trendy paint colors for living room

trendy paint colors for living room

[music playing] if there's one placei suggest to experiment with color in your home, itis going to be the front door. the front door is a very smallamount of surface to cover, so you don't have tobuy that much paint, and it's a very quick job. the other thing i loveabout doing a front door with a bold coloris you instantly add a bunch of personality,character, or drama the minute

people are welcomedto your home. this is an excellentplace to go bold, because you can alsoplay up different types of architecture. for example, this houseis mid-century modern. this is considered a robin'segg blue tone, which also works really well in coastalsettings, but honors the overall color schemesfrom that particular era and something elseto keep in mind,

if you're going to be paintingyour front door a bold color, is to also play with sheen. here i've gone with a flatfinish, the reason being is it creates a really nice visualtension between the very rough surfaces of the painted brick. another thing you coulddo is go with a semi-gloss or a high gloss if you wantmore of a glamorous look. and two glamoroushigh-gloss gloss colors which workamazingly on front doors

are white and black. black is a little moredramatic and dark, and then white is veryclassic, clean, and glamorous. so if you want toincorporate color, but you don't knowwhere to start, start with the front door. it's very low-commitment,very low-maintenance, and on top of that, itdoesn't take much paint to give it the proper coverage.

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