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hey, if you have an old chair, just becauseit's not in style doesn't mean you have to throw it to the curb. you watched us designand build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. we're about to jumpinto my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together. join me for an exclusivelook right here on ehow home. you know, in designing the interior of this house, theidea is to make it stylish and affordable, and at the same time green. so i wanna reusethings. so, hey, if you end up with beautiful, old vintage chair like this one, actuallythere's a pair of them, why would you throw it away? why not use it? of course, this patternthat's on it now doesn't really work with what's going on in this house, but there'sno reason why it just can't be slipcovered.

slipcovers are affordable, and it's a wayto make a quick change. now what i've done here with the sofa is i've actually takena sofa that i had and i've slipcovered it with a green linen with a blue cording thatgoes all the way around it, which echoes the colors in this fabric. i find that the fabricthat you use in designing with slipcovers makes a difference. i like cotton. i likehigher end fabric because the fibers are longer -- it makes the fabric more durable. you wantsomething that's a medium weight too. you don't want anything too heavy, you don't wantanything too thin because you don't want it to slide around. if it's got a little toothon it, that's good too. now, placing slipcovers onto a chair or a sofa is really no big deal.so, you see, it looks great. now you can tie

them -- this is one piece, as you noticed-- you can tie them in the back in a number of ways: you can use bows, you can use buttons,you can use snaps. in this case, i'm using velcro. you just let the velcro meet togetheracross the back like that, and it's all done. hey, if you're enjoying these segments onhow we're bringing the interior of this house together, tell your friends about it. andmake sure you subscribe to ehow home.

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