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studio room interior design ideas

studio room interior design ideas

living in just 400 square feet of space ischallenging, no matter how you put it. you have to use every trick in the book ifyou want to make it work and if you want the space to feel like home. the best way to find ideas is by looking atexamples and we found the perfect one: a tiny studio in austin, texas. the studio is functional, stylish and comfortablein spite of the lack of space. the living area features a loveseat whichis a perfect fit here given its size. the side table takes almost zero floor spaceand eliminates the need for a coffee table. the kitchen area is behind the sofa.

it only occupies one wall and everything fitsin there, including the fridge, stove and all the other appliances. the wall-mounted cabinets offer enough storagespace and, even though the counter is small, the whole combo is practical. the tiny living space even has room for aconsole table. behind it you can see the divider screen whichseparates the space from the bedroom. it seems that this one was added to gain alittle bit of privacy. the glass allows the two spaces to remainconnected and the blinds are there in case they need to become more separate.

the bedroom is not exactly spacious either. the bed takes up most of the floor space. a desk was placed in front of the window anda series of shelves cover the wall in front of the bed. it seems like everything falls into placeand the cat sure seems to feel like home here.

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