used dining room table craigslist

used dining room table craigslist

running a restaurant has always seemed like a fun idea to us. picking the menu, the layout of the tables, and being able to bring people together looked like a blast until we watched a cooking show. i'm watching you like a f**king whore. i know you are, chef. do you know why? i don't know, chef.

i want you out! you, you, you, you. f**k off out of here! f**k me. f**k me? how about f**k you! what are you?! an idiot sandwich. okay so even though that looked way harder than we expected we still all felt like a yes theory restaurant had to exist for at least a night and then we saw this video

this is gonna be the site of the fictitious restaurant the shed i want to get it done in seven months vice reporter uber butler tricked trip advisor you became the number one restaurant in london. if i can tell my garden shed into a restaurant and anything is possible what this made us realize is that we don't need a fancy location, dozens of chefs and waiters to open a five-star restaurant, all we needed was the backyard. now that same week we got an email from the chef called max who actually watches our videos who sent this i've dreamt of running my own restaurants my whole life and i want to challenge you yes theory to turn your backyard into a restaurant in 24 hours. i'll be the chef

what do you say and we answered yeah? so we put all the pieces together to create what we were hoping to be the highest reviewed restaurant in venice in one night our challenge includes creating our own menu getting food straight from the market transforming our backyard into something that can look like a restaurant having total strangers come dine by saturday night, and of course you needed the perfect name for venice's first five-star restaurant. what's the restaurant baton? yes, table is clean yes table so with the perfect name we invited max over to begin the planning of the grand opening of yes table flow should do is like a reunion of the people that have said yes, there are episodes in the past

i try and bring everybody together well those people and a combination with strangers should not be allowed to sit next to somebody you already know a goalless at the end for baskets this again, and be the number one restaurant i think you should call someone for live music if we're gonna go all out for this so this is one of my friends from usc and of ours yeah, dude. she could come and like a yep. they're on guitar the thing is also. we're not gonna charge anyone for this dinner it's not about making money. it's about the community bringing the community together and eating good fit exactly hi my name is thomas bragg. we want to turn our backyard into a restaurant. yeah, so we'll do five tables we'll bring down the silverware from force sets to three sets

let's just do it, you know more absence it's all good most of our budget is gone. just open it. let's uh serve no no, my first task is we're gonna clear out the entire backyard is packed with our old furniture and although that's got to go pretty crazy how one man's idea can become reality within 48 hours. can't believe it next thing is food and i said, this is the second grocery store we've got to find these damn cookies that we need the dessert. you can't make this dessert without these cookies. it's like making a cake without take your store number three, would you find? we need to do now is wake up at 2:00 a.m.. he had fish wandering you have to be there today. i am great so who's a new?

well he lives open yeah, let's do it 1:42 18 certain thank you, thank you much, thank you goodnight it's 250 - oh my god. we have to cook in like seven hours all right so we're gonna invite pretty much as many of the strangers as we can that we filmed episodes with has a lot of them that become a good friends of ours this one to the fish market this morning got like the biggest salmon of our a lot of you ever seen in our lives like we have a head chef starts at 7:30

our goal is to become the number one rated restaurant in la tonight so is that a yes, are you coming? whoo i'm perfect dude this has five star reviews with like? 20-plus reviews if we ever want to open a restaurant will be able to like i'm pretty sure that's how it works they'll just look at the reviews and be like you guys have five stars you boys about to go get some more strangers oh, yeah, we're about to get somewhere soon skin on the face down another day another group of strangers would you like to join us for dinner today? no, where's mines 12:40? we've only made cake we still have the sam the salad attention everyone i have a proposal my roommates

and i have turned our backyard into a restaurant creating a meal for 30 strangers to join us there is at 7:30 let us know and give you the rest of the details it's a salmon boys are turning our backyard into a restaurant turning our backyard into a most pleasant dining experience in la i think we're good on strangers like i think we're at 12 minutes nice to meet you matt we're good the racing start cooking we heard that they've no idea what we're doing i'm cooking it. i don't know

telling me the things i need to do, but i keep forget it you're waiting. okay. wait. will you you're waiting know you're waiting i'm waiting i'm gonna start the oysters saying take anywhere from five to eight minutes and they're supposed to be served very hot when you deliver the oysters you take away the entree plates. it's just rice dude chill bugger be cooking staff meeting in that eating room back stop meeting tonight with to create the best dinner in the world and by world. i mean just essentially so maybe i'll neighborhood i don't know if they offer the clients the most pleasant be now they've ever had hopefully get five stars and get the number one rated restaurants in venice tonight

the best most pleasant dining experience in alley tonight, let's go you guys welcome to yes table, that's pretty cool a part of the amazing service that we're offering our guests tonight is fair greeting welcome ps table it's always weird that i have to start with explaining who we are because sometimes some of the guests that show up the events that we throw are people who just need on the street outside we're just a group of friends who make videos together around themes of saying yes and getting people out of their comfort zone getting ourselves out of our comfort zone and tonight we're surrounded by our tribe started by people who have said yes to us in the past like red vick

we said yes to skinny dipping with us that further do i'd like to invite you go to their tables try and break people up have you guys sitting next to who you've never met before one of the we are about to get started on our first course for 30 people i still can't believe this is happening. this is the night look at that we got fire roasted oysters with hasani butter i think we're legit restaurant guys 100% of five-star restaurant so honey yeah, i have to thomas. oh yeah, he's eating all the food um. are you kidding all? there's plenty more guests. i need food

hey, hey, what let this guy in my pockets are full of salad the vinaigrette is to die for running a little bit behind schedule right now but just a little bit just a little bit more stressful than i expected people impatient days ago really yeah oh, yeah 30 people outside of like a kitchen that barely serves the people that live in the house these guys absolutely murdered first batch of the main course the main cause is arrived so the goal tonight was was to get to be highest reviewed restaurant of the night so if you guys pull out your phones i go to google maps and give us your honest review. oh

big shout out to the yesterday guys for like making this dream come true zebra cake ever you're like i'm gonna take a picture that's big when any of you guys like additional cocoa powder on top of your cake it makes me so happy they're just like me bringing so many people who all said the accent the best part of yes theory is using it to bring people together we've got 23 reviews out 5 stars thank you so much for coming and we'll see you at the next yes, they were pop-up it was the coolest thing to wake up to 26, 5 star reviews ranking as the only restaurant in venice with 5 stars but we now want to take this challenge to the next level so if you're on a restaurant or know anybody that owns a restaurant

and you'd be interested in potentially hosting a yes table pop-up for a night email us at and who knows maybe yes table, we'll come run your restaurant all night and if you want to win the chance to join us at the next guest table follow us on instagram for more details you

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