welcome to our next video. this is 31 smart ikea ideas for kids, or, 31 brilliant ikea hacks every parent should know, by rachel wilkerson miller. your kids don't know how good they're about to have it. let's start the count: 1. swap a crib for the bottom bed on the ikea mydal bunk bed from apartment therapy follow the link under description

to copy what's the pro's doing. 2. use a spice rack as a clothing rack for baby clothes. 3. turn a rast nightstand into a modern dollhouse from ambrosiagirl. learn how she do her stuff after follow the link below the video. 4. organize your mudroom with ikea bookcases. make getting out the door in the morning that much easier than used to!

5. make a kura bed into a cozy reading nook. see how to do it (plus how to use the kura to create other amazing projects for kids) from 6. use the grundtal knife rack to organize small metal toys. 7. spruce up the latt table with a world map. your clue waits you under the video.

8. add a fun border to plain curtains from honeyandfitz learn how to do the stripes and the pom-pom trim inside the description area. 9. give an ikea changing table a colorful upgrade. 10. make a play kitchen from ikea nightstands from littleredwindow they even have lights inside the stuff! learn how the guy make the stove from the link provided

inside description area. 11. or give the ikea play kitchen a modern makeover... seriously, this kitchen is prettier than mine. (follow the link pasted under the video) it is easier than it looks. 12. give simple shelves a celestial upgrade. 13. or get the look with napkin holders 14. add a billy bookshelf to the gulliver crib

from alissa at urban sparrow. even though your baby can't read, it will warm up her brain for the reading challenges in the near future. scroll down the video page and visit description area to know more. 15. add a chalkboard top to the lack side table. 16. make the lego table of your kids' dreams. 17. turn a coffee table into a toy workbench.

18. make your own light-up table from hobbymommycreations 19. turn a shoe rack into a play supermarket. it's also easy to fold up and move around! 20. turn the iconic strandmon chair into a rocker. it is perfect for parents who want to feed their babies in style. 21. use masking tape and white paint to make an old ikea dresser

seriously stylish 22. use floating shelves to organize kiddos' closets. 23. turn an ikea crib into a co-sleeper. get the instructions (along with important safety information) inside info area. 24. turn the rolling raskog cart into a homework station. 25. create a custom closet with billy bookshelves.

26. make over a hemnes dresser to turn it into a beautiful piece for a nursery. 27. find the man in the moon in ikea's fado lamp. 28. organize art supplies in a utensil holder. 29. use ikea wardrobe units to create built-ins around a window seat. from stacey brandford. 30. use an ikea kitchen storage system to organize diapers.

and 31. use the flort remote control caddy to organize your car. thanks for playing the video to the last second. (if it brights a light inside your head). please comment, subscribe, like, or (share this video)... (see you next time in a near future). :)

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