used dining room chairs

used dining room chairs

- [marc] a few years ago i built this gaming dining table and i quickly realized that iwould probably have to build a set of chairs to go with it, so took me a while to get to it but i finally came upwith a design that i liked and i built the prototype in the guild and with the help of some guild members i actually developed the prototype

into a final design that i really like and i've got all six chairsright here around the table. so let me show you some of the details. the wood i used is cherryand the overall design kind of has a modern aesthetic but has a few throwbacksto some classic things like greene and greene furniture, which you guys know i love. i've got a few cloud lifts here as details

in the rail and the crest rail at the top. got some nice curvature in the back rail in fact i actually used the profile of themaloof rocker's backrest to give me the shapethat i know is definitely gonna be comfortable. crest rail has comecurvature there and the legs are angled out at about 6 or 7 degrees and that gives the chair alittle bit of a splay angle.

it makes the top a little bit wider. the seat here is upholstered and inset and you could design anyseat you want for that overlay inset it allworks with this design. the legs have some nice tapers and a pillowed effect on them. and the finish is justa simple wiping varnish. now for the full version of this build i think it is like 16or 17 videos that we did

and a full set of plans and templates go to thewoodwhisperguild.comfor more information but for now let me showyou how i built it. so as it turns out, chairs havebeen around for a long time. so before i put pencil to paper i'll use some other chairs as reference and extract some important measurements. from there i'll sketch upsome full size drawings. this not only helps mework out the details

but also gives me what ineed to make the templates. the templates are madefrom 1/8th inch hardboard which is inexpensive,flexible, and easy to shape. before cutting the legs to shape i'll route the mortises. the rear legs are then rough cut and a side template isused at the router table with a flush trim bit todevelop the final shape. after the prototype was builti made a nice rounding sled

to help me build thefive remaining chairs. with the side profile established we can now cut the frontprofile on the rear legs. the front legs are cut tosize and then mortised. each leg receives taperson the inside faces, and a pillowed profileon the outside faces. the rails of the chair are cut to size and mitered to theappropriate angle on the ends. normally, this would bea nightmare to mortise

but with a simple angled support board the process is pretty easy. this is a variation ofa trick that i learned from fellow woodworker matthew teague. the rails receive a decorative cloud lift inspired by darrellpeart's greene and greene aurora furniture. cut off stock is used tocreate the loose tennons and we can now do a quick dry assembly.

the crest rail is cut tofit in between the legs and the ends are miteredfor a perfect fit. i'll attach the crest rail with screws and then we'll later capthose off with walnut plugs. the backrest blanks are first cut to size and mitered to fit betweenthe bottom back rail and the crest rail. the crest rail, lower backrail, and backrest blanks, are now mortised.

the back rest are then cutto shape in two dimensions. i can now add a slightpillowing with a high point in the center and the edges are about a sixteenth of an inch thinner. we can now shape the crestrail with a curve at the top and two little relief cuts on the bottom. the crest rail also has curves cut out on the front and back faces. since i'm doing an insetseat, i also need to add

cleats to the inside of the rails. after rounding over the edgesand doing some finish sanding, i can do the final assembly of the chair. walnut plugs are installedand then trimmed flush. the crest rail is smoothed into the legs and any last bits ofsanding are taken care of. this chair design canaccommodate three seat types including wood overlay,upholstered overlay, and upholstered inset.

which is the version i'm going for. upholstery is one of thosethings that's easy to learn, but difficult to master. all you need is a stable base, some foam, a layer of batting andyour fabric of choice. the fabric is wrapped andstapled to the underside. the finish i'm using is a wiping varnish. i apply a total of four coats. the cherry will age overtime, and an oil base finish

really brings out the natural beauty. so if you want to buildone of these chairs or even a whole set, youcan get all the details at [mateo] - [marc] - pretty close alright nice job. - i tried - just go to just go to

- wood whisper got um, ugh. - try again what is it? - so if you'd like to, sorry i mess up

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