oak and antonio: we're awesome *claps and laughs* you ready for this? no... i'm just gonna say my name. hi i'm antonio. hi i'm oak. and...oh ew. *laughs* and we live here in old town, chinatown. yeah, so we have some issues with creating a space for us to both live in and work in. i'm using a broken shelf for my art right now.

so the space is also wherei study for a medical school, so it's very much like a multi-purpose room. just to like have an environment have some friends over for dinner parties. for the most part, we're just sitting on the floor. it was okay when we first moved in because like "okay you're moving in" but now it's been like a couple months like we're like *shrugs nervously* yeah. there's a lot of opportunity for growth here and we need to have furniture and i'm readyto make this the space that, it would be enjoyable to live in.

and i don't think this room reflects like our personalities at all. we're still excited. i'm very stoked, like i can't wait. yeah and invite all of our friends over for a great dinner party. it's gonna be awesome. hope we weren't too awkward. the last three days just making everything, we've been using the entire space like in between all the different setups and it'sbeen awesome. i could be like reading on the sofa while oak is studying. it's like interesting to make that transition from like being in college and then being a young adult and actually having space to

have a living room and having aworkstation. but like who wants to sit on the floor for hours like doing some crazy art project? and like, i think that this room is inspiring us to take on more creative tasks, to study in peace, and not feel like i have to rush out tosome cafe. i definitely feel very posh, and i'm definitely going to have a lotof friends over. i'm gonna have friends over for shabbat. i think we're going to have likethe house that people want to come to, to hang out in. so many seatingopportunities. the couch is definitely a big game changer. and then the bench on the other side,

you just bring that out easily, like six people can just sit there. having two desks and a table, that's more than i could have ever dreamed of. i'm definitely on some next-level right now. let's live it up! *high fives*yeah we did it. we did it! and it's also like, you don't have to spend that much money. like a lot of the stuff in this room is not the most expensive things at ikea. and if anybody would look at it they wouldn't know that we didn't spend like amillion dollars. oh, oh. ahhh, you just broke...*laughs* who's idea was this? i'm not responsible enough for this! *laughs*

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