small two bedroom apartment interior design

small two bedroom apartment interior design

hey so i'm at my aunt's apartment intehran iran and this is actually probably the third apartment tour videoi'm doing for my youtube channel but i just can't help it because there are somany amazing apartments and homes in my family i have a lot of really talenteddecorators in my family and i really really wanted to show you guys you knowshow off their style and i also wanted you guys to see what an apartment lookslike in the middle east and specifically in tehran iran becauseit's really a lot different from usually what you find in the united states i'mactually going to start with my favorite favorite favorite part of this entireapartment and just i don't know

it's the way it looks in the morningswhen you wake up specifically that window back there and the window isfilled with those beautiful pink flowers just really really makes you happy inthe morning so the washer is actually right here in the kitchen which is prettycommon i feel in iran and maybe in other parts of the world too and theyreally don't do dryers here in this part of the world we pretty much hang outyour clothes on a line to dry outside on the balcony so very open kitchen designso you can be cooking all day and working in the kitchen but you still getto see the entire apartment so it's really really nice i really like whatthey've done with the cabinets because it

used to be wood i think and theychanged it to these really nice new cabinets one of the things i like is thatthe ceiling is actually green so i just think that's kind of cool because i'veseen popcorn ceilings you know back in america and flat ceilings but you don't seelike painted ceilings like this all that often i think it looks really nice andof course every person household has to have a samovar so a traditional you knowtea kettle type situation that we use to brew our tea every morning andhonestly all day long so over here is the formal dining tablewe don't usually eat here much unless there's a party or something like that something specialgoing on what i wanted to actually point

out about this area is this piece righthere because actually my aunt did this herself so i believe the underneath is wood and then i believe she said it was i don't know if it's clay or somekind of resin but i don't exactly know all the processes that she uses i'm not an artist ijust know that it's really really beautiful and she did it all by herself andactually if any of you think that you would want something like that shecan actually do that for you to custom order so just let me know leave acomment down below if you're interested in artwork like that so this is reallywhere we spend most of our time at least where i've spent most of my time since i've beenhere what i love about persian homes is

like even in a small two-bedroomapartment chandeliers like everywhere so we've got a super fancy chandelier uphere there's actually another chandelier right over the dining table backthere so chandeliers everywhere it's so persian seriously you cannot go into apersian home without there being chandeliers at least one but usually morethan one in every home and the other thing that i want to point out that ipointed out in my other tehran apartment tour video for my cousin's apartment isthat all of the floor in here is tile and that's something that'sreally huge in iran is that the floor is pretty much everywhere i've been it'salways tile so you don't really see a

ton of wood flooring and you definitelydon't see carpet very often a lot of tile and then of coursepersian rugs over the tile so in this house i don't know if you got to see but there's rug all over the place and so that's what makes it feel homey but i feel like having the chandeliers and the tiles and the rugs makes even the smallest apartment just feel so fancy and like a little persian palace andthen all of the colors you see on the wall were painted by my aunt it actuallylooked different a couple of years ago when i was here um she actually justredid everything recently so this is kind of brand new for me too and i thinkit looks fantastic i wanted to also make

sure to point out this mirror becausethis mirror is also custom made by my aunt so the underneath once again iswood and then actually all of these fish and figurines and flowers and all theselittle things that you see on here were made out of clay and then painted by herand you know she created this entire frame for this mirror by hand custom ofher own design so again if this is something that you'd beinterested in a custom order i know that she would be happy to do that foryou so leave me a comment and let me know but yeah i feel like this isreally it when it comes to the living room i just really love the color i lovehow happy it is i love how open it is um

and then this is such a nice littletouch so the layout of this place is so open but then there's these curtainsover here and then this is sort of a bedroom and bathroom area and so anotherinteresting thing about iranian apartments is that usually they have anasian squat toilet and then they usually many of them also have sort of anamerican-style toilet and usually the american-styletoilet is in the same group or same place as the shower um so like righthere this is very interesting you'll see that like this is the shower back herebut then also on this side there's actually an american-style toilet buthere's the interesting thing about

american-style toilets in iran is you can't flush toilet paper the sewage system in iran is not made handletoilet paper so even if you use an american-style toilet you still have touse the hose and wash yourself the persian way so over here on this side isthe other bathroom which is the iranian style squat toilet over here but i alsojust think it's very cute and again all tile nice little touches in herebut yeah so usually there are two bathrooms one of each style at leastthat's what i've experienced okay so i'm going to take you into one of the twobedrooms this is the main sort of master bedroom back here again the wallcolors everything were chosen by my aunt

so we can see that the theme of thisapartment is really a lot of sort of neutral earth tones but even though it'sa lot of neutral earth tones which aren't always my thing it's also verywhite and very bright and very open which is another thing that i love about thisspace so i have another thing that i want to point out is kind of thistraditional persian mirror i had one of these in my room growing up and i feellike you see these in persian homes all the time and also this is like atraditional iranian girl i see a lot of things like thatalright and so in bedroom number two this is actually where i've been stayingduring the time that i've been here so

it's actually a little bit messy becauseall the new cases and all my stuff fell into place so don't blame my auntthat's my fault but let's come on in and i'll show you where i've been stayingand so back here is you know one of my second homes in iran so i feel like ihave many second homes here and this is definitely one of them so i've beensleeping in this bed and then this wall she painted a kind of reddishearth tone red which is different than the last time i was here but i think itlooks fantastic and then we also have a chandelier in this room as well butit's a different style not quite as blinged out as in the living room butstill definitely they're into their

chandeliers over here in this part of the world actually it um this is the last nightthat i'm going to be spending here in this apartment on this trip so kind ofsad but i wanted to make sure that i got a video tour completed before i leftbecause it's something that i've wanted to do for a long time and actually with allthe new changes that my aunt just made it looks even better so i knew i had toget a tour of this place up on my youtube channel to show all you guysso anyway thank you for visiting i hope you enjoyed it i hope you got some gooddecor ideas and if you want any custom artwork make sure to leave me a commentdown below and i'll get you in touch

with my aunt but thank you guys so muchtake care

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