- [jamerrill] so i wanted togive you guys a quick tour at our family livingroom before, and this is honestly just the state it gets in. these are our old couches,now we bought these couches, brand new, a little over eightyears ago, and you can see we've got a fun paintingparty that occurred a few years ago. we've got some rips in the cushion, there's wood sticking out of the frame.

so last summer, i desperatelywanted new couches, but how i get with all major purchases, is i thought i'm gonna try and get another year out of these. so i bought these new-to-us-then quilts, or faux-quilts fromwalmart, and we have had nice quilt-covered couches. but you see, the quilts get, need a little straightening up.

and so here's the stateof our couches, currently. and so with the covers,things get a little wonky, and these were the pillows that came with the couches originally. so it's definitely timefor a living room update, that's the, this is the folk art wallpaper i had over the walls. now last summer i painted this living room and so i've had greathopes to get back to it,

but between running abusiness and having a baby and homeschooling, and i'm sure you hear all the chatter behind me, i haven't gotten very far. here's one of the places wherethe wood is coming through, there's several places likethat. just showing you this to see- to justify, i'm happythat we needed new couches, we saved the cash for it, we're not gonna move couches yet,

you know what you can do zian, i want you to take the cushions off. - ya i was just pulling it out 'cause there's a huge bit ofwood sticking out here and - [jamerrill] oh oh we'regonna show the wood back there excuse me. oh there's another spot, so we definitely, i got these couches for iwanna say i got the couches for $250 a piece, on abig sale many years ago,

so i bought two of em,and we've just milked them for every penny over the years. the story with the paintis a couple years ago gabriel was taking a nap onthe couch and i was napping too and whenever i woke up gabrielgot out our acrylic paints and he had been paintingthe couches for us. oh and you can look andsee, yup that's some of what's going on underneath. so, it is time it is time,be free right daniel?

daniel is loving his new seat. - um i got this one - [jamerrill] good now we'regonna take all of those outside guys okay? hey you knowwhat you can do with those? you can go throw those underthe tree and jump on them some. you wanna do that? - no - [jamerrill] hey gabriel and amelia, you guys can have a jumping

party on the cushions, goput them under the tree and then go jump on them. so before the couch gets hauledaway, this is a good use. jump gabey jump (laughs) jump jump jump! weee! getting every last pennyout of those couch cushions. gabriel do you remember whenyou painted that one couch. - ya

- [jamerrill] what were you thinking? - i wanted to paint - [jamerrill] you were justthinking i wanna paint, there's another have fun there it is. - that's the paint one! - [jamerrill] jump onyour paint one. jump jump! - put it on here and then i jump - [jamerrill] okay! here is out update of ourliving room progress so far.

yesterday the oldcouches and our old chair were taken to the dump by my husband, and my husband and jaydenand zian, our older boys, had to take off some ofour molding and door frames to get the new couches in, so i'm gonna give you a peak at those, what has happened is wehaven't got the living room painted yet but we hadto pick up the couches, the couches are still wrapped in plastic,

because we are stillgoing to paint this room. we're not able to paint todaycause we have some other life excitement going on, but i can at least showyou our progress so far. so here's what it looks like so far, and you have to remember these are little rooms in our farm house and my goal was to havelots of sitting room. before it seemed like twocouches took up most of this room

and so now we have onesectional sofa here, still largely wrapped in plastic, this is two separate ottomansi got one for each couch. so here's one, and thenhere is our other sectional. and then our tv area. so we like to use our livingroom of course not just for the tv but also for reading time and for other family activities. and i have a little samplinghere you can see this is my old

folk art wallpaper borderfrom almost a decade ago when folk art was the thingto do in old little farmhouses and i don't think wallpaperborders are very much in style anymore, i don't knowwho knows what's in style but what i've gotten is the couches are kind of a dark mahogany so i picked up those pillows at big lots, i do plan to pick up a fewmore because i like them, i thought they would brightenthe darkness of the couches

and then along the back of the couch, just for fun for me tolook in here and visualize, i have this new laugh live love wallpaper. and there's a little bit ofgold design in the background and i thought that wouldgo with the tan curtains, which also need fluffed up, but mommas doing a littlebit of decorating here, so my plan is we'll get the room painted, we'll get the new wallpaper border up,

and then i've got somereally fun new decorations for the wall, we got a newclock and a new mirror, - a bear a bear - [jamerrill] oh you'vegot your bear over there, some other fun things we will share soon, so this is our update so far! so here's a little update, jayden and zian have workedhard this sunday afternoon getting this room a freshcoat of white paint,

i told them not to worryabout that wallpaper border, to go ahead and coverit up if they needed to cause i have a new one that's coming. we've had these couches a couple days now and we've just left the plastic on them, because we knew the paintingstill needed to be done. leave it to jamerrillto not perfectly plan a situation but figure out a workaround. so we still haven't paintedthe wood boards in these rooms,

in this room as long aswe've had this house, we may get to that at somepoint, usually the chairs and the couches pretty much cover that up. so can't wait to getthe wallpaper up there, and some new pretty things for the walls, and see how the room looks all brand new. so here's a view athow it's lookin so far, we have, as i mentioned,the plastic wrap is off both of the sectionalsofas, and if it looks like

there's not a lot of room inthis room, it is actually, there's much more roomthan there was before. so what i have is i love this mirror that i found at big lotsfor, i think it was like $29 and it was also marked off. i think i'm gonna hangthe mirror right there beside the window. i also there's thepillows that i picked up, to kind of add somecolor onto the couches,

you know with my stained glass windows i have in different windowsthroughout the house that i do like a splashof color when we can. over here this is a collection of some of the items that i picked up. you'll see these three piece canvas sets, i think they're just beautiful and those were marked down to $3.99. see this one it was $3.99it was originally $14.99.

so i got nine total and iwas hoping to do some designs on the wall with them, we'llsee once i get them hanging up. this is a large piece of metal wall decor, i've always liked thesekinds of artwork pieces, here's another one that i got. i also have a stack of pictures and things that were on the walls of this room that i'll have to see whati can get worked back in, but this is our start for now.

so i am ready to show you guys what our living room looks like now that we got done painting it, hanging up a fresh wallpaper border, hanging some new little prettyknickknacks on the walls and of course this is truly a couch room we have two giant sectionalsofas in here now, it's, to me it's made ourliving room look better, you know before we hadthis huge oversized chair,

that took up an entire wall, and then we had two othercouches that took up other walls. so the sectional sofas have given us a lot more seating room, i think we still have thesame amount of floor space, but now everyone has a place to sit, and there's room for friends to sit and other family as well andthat's a nice added bonus. the kids have enjoyed loungingaround on the ottomans

and it's just made our living room a fun place for us to be in. like you know if you watch my videos we live in an old farmhouse that will be 100 years old this year. i had four babies inabout a five year period however those timelines work. i have not been focusingon decorating and painting and couches and fixing up the farmhouse

over these last few years. i also started a blog thatis now a full time business, and of course you know i runmy mouth about that a lot. so i am slowly, hopefully this summer, just gonna take it roomby room in this house, give it some fresh paint,freshen up what we can, i would love to refinishour kitchen cabinets and have our hardwoodfloor in our kitchen done. i would love to updatethis old farmhouse kitchen.

you have seen my kitchen in these videos, and you know that the next room we should probably givea little extra help to is our kitchen area, because even though that kitchen is small, we spend a lot of qualitytime in that room as a family. so whenever you look into our living room you see i hung our newmirror on the opposite wall to reflect some light, theselovely little canvas art pieces

i found at big lots, i gotthree in a pack for $3.99 and here is how ourwallpaper border turned out, again i thought it wasjust a nice little touch, because i am from thewallpaper border generation. this is a decorative,more of a garden piece and i thought hey that wouldlook pretty nice on that wall. here's a look at one of the couches, and the ottoman, it's a black and a brown it depends on how the light hits it.

my husband and jayden and zianput the feet on the couches and ottomans last night. so just goin around the room, now we'll get back tomy tv stand situation here in a minute but there'swhere i hung the nice clock that i picked up at big lots,some more of the canvas pieces and here's the other couch, looking around, and those ottomans move, they'rejust nice pieces to have.

now nothing is on these back walls yet, there was no way i could get those done before i promised i'd share this video, but i'm hoping to just dofamily pictures on these walls and any other unique pieces i could find i would love, i had a lotof black picture frames, i would love to repaintthem in different colors and get those on thewall that would be neat. so over here, with my tv stand,

you can see this is where gabriel paintedthis tv stand a few years ago, the same nap time whenhe painted our couch, and we've just had it a long time so tomorrow when we go do ourbig grocery shopping trip, i am getting a new tv stand, i feel like with this tv angled and you see it wheneveryou look into this room, we've had this one for solong its time for a fresh one.

also you'll see over here i've just got, the kids love to curl up with a quilt that's our old farmhouse thing we've got a quilt, anda stack of old pillows and then in that tub in thatcrate we have movies and such. what i would like to do isthere's another green stand, again i saw it at big lots, and i think, i believe, i need to measure,that i could fit it in here. it's kind of an olive green color,

i thought the color would stand out nice. what i would put in thatis our cases of our dvds with our family movies, i was hoping to possiblymove our picture albums from the school room into here, because the kids love to stretch out and go through picture albums. and then we might be ableto get into the habit, of folding our quilts nicely,

and then putting them ontopof that green cabinet. i'll see how that goes butthat may or may not work out i'll have to update ya in a later video, but this is a look at our living room, thank you so much for watching, again i'm not a professional decorator, i'm just a momma with a whole lot of kids trying to make our housenice and inviting, and fresh for the whole family to enjoy.

i'll see you tomorrow bu-bye.

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