modern living furniture scarborough

modern living furniture scarborough

>> this man has been craftingfurniture for 18 years now. most of the wood he uses isalvaged from 17th, 18th and 19th century barns, homes andoutbuildings. his work will be displayed thisweekend at an art show. visit his workhop so learn moreabout the art and his craft. >> i was in the business forabout 15 years. my dad and family had started inmassachusetts. i would typically be asked totake down a barn that was past doing that, one of the things

i noticed is how interesting itwas to be taking these structures down, built withamerican chestnut a wood that doesn't exist any longer.i'd give tours in the end, and notice that people love tounderstand where wood came from. why it came from a certain spotand maybe why it was put up on a wall in a certain format.i left the financial business and started this business,started small, small items. i did my first show at thefestival. i came home that night andstarted building again.

i'd take down these old barnsthat were past repair and noticed just an incredibleaffinity, i just loved working with this cut that wood and open it up after centuries of sitting in aspot, it was absolutely beautiful u. could not find itin contemporary woods. those timbers that are now sunkin the great lakes and some of the wood on the premises is outof quebec, out of a lake. i would then go out and takethose trees and mill those trees and build a composite history onthose trees.

that comes with the piece offurniture, telling where that tree might have sat, where itmight have looked out on, maybe even what type of history mightbe surrounding that tree as the tree grew up.>> it becomes an interesting opportunity to figure out whatyou can use these big pieces of wood in, that would look rightand feel right so. lots of times i'll cut thesepieces, bring them in my shop. they might sit around for monthsbefore you actually figure out what to do with them.>> i do feel if a piece of wood

has been worked and laid out inthe proper fashion, that that energy will move goes from a conceptual idea to something that somethingcould dutch and be involved with eastern ander he day.these big pieces of wood lots of times have voids in the middleof a tree, there might be a hole or a knot.they might be beautiful but they need to have a'll see some of these tables and pieces at the arts festivalthis weekend. it'll still form around largepieces of wood and drate

bottoms, tops and sides.the process has taken me a couple of years to figure outhow to do. between the various layers imight add rocks, i might add glass.what's a very unique process or look to it has become soseamless, a joint between the wood and the resin, a seamlessedge or a seamless top. >> the most satisfying is takingapiece of wood that look to go quite unusual in cutting thatpiece of wood and finding a dienltd rough in that piece ofwood and turns that into a spees

of furniture.people will go over to a ... themselves to want to feel's nice to build and create something that will be carriedon for generations in the way people might hold on to it, passit on in their family.

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