pottery barn easy updates with nico de swertcoffee table basics a coffee table can easily become a greeting place for clutter.we place all kinds of things on it from remote controls to telephones to objects and books. i'm gonna show you three easy ways to make yourcoffee table look beautiful and organized. the first way is really a practical way. the first step we're going to try to make some sense of whatwe already have on the table and a good way to style your books is alwaysto style them from large to small, so what we're gonna do i pulled some colored books that are kind ofin the color palette of the pillows on my sofa.

just that makes it a little bit more beautifuland stylized. you're going to put these all together from large to small just like that and then my style secret for this organizedtip is a tray. a tray's always a great way to keep things organized and mess free. so the rest of the stuff we're just gonna placeinside of the tray, you know always beautiful if you go from smallto large, and then we place the objects that we have left,

just in the tray, kind of the neatly together, remote controls can be dumped in the tray just like that, and to anchor it all together i have this beautifulwooden bowl, that we're gonna place in here, and to put some color from outside, indoors, i have these beautiful leaves, in the bowl, voila, and it's all finished, beautiful organized and simple

and a good thing about a tray is that when you have guests over it's easy to remove, and you have a free coffee table. another great way to decorate your coffee tableis to showcase a collection. here i have some bottles that i've collected over the years and i have some new ones that i just got from pottery barn, and we're going to create a beautiful landscapeon the table just very easy, we're going to start with having the bottles,

just you know play around with them in differentsizes, now we're gonna add some beautiful dutch tulips and again the color from the tulips i pickedup from the pillows on my sofa. i'm just going to give them a quick cut and place them simply inside the bottles just like that. you know, incorporating flowers into your home it's always beautiful to bring nature gonna cut this a little that.

so the last one we're gonna put in here and that's it, very simple easy affordable and beautiful. another great way to organize your coffee tableis to create groupings, and as you can see i've got all kinds of objectsand books in same color palette because it's easy on the eye and again what we're going to do is create beautifulpiles of the books from large to small just like that, we're going to push that aside put the books here

put the tray in the center and we have this beautiful object we're gonna place ontop of this pile of books, and then i have these beautiful glass vases frompottery barn with some rosemary, i'm gonna put that in the tray in a grouping of four, and again i'm using a tray to contain my fourvases and it's easy because of the rosemary, you can use it in the kitchen,it's easy to take it off the table take it into your kitchen and later place it back on your table, and then the last pile

we're going to do a beautiful stack again of the books and then the objects that are left on my table this beautiful little vase, and this beautiful apple and that's it beautiful, simple and organized. pottery barn

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