wainscoting ideas for dining room

wainscoting ideas for dining room

hey guys so we're here at lowe's gettingready to shop for our new project how to make your walls pop let's go okay i bet you thought this is the sameday it is not it's a new day but a week later but we got all those materials webought at lowe's in the garage and we're about to put this awesome situationtogether and it's snowing it's snowing let's go inside okay we're inside and we'vealready done some work so we want to make one of our airbnbs moreinstagramable we want to make a wall that wows like make it pop we werethinking something with paneling but not as paneling as you know it know and inthe past we've done temporary wallpaper

we've done full paneling and of courseyou can always make a wall pop with paint but we want to do something alittle more artistic and you really love your sputnik and sea urchin situationsso we're trying to do a likeness of that through panel through with woodyeah so let me show you what we're doing let's see okay so we've laid it out kindon the floor all right so actually if you see the blue tapethat would represent you see the blue tape that wouldrepresent the walls of the space i hope you can see it and then if you see thegreen tape that is a closet door and then this is our bed frame

you can do this on graph paper you can do this on the computerbut it was kind of nice and like we didn't know how this was gonna look forus like lay it out and like just see so we originally sketched this out and letme see here now you see the closet door the headboard isn't in the sketch but wewanted to place the starburst or the sputnik's around the headboard so thatit kind of fills the wall now sarah how are we painting these okay so this wholething is inspired by the way the airbnb bedroom looks right now there's a reallypretty green pillow and the on the bed i want to put that on the wall and thenwe're gonna paint the sputnik's this really cool gold paint that isoffered by valspar it's actually

two-step process so it's very fancy ithink it's gonna look amazing simple but amazing big awesome different yet easyto do big impact so lowe's gave us some really cool tools that we get toshowcase on this project what we get sarah we got a jigsaw we got an orbitalsander we got a level and we gotta a new shop vac so we can get this garage back to where it was if you haven't seenus create the garage you see now check out that video it's pretty baller she'sright about that now we kind of got started here there's just a few dozenlaying it out singing yeah so some finishing touches we got to do thecircles yeah and get painting get using

that jigsaw that sander on the walllet's get started all we have left is to paint the piecesof wood with this two-step process by valspar and that's itso we'll see you on install day all right so we are in the middle offinishing this wall and you guys it's never as easy as you think it's going to be i'm just trying to be real it'sturning out nice yeah there's gonna be some touch-ups andsome caulking that we're gonna have to measure so it's a day project i washoping it was gonna be like a half-day project anyway we're moving along okayhere's we have to think about if you want your wall to really pop so wedecided to encompass the entire wall

which is something you can do or not doit's up to you we also decided to do a color on the wall that is different fromthe rest of the room which is your typical accent wall and on top of thatwe threw metallic gold paint onto a 3-dimensional piece of wood plankingright so it pops like with the different finish and with it coming off the wallright yeah so those are some different things you can think about if you wantyour wall to pop let's talk paint colors for this project we decided to use valspar signature which is an amazing line of paint it actually covers pretty well i wentwith a dark green so it could be a big contrast the white walls that are nextto it

this is called germinating green okayand then for this situation valspar has this architectural line of paint you canget different textures you can do plaster we decided to use theirbrilliant metal line which is baller you do a base coat first we did twocoats of that and then you can either spray on the top coat which is likemetallic-y or if you use a thinner nap so quarter inch nap it'll make it reallysmooth and shiny and amazing and pretty and get you this situation okay nick's going to talk about the wood and what kind we used and like what inspired it so nickokay let's talk about materials and design we used select pine on thisproject great straight boards are

something that you're going to want tolook for in the store so make sure that everything is straight and true howeverthat's not gonna save you from the walls if your walls are wavy so you're gonnahave to account for that as well so bring some shims just in case now as faras the design is concerned we were basing this off or inspired i should sayby the sea urchins that were originally on the wall but it just it didn't fillthe space and we wanted to kind of keep that same type of archetype alive so buti also wanted to keep it simple so we weren't too detailed and here all daylong but so we didn't kept simple we kept 45-degree angles and really justmessed with the thickness one by threes

and one by twos so you have a hierarchyof your pieces of wood and then of course we used a hole sawhole saw cutter to finish off the ends to give it a nice kind of well i guess alittle more creative feel to it to the space but use your imagination there areno rules on this so if you want to go bigger smaller more complex have funwith it so we're gonna finish this last burst we are almost done and it's been along day so next let me see you it'll be done it'll be beautifulwe're really excited oh yeah we did it it looks really good it mayhave taken us a little longer than we thoughtper usual but we totally recommend you

having fun with paint and wood panelingmake those walls pop make walls that wow have fun we want tothank lowes who sponsoring this video and for other great lowe's videos checkout their link also if you want to know any of the tools or products that weused in this video check out the links below yeah and then follow us over oninstagram we are on there daily being weird and crazy yeah at @nestrs and we'llsee you next time bye

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