alright, natalie. let's talk tv height. tv height's kind of tricky when you think about all of us standing at different heights, our eye levels. which we are. we are very different heights. that level is going to be different. but seated, look at us. much better. eye level's a big deal and getting that at the optimal viewing angle is a huge thing. now in a room like

this we're all seated -- 42 inches they say to the center of television is almost ideal. okay, but we have these vaulted ceilings in here, so if we don't take a look getting that height right the first time is important. and that's why you have also this tilting mount because let's sat you're getting a glare, let's say you want

different angle, that's how you fix that. and sanus has the heightfinder tool online, so you go in, you plug in the tv you have, you plug in the mount you want to use, you tell it you want it at 42 inches. it tells you exactly where to drill the holes for the bracket behind this tv, which is ideal because if you're scared

the only thing scarier than drilling holes in your wall -- is drilling them again. yes, so it takes the guesswork out, makes it simple. how about in the bedroom? how about in the bedroom. let's take a look. when you're going to mount your television in the bedroom, the first thing you should think about is where's the rest of your

furniture. right. bed -- straightforward right. pointed at the television. under the television we're going to have another piece of furniture, and here's a bench. that's not bothering us, but if it was a dresser or an armoire, that might be more problematic -- pushing that tv further and further up the wall, which is why you have a tilting mount. here it comes. keep coming.

tell me when your head's on the pillow. right there. right there. sweet spot. 60 inch tv in the master bedroom. not bad. not bad. hey, looking for more tips and tricks on tv mounts? go to for more videos and information.

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