vintage dining room

vintage dining room

hi everyone! and welcome back to mf home tv. and guess what? we are even better. why? because we are giving away prizes, free prizes! yes, we will be giving away mf items that we use in our episodes. all you have to do is to subscribe and share our channel. and at the end of eachepisode we will be announcing the winner. you can also go on over to our facebookpage to check out the mechanics. today, though we will be creating a beautiful dining room for only... less than php 40,000. can you believe it? well, let me prove it to you!

when decorating any room, try to get the biggest pieces in first and for this room it would be the table. this lovely parker table is a classic piece that can comfortably fit a family of four. the deep mahogany color and clean lines give it a rustic appeal, and thematerial itself is sturdy enough to stand the wear and tear of everyday use. there you go! and next we have a vintage metal chair, dual toned and beautiful. the combination of the wood and metal adds a

modern vibe to the room and complements the rustic dining table nicely. the graphic design of the chair is bold and simple, a very versatile piece of furniture. and after setting all that off, we can add more comfortable seating. this nico chair just about workswell with anything especially the table. let's have 3 of these. and the cleanminimalist aesthetic also adds to the modernity of the space. then, of course, we need some storage. the farrel buffet cabinet is a beautiful rich cognac color is a steal at this price. you can use it to store houseware and dining decor, and when you're entertaining

guests you can have your buffet platters right on top. a sturdy and spacious cabinet like this is essential for any dining room. there you have it. now for the finishing touches. decors and homeware. but before i start, did you know that the mandaue foam carries a range called "mf basics"? yep, they now carry dinnerware, bakeware, cookware, utensils, cleaning materials, bathware, storage and lots more! more and more range of items are coming in to help you customers get everything you need in one store.

here you have it guys, a dining room on a budget! better believe it. thank you so much for watching this video and i hope you enjoyed. and of course congratulations to our lastweek's winner... and for this week's prize we are giving away this beautiful buffet cabinet! wow! and of course to win this, don't forget to subscribe to our channel as well. bye!

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