hi everyone! this is bianca from mf home tv. welcome back to our channel! we're here to tell you the latest and besthome design trends. and today there is only one thing on my mind and that is sofas! the sofa is probably the piece of furniture that people think about the most. after all, it's like the centerpiece ofyour living room. when guests walk in, it's the first thing they see. it's also the most used piece of furniture too.

you watch tv on it, you eat snacks on it, and when you have get togethers, your friends and family use it too. people spill drinkson it during parties, and pets scratch it up. a sofa definitely gets worn downquicker than the other furniture. so, because of all of that, you need tochoose your sofa carefully. let me take you through the checklist i use when i choose a sofa. number one! check the frame of the sofa. a durable frame means thatit can take a lot of abuse, from kids jumping up and down to your friendspiling on it during parties.

a good solid hardwood is the sturdiest type of frame,but also the most expensive. to test the frame, lift one leg of the sofa off the floor. if you've lifted it about five inches then the other leg should be offthe floor as well. if it's still touching the floor then the frame has too muchgive, and it's too weak. next step test the springs. so you lift up the cushion and you see what you've got underneath.

the springs have to be perfectly balanced and supportive. feel them through the upholstery you should feel that they're close together and firm. you could also try sitting on thecorners of the sofa and test if there are any squeaks. check every inch of thesofa before buying it. like with most things. what's inside counts for a lot. sofas are usually filled withpolyurethane foam which is affordable and easy to care for. it's also quite soft and a very comfortable type of cushioning. be careful because there are foam andfiber types that flatten out easily.

but of course, this is all a matter ofpreference it all depends on the amount of softness you want from your couch. make sure to really try it out and sit down on the sofa, and take your time tryevery part of it. next on my list is fabric. sofa should not be made of flimsy ordelicate fabric. there's so many fabric types you can choose from that's durableand long-lasting. polyester, wool, cotton, leatherette... you name it. you can bring inyour own fabric cover for the sofa if

you want! last thing and guys listen carefully this is a common mistake. not considering the size of your sofa. soplease please bring a measuring tape. like this one. don't go by how big the sofa looks in the store. a sofa might look deceptively small in a showroom butcould end up being too big for your room. so not measuring your space or your sofacan create many problems. other than measuring the size of your space, pay attention to the scale. your sofa should

be the same scale as your otherfurniture so it doesn't seem too big or too small when placed alongside the restof it. okay, that is it! i am sure if you go through the whole checklist that igave you you'll managed to find the perfect sofa for your home. thanks again for watching! and don't forget to hit the subscribe button wherever it is. so youcan see more of our videos. till next time!

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