transitional dining room

transitional dining room

how to buy a chandelier. this series will help you find the right chandelierfor your needs. chandelier size. to look and function at its best, your chandelierneeds to be the proper width and height. here's how to figure out both. to figure out your chandelier width, measurethe length of the room. next, measure the width. the length of the room plus the width equalsthe most appropriate chandelier width in inches. for a small room, consider a chandelier sizethat is 13 to 22 inches wide.

if you have a medium size room, select a chandelierthat is 23 to 30 inches wide. and if you have a large room, look for a chandelierthat is 31 inches wide or larger. once you know the chandelier width, it's timeto pick the right chandelier height. to determine the chandelier height, first,measure the room height. next, multiply the room height by three. this equals the suggested height of your chandelierin inches. keep in mind, the chandelier size should alsobe in scale and proportion to room furnishings. chandelier hanging height. the hanging height of your chandelier dependson where it goes.

if you're hanging it above a dining room table,the bottom should be 32 to 34 inches above the tabletop. for chandeliers hung over the open floor,the bottom should be at least 7 feet above the floor. over a kitchen island, a height of 32 to 34inches over the counter is recommended. in an open foyer, hang the chandelier at eyelevel or slightly below when viewed from the second floor. our chandeliers usually come with 10 feetof wire and 6 feet of chain. these lights work for most homes and can becustomized to your ceiling height.

other chandeliers come with different downrodsizes which can be combined to achieve your ideal hanging height. chandeliers:mounting on various ceilings. for low ceilings, simply remove most of thechain, or use the shortest downrod to install your chandelier. with sloped or vaulted ceilings, gravity willensure that chandeliers with a chain or a cord will hang straight. those with a downrod will need a special ceilingmount adapter. if you have extra high ceilings, purchasean additional chain or downrod to accommodate

your ceiling height. chandler dimmers. most chandeliers can be used with a dimmer. if your're buying an led chandelier, lookfor compatible dimmers and bulbs. a dimmer lets you easily change the lightlevel from bright to soft. now you can choose the perfect chandelierfor your space. thanks for watching.

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