ro: hey guys it’s ro! welcome to anothernerdy nummies! ro: today i have a very special guest, it’sshane! shane: hi! ro: he has an awesome youtube channel, i willput his links down below so you can ro: go check it out, and, he has another bookcoming out, because he’s already ro: made a book you guys, this is the secondbook! ro: and movies, so i’ll put those all downthere! ro: and today, we are gonna be making a breakfastfood. shane: ah… ro: do you eat breakfast?

shane: i don’t eat breakfast and i’venever cooked a day in my life! shane: so this is gonna be great! ro: this is gonna be awesome! ro: he’s been cooking more on his youtubechannel, you made that giant ro: candy bar, that was really cool! shane: i mean, some would say sad, and somewould say what’s wrong with him? shane: but we’ll go with cool! ro: yeah! it was really cool! so today, weare gonna be making a pok㨠ball parfait! ro: for all you pokã¨mon lovers that alsolike yogurt, yum, yum, yum!

shane: pffft! it’s a very specific demo! ro: it’s like, very niche, if you’re out there! both: let’s get started! ro: he’s good! ro: the things you’ll need will be, somefresh raspberries, blueberries, ro: greek yogurt, and…. shane: honey, bananasand granola. ro: now let’s put it all together! ro: the first thing that we’re gonna dois flavor our greek yogurt, just a little bit. ro: for those of you who eat greek yogurt,you know that sometimes it needs a

ro: little bit of sweetness, it can be a littletart. ro: but, if you’re using a different typeof yogurt that is already sweetened, ro: you don’t need to do this, you can skipthis step. ro: you’re just gonna scoop a little bitof greek yogurt into these bowls, ro: and add some honey. shane: huh, what isthat!? shane: huuuhhhh! it has a skin! ro: ok, so i’m gonna scoop a cup. shane:that’s… ridiculous! shane: that’s… ro: look at how big itis! shane: i mean… shane: wow! oh my gosh. ro: well it’s notas much as i wanted but that’s ok.

ro: here, you too. shane: oh i’m going in!ro: ok! get it! shane: yeah! ro: yeah! shane: full scoop! ro: that is a big scoop.nice! shane: big scoop for a big boy! ro: the ratio that i like to use, if you havea 1/2 a cup you use a tablespoon, ro: if you’ve got a full cup use 2 tablespoons. shane: what’s this? ro: whatever you want! ro: i think it’s a cup. shane: so maybe 2 tablespoons. ro: just to sweeten it up a little. ro: oh my gosh, someone loves honey!

shane: daddy likes it sweet! ro: that is so much honey, i can’t believe! ro: that’s gonna taste amazing. shane: yeah! ro: ok, then take your spoon, mix it up. shane: ok, so now that we have mixed in ourhoney with our yogurt, gotten to the shane: perfect sweetness. ro: mmmmhmmm…shane: or over sweetness. shane: uh, it is time to layer our bowls. ro: yes! i love this part. ok, so you’regonna take your granola, ooooh! shane: that’s a clean cut! ro: yeah!

ro: ok, so the first layer we’re gonna dogranola on the bottom because ro: we’re gonna do a design on top of thegreek yogurt. ro: this is gonna take a minute. ro: ok, you, here. shane: my turn? ok. ro: yeah. ro: that was a lot easier. ro: now we’re gonna scoop in our yogurt. ro: go like this, make sure it’s flat. shane: yeah, good idea. ro: doo-doo-doo-doo-doo so it’s not likea mountain.

ro: ooooh! i got one of yours! ro: and we’re just gonna scoop it in, herewe go, here we go. shane: all of it? ro: yeah. shane: alright, are you sure? ro: you can do layers, you can do granola,yogurt, granola, yogurt, you just ro: want yogurt to be on the top because we’regonna decorate. ro: now you’re gonna want to smooth outthe top, i’m just using a spoon, you don’t ro: need a spatula or anything. shane: ok, so now that our greek yogurts areready it’s time to decorate. ro: mmmhmm, this is my favorite part. thisis my favorite part!

ro: i like to decorate, ok, so you’re gonnatake a banana and you’re gonna cut ro: banana pennies. do you know how to dothat? shane: i did grow up poor, so i think i canfigure it out. ro: ok. shane: well first of all let me open upthe banana right! ro: ooooh! shane: hack! ro: from the bottom! shane: so little pennies? ro: yeah, littlepennies. shane: so like that? ro: yeah. shane: that size? smaller? ro: yeah.that looks good. ro: yeah and then grab one of them. ro: let’s see let’s make a good… shane:more? ro: this will be for the center

ro: of the pok㩠ball, that looks good! shane:tell me when! ro: ding! shane: aw! where do we put it? ro:ok so you just put him right in the middle. shane: ok. ro: just eyeball it, put it rightin the middle. boop! ro: and then you’re gonna take little blueberries,and we’re gonna put ‘em ro: all the way around. shane: i’m really good at this! ro: now we’re gonna take the raspberriesand we’re gonna fill in the top 1/2 ro: of our little bowls. and i try to squish‘em a little flat so they lay right on line. shane: my ball is ugly!

ro: what happened here!?!? shane: i’m fillingin the blanks! ro: shane! what? shane: i’m trying to fillin the whites. ro: this is really cute, but you started reallylike, shredding these raspberries. ro: but you can do what you want, this isyour bowl of yogurt! ro: you can make it anyway you want. shane:oh my god, life is your bowl of yogurt. ro: awww! shane: whatever you want to do withit kids! both: ta-da! ro: here are our pokã©mon parfaits! i hopeyou guys like them! ro: these are super easy to make breakfasttreats, and, they’re a little bit geeky!

ro: a big thank you to shane! thank you shanefor helping me make some breakfast food! ro: i had a lot of fun! shane: well, let’s not say how much funyou had until you taste mine. ro: his is really sweet, i can’t wait totaste it! ro: i’m gonna be putting all of shane’slinks down below to check him out, and, ro: i’ll put a link to our challenge video,we played a challenge over on his ro: channel, so you should go check it out! ro: and if you have any other ideas for anyother nerdy nummies, please let me ro: know, leave me a comment down below andi will do my best to make it happen!

ro: and i’ll be posting some pictures ofthese cute little geeky parfaits on ro: facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram. ro: and if you guys make these, please takea picture and send it to us! ro: i’d love to see your baking creationsi get a big kick out of it! shane: it really makes our day! ro: it reallymakes my, aw! ro: it really makes our day! ro: he knows! ro: time for taste test. shane: ok. ro: yoursis really sweet. shane: let’s try mine first. ro: you putso much honey in there!

shane: really get in there, yeah! ro: oh wow,oh wow! shane: yeah, get at the bottom! ro: oh my gosh! shane: cheers! ro: so much honey! shane! ro: you can do what you want, but maybe iwouldn’t recommend that much honey! shane: whoo! ro; wooo! shane: pokã©mon! ro: alright, thanks you guys! bye-bye!

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