small luxury apartment interior design

small luxury apartment interior design

hey guys, james here today, and welcome back to another house building video! so, recently we've been doing a lot of smaller builds like either- whether it be the $10, 000 build challenge which we did a couple of times. then i've done all those sort of 4x4's and all these other sort of tiny homes, uh, either on a budget or whatever it may be. so i though, you know, first of all, i wanted to do another small home because small ones- small homes are really, really fun cause they're really quite challenging and also it's not- it's not the size that counts it's what you do with it, as long as you can make it work, that's all that matters

you know, like, *mumbles* it's not the size that matters although, in this case the size does matter cause it's quite small and it's pretty awesome, too. uh so i took an idea that i, sort of, used in my original 10k house build which is where we had this sort of, uh main portion of the house on a diagonal cause that was really fun, cause when you do diagonals in sims it usually makes things more difficult, just because it, i don't know, there seems to be nothing in the game that's ever designed to work nicely with diagonals, it just doesn't so it always makes it more challenging when you do make it with diagonals section, so i thought, y'know what? let's do it, let's add that on the back, or on the front, or where ever.

i think i've done it on the front in this case. but let's do that. because it will make the interior more of a challenge to work with, and get everything to fit properly. i also there's no there's no limit inthis build in terms of budget or whatever pack i'm using, i'm just usinganything and everything that i've got in my game to create this build if itends up being a one bedroom one bathroom a home which is a pretty sweet well atleast i think it is i mean to be honest i think all my builds are pretty sweet because that's why- that's why i build them and that's why i like them becausethey're pretty sweet. of course if you do want to download this as always peopleseem to always, always ask this but it is

available on the gallery although theonly time things won't be available on the gallery is if i specifically saythey're not or if it's like part one of a build then it won't be because it's notdone unless the final-- anyway this is available in the gallery and click thelink down below to go and download it or you get a search in game for the simsupply you know my origin idea is the same as my youtube username just withoutthe spaces and you will be able to find it there. so this is using a flatroof because especially when you do these large diagonal sections doing aroof that is other anything other than a flat roof is actually really, reallydifficult to get it to work properly

also if you want to count how manytimes i've said diagonal on this video then feel free to do so becauseit's definitely been a number of times already i know that i'm trying notto say it but i guess the angled portion of the house but i don't think how else can isay it-- oh, the angled portion of the home. so lots of nice big windows i thinki-- i make sure there's a lot of curtains put in later on so it's not you knowyou're not exposed, at least i don't think so, so that's good! i think there'sa little - there's some air of privacy in there so that'll be quite nice i don't knowwhy i did that with the front door but i had like this little archway entry that i was like, you know what i'm gonna do that.

i don't know why. i don't know why i just puta wall there i was like, it's interesting i'm gonna roll with it stop judging meit's gonna happen, and so i just did like a little wall and an archway i was like, you know what? it's kind of cool. so we have the main bedroom there and then theensuite bathroom that comes off of that just in the corner then we just have themain living space which is the kitchen dining and living all in one spacebecause that's just the way it is and there's no other place to put it i meanyou could-- ah i love that flooring, this flooring here, the diagonal, i just loveit because it's diagonal and we-- before that flooring was put in we didn't havea consistent diagonal, sorry angled, i've

said that word so many times now, wedidn't have a consistent angled floor board to use, like we had this sort of, i don't know, what do you call it parquet? not really parquet. well you know what i mean like the otherdiagonal flooring, that's another one. that was the right angled one, and it just wasn't- wasn't right. and that flooring with vampires has a lot of good recolors toit as well and i was like you know what this is this is really cool i'm going touse that one it's going to be sweet it's going to be sweet oh, yeah, so that's quite good.oh yeah so this month this this fine fine months of march we're doing some smaller builds, just because as some of you may know i'm away for pretty much most of marchso i've recorded all these builds before

leaving so that meant i didn't really havea lot of time to do any bigger builds, it also means that the hotel build that istarted-- when did i start that? i thought when i started thathotel build it was going to be done maybe in a couple of weeks or somethingi started out on 8th of january and it's still not done so whoops that will be done inapril that'll be done in april at this rate so if you're holding out for thatapologies it'll it'll be done it'll be back it'll be finishedone day maybe possibly not i don't know it's same along the lines of peoplealways ask you about the if you if you haven't seen it i did what i i'mtechnically doing the big brother house

build let's build hang on big brotheri'm a search big brother should come up so i'm building a house like that yousee in the tv show big brother the reality show big brother which hasbasically if you don't know what the show is a bunch of people and what 16people are put in the house for three months not all of them are there forthree months so that's how long it runs there's cameras in the walls sobasically every room turns out to be a considered set piece in a way, so you've got to have good camera angles for each space that would work so that'swhat we were kind of building a house based on that when was the last part i did of that because that was quite a while

ago as well i think i need to finishthat off part eight is what i got up to that was 27th of may 2016 yeah that'sstep i should probably finish that actually let's check the newest commentson that let's see five days ago another person for five days ago isanyone complaining it hasn't been another one are we a second comment it'sbeen like ten months since you updated this please finish i love that i love togo back to old series that i never finished and seeing what people say likei'll continue just keep doing it oh here we go so if you don't mind measking where's the next episode ah i couldn't tell you about it it may beyeah anyways that's been fun so here's a

little interior kitchen area, i don't know what-- what? interior kitchen area? obviously it's the interior kitchen areai just described exactly what it was so going through a very sort of i guessmuted color palette in a way so it's very grey in that with the kitchen andthen i brought in the color from with the fruit bowl and the little plant onthe wall and then we go this bright yellow sort of folding chairs for thedining areas your said i think i actually removed two of them because ithink for yeah for was a bit much considering the size of this house ithink four chances was a little much i kind of wish you could just well i guessyou could yeah i was in fact i wish we

could tuck the chairs under the tableyou could if you just use move objects and put them under the table youdefinitely could do that but i didn't but anyway yeah no so couple of chairsthere bright yellow get a bit of color in there but i really liked the sort ofmuted grey color scheme it just seems a little bit more masculine and somethingthat i would love to live in i don't know it is that boring that i want tolive in somewhere this gray? like not not like a hundred percent gray but ithink just as a base palette to work with gray is quite good because then youcan just add whatever decorations you want on top of that because no matterwhat sort of color or pattern you add

with grey it's going to work becauseit's gray. gray is kind of like white and black in that it will kind of gowith anything so it's like i like it i don't know maybe that's just me maybemaybe i like gray too much but i thought gray was quite good. so that's why i went with it because that means we can have the yellow and we have the green there, we have, because we have yeah-- the bamboo with that little plant, we have the other plant, the wall, lots ofgreen. got some yellow for the pop we've got a fruit bowl that has a yellow in itas well so i think it's pretty good so then we just have a little safer areahere with the tv i love those curtains that came in city living like those hugecurtains i always use them, well now i

always use them as like sort of halfdrawn curtains over big windows because it seems to make sense it's like becausethat does actually have i live my life i'm looking at my curtain right now andthat's basically what might because i have on my office space it was a wheremy office is now used to be a garage and basically we just replaced a garagedoor with big sliding glass doors so then i just have like large curtainsover and i usually have one half drawn and that's basically what this is thatcurtain isn't in the game and i'm like i and it's just like just like my spacewhich reminds me i did a office build of you know of my actual officein the sims 4 awhile ago like a

while ago and it doesn't like that buildthat now in terms of what's in it doesn't even make like that stuff mostsort of changed, hang on, let's see, i think i called it my-- did i call it 'my mancave'? maybelet me see yeah 'the sims 4 room build - my mancave' two years ago my roomdoes not even look like that anymore in terms of layout i might have to do anew one especially there's so many new items now because that would be yourthat do yeah that's that's really old wow like i'm looking at it i think ishowed-- did i show-- i think i showed picture me in here at some pointoh i actually got out my camera whole like filmed my actual space yeah oh wowthat is so old yeah my space has

changed a lot i'll have to redo that ohlook at my computer setup huh you should go check out check it out that build by the way 'the sims 4 room build - my mancave' my room is nothing like that anymore ishould i also need to do another room tour because i did a room tour of myoffice more recent than that video which is more updated but i don't think myroom is anything like that room tour anymore eitherlet's have a look it was on my third channel which little-known fact i have athird channel which is kind of great i never but the last thing i posted tothat channel is 11 months ago so i wouldn't count on each other even thoughthe room tour okay so the room tour was

august 2015wow didn't does not seem that long-- ah! the deck okayso the deck outside of my office right now really needs to be revarnished andlike the varnishes sort of like it's basically like rubbed off in there inspots basically the high-traffic area on the steps of it is like rubbed off andreally badly and then in this video i'm looking on my car my car looks so muchnicer not that disgusting that's beautiful ah look at heryeah yeah my office has changed a lot even from that ya going to need a new roomtour and a new room build as well wow it's like going back in time i mean iguess it is, because it is august 2015

jeez yeah yeah you know this videohas made me realize i need a update so i don't so people been asking if youfollow me on instagram which you should if you don't 'jamesturneryt' if yougo click the link down below to go to my website you can find my instagram through thatbut anyway my instagram which by the way is fantastic in lots of quality contenti posted a picture or a number of weeks ago now because it was a pictureof my collection of sims related merchandise and people were asking me todo like i guess a tour of all the merch that i have and i guess like a tourvideo of all the merch and like i guess an explanation behind it because there'sa lot of stuff in there that is i guess

quite specialized in that i think theonly way you get it is from going to a sims event which i've obviously beento a few of those and there's even some items in there that only people inaustralia got like it was sent out by ea australia like they organise that forpressing that so i got some of those things as well so there might be a goodidea to do as well i might have to do that i believe it's my most liked photoand instagram so you should check it out yeah so now anyway basically with theroof here i was trying to because the roof just looked really flat and kind ofboring with just concrete so i was like i'll try to add those little fences toadd some detail to it just add i don't

know, just make it look a little bitdifferent and add some texture to the roof but as you saw like the more iadded the worse look so i try to keep about like fairly simple in terms of theactual stuff that was out of there now we do at least little i guess sobalconies around the outside of the bill bit there's no way to get to the onlyone wide there more though just for decoration so don't count on being ableto access those because you won't be able to but right now it's going aroundadding a lot of plants in that because we don't have a budget so that you knowwhat we should probably green this place up on the outside because the build isvery gray

like i said i do like the gray, but it isvery gray like we need-- like the point of gray, like to me personally, like isaid earlier the point of gray is that you can put anything with it so that'swhy i'm like okay well we need to add plants greenery get a little barbecuearea out the back i think this build would be really good as like if i couldimagine the size and shape of this build being in an apartment block and likethat balcony there being like the balcony off of-- i don't know. i really wish though we could build more than five stories high and-- wait, five? four? yeah four, sorry not five! five is 'sims 3' (laughter) i wish we could build more than four stories high

i also wish that when we did build morethan that the game wouldn't lag but that explains why we can't because if you'veseen been watching the hotel bill that thing got real laggy so although i guessit's not really i i kind of want to be able to build like we were in 'the sims 3: late night' where like the building is a huge shell like so they're likeall of 20 floors in the middle are just blacked out there's nothing thereyou jump right up that's all i really want to do is just build on top of askyscraper or something that doesn't have all the other ones i know we can doit with the penthouses but found the penthouse arts are a little bit bigger idon't know i don't know you know what i

don't know what i want because we kindof have i know i just want to i don't know i thought build cool stuff you knowwhat i saw i've build cool stuff that's what i want to do and i don't know-- anyway! there's screenshots going through it, you see we've got the bright yellow chairs i'm quite a fan of thoseyellow chairs and then we got all the greenery through the plant it's prettygray but i like it the bedroom i took a little bit moreliberty with colors got a bit of blue and some gold in there which i thought was quitenice but the but the bedroom is a it's fancy, you know? the bathroom herenothing too crazy a few bits here there of course like i said earlier you candownload this off the sims 4 gallery if

you so wish and you want to use itit'll be there for you to enjoy but thank you very much for watching guys ifyou want to check out some other videos you can check out some other housebuilds there on the top right or you can go the bottom the bottom right and clickon a suggested video for you that'd be pretty cool on the bottom left you go tomy website or you subscribe to the channel on the top leftalthough it's up to you thanks for watching i'll see you next time and havean awesome day

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