value city dining room tables

value city dining room tables

♪ [ upbeat music playing] so you're interested in applying for aposition as part of the housekeeping team at el dorado furniture. one of the things that we take particular pride in here at el dorado is our boulevardconcept, which sets us apart from other furniture stores. as our customers walkthrough our doors and enter the boulevard, we want to ensure it conveys auniquely inviting experience, and that's where this very important role comesinto play. and now, we're going to have some insight from julia on what ahousekeeping team player can expect. hey, julia! hey, melissa! how are you? i'm doing really well today, thank you. oh, good!

so in order to ensure that our boulevard generates that wow reaction on behalf of customers, it's the housekeeping team'sresponsibility to maintain its cleanliness and you know, assist with anymaintenance required. with this description, julia, it goes without saying that being detail-oriented and organized are key components of the job. after all,the housekeeping team helps maintain our extensive and beautiful showroom'soverall look. yeah, no, exactly, melissa! so, we definitely want our homefurnishing galleries to reflect the professionalism and style el dorado isknown for. so, the housekeeping team is also responsible for ensuring that allmerchandise has the properly assigned

product information displayed. this notonly benefits the customer as they shop, but it also helps the sales team as well. oh wow! it's all connected and i'm sure that our customers can really appreciate that. yeah, no, you're absolutely right, it is all connected. and speaking about customers, our housekeeping team is also responsible for enhancing our customershopping experience with coffee service preparations at our cafe lounge areas socustomers can either relax and take a quick coffee break or indulge while theyshop. now that’s what i call a unique shopping experience and five-star service!

exactly! oh, another thing to keep in mind is that with this position, yourschedule may include holidays and some weekends but these are because these are peak times and we always want to make sure that our showrooms are presentable and ready for all our guests, so you know you would bea true key player! thank you so much for this, julia! no problem! okay, so i'm gonnago check and see if the coffee is ready because it's about that time. well, i'll be right over soon to join you for a much needed coffee break.

we hope you enjoyed learning more about the housekeeping position at el dorado furniture! apply now and we hope to see you soon as part of our el dorado furniture family! ♪ [ soft music playing]

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