one of these, what's awesome is they work in a mesh wifi configuration. what that means, is whetherit's one, two, or three, they're gonna perform andfunction as a singular network. that way you're not worryingabout velop one, velop two, velop three, multiplepasswords, losing your mind.

it's one, and that keeps things simple. now one of these is gonnagive you 2,000 square feet of coverage. that's an easy way to figure out how many of these you would need tocover your room or house. you double that and it'sgonna give you 4,000, and if you triple them, you're getting a whopping6,000 square feet of coverage. now, design-wise, this thingis surprisingly compact,

compared to other options out there. what's cool is, the antenna is actuallyplaced towards the top, which is gonna give you better coverage, and it does a fantasticjob at minimizing cables, which is gonna prevent youfrom having that rats' nest. so overall, it looksgreat, it performs great, there's a really cool companion app to give you more flexibility and control.

and if you're looking for a wifi upgrade, this might be your guy, or girl, depending on how you look at an inanimate object. so next up, this is definitelyone of the more outside of the box ideas i'vetried to put together. the intent her was akick back and relax spot. so what i have behind meis a pair of hektar lamps from ikea, which definitely have that life-size pixar action.

but what makes the setupunique, is inside the lamps, i threw a sengled pulse led kit, which actually have speakersinside the light bulbs. now what's awesome is these lights and speakerswill actually sync together, and play music back in stereo, which creates this reallycool immersive setup. so what i'm gonna do, isactually hop into spotify, and play some music through these guys.

shout out to ed sheeran fordropping some great music. (soulful music) so it is definitely a mind trip hearing light bulbs firemusic down at you in stereo, but it's a really cool way to chill out and kind of get lost in your own world. i will say though, if you consider yourelf to be an audiophile or are used to really high-end systems,

you're probably not going to like this, but if you're looking forsomething different, unique, this setup is really cool. so next up is for anyonelooking to add some extra pixels in their life. behind me is the lg43uh6100,which is a 43-inch 4k tv for just about 500 bucks. now what's awesome is thisis using an ips panel. so you're getting greatcolors, great viewing angles,

and in terms of entry-level price 4k tvs, this is definitely one of thebetter options out right now. what i particularlylike about this though, is lg's web os interface, whichis one of the simplest ways to navigate through a tv. some of them out there makeyou want to smash your face with the remote, but this is simple. there's built-in netflix,built-in hulu, built-in youtube, so you can watch videoslike this in crispy 4k,

without buying anything externally. the picture qualitycombined with the colors, the price, and theinterface, make this a really enticing upgrade, if you're looking to ditch your potato tv. now below that is theamazon basics tv sound bar, which is one of thebest inexpensive options to upgrade your sound. while tv speakers aregetting better and better,

i always personally liketo use either a sound bar or a dedicated speakers while watching, because it really enhancesthe overall experience. so this guy is 31 inchesin length and optimized to be used with tvs 42 inches or less. in this case, we are using a 43-inch tv because thug life. so if you're one of those people out there who follows the rules andinstructions down to the t,

this might not be the setup for you, but you can see, side-by-side, they actually pair really well together. on top of being a sound bar for your tv, there's also built-in bluetooth, and that's cool, because youcan also connect your phone, or your tablet, andstream music from there. so with other very similarsound bars out there, priced upwards of 100 to200 bucks, this thing,

for 70 bucks, is a steal. now, what i have the tvand sound bar housed on, is the ikea gettorp. not sure if i'mpronouncing that correctly, but this is a reallygreat looking tv stand that is priced around 100 bucks. what i like about this ishow it blends both aluminum and glass. it's clean, and kindof just screams classy.

so last up is the amazon tap. you guys have seen me cover the echo, the echo dot, and this bringsyou alexa functionality but in a portable bluetooth package. now it's a little different in the sense that you're gonna verballysay out loud the name, i'm not gonna say itto trigger your device. you actually press themicrophone button here, (speaker dings)

"add a giant gummy bear to my cart." "okay, i've added giant gummy bear. visit your cart to check out." on top of that beyondthe alexa functionality, this is actually a reallysolid bluetooth speaker. (rock music) it's got great sound quality. it gets really loud, and if you haven't yetadded a bluetooth speaker

and alexa into your life,this is a great one-two punch. now as far as those smartroom upgrades for your guys, i'm giving away four$250 amazon gift cards. and you guys can check out the details on how to win down below. aside from that, hopefullyyou enjoyed the video. if you did and you're not subscribed yet, maybe hit that button here,and if you love setup videos, you're going to love this desk setup.

this jonathan, and i willcatch you guys later.

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