hello this is elle uy interior decorator .. it's so windy.... i just went home so i'm finally indoors now hi again. hello. this is elle uy interior decorator from manila and welcome to my very first video when i realized that i wanted to document through video the projects i'm doing

whether it be from clients or projects i'm doing at our house the project i'm doing at that time is this studio unit makeover and the client graciously allowed me to document their home makeover that's what i'm sharing with you today it's less than 30 sqm studio unit and they are a family of three plus a helper, and lots of overnight guests

that's why they really want the place to work for their family and for their lifestyle when we started, their house has no rooms it's an open concept studio unit and they have dividers and cabinets to separate their spaces the bed area is beside their kitchen

it's just separated by a divider the kitchen is not an actual kitchen they just have a sink there and they put their kitchen items near the sink but they love to cook so our priority is to give them a very decent kitchen. when they started as newly weds the space is working out for them but of course when they had

their daughter of course when you have kids, they come with a lot of stuff that's why the clutter piled up so they want to improve their everyday home life that's why i'm here to renovate their place anyway for my future videos i'm posting of course more makeovers plus i plan on doing budget makeovers how to redecorate your place or your room

for 5,000 or 10,000 pesos i'm challenging myself to do it. plus diys and tips on how to make your home nicer so if you're interested in those topics, please subscribe so wait for the reveal of this studio unit makeover after a long night, finally i'm done with the design. i think i came up with the best layout for their needs.

when you enter the unit, on your right is the bedroom. when you put the bedroom there most of the back area of the apartment will be freed up so they can have an open living, dining, and kitchen area then on the corner would be a private sleeping quarters that has a bunk bed the upper part will be a single bed, and the space below will be storage

as for the design, this is the design that i came up with i'm so excited to execute these designs so we'll start our renovation i'm here at the site project and we're going to check the progress they should be done with the tiling of the kitchen backsplash and bathroom all the partition should be done and we're going to paint soon. this project should be done in 10 days. i'm so excited

let's come inside and see what's going on engineer, hi hey.. i'm not used to this :d we're making a video about this the result of this makeover must be nice i actually find the design cute after a month of renovation, finally we're here to reveal project vintage industrial i'm excited to show you, lets start the tour

so this the main door the client requested to have it painted in chalkboard so the lower part will be the art area of their daughter and they wanted their favorite verse on the upper part i'm the one who did that so this is their main closet since the hallway is big

we placed the big storage pieces here. their wardrobe is here and this is their shoe storage to your right is their bedroom we put a bedroom here so they'll have privacy as you can see, it's just a small space but it's really comfortable and adequate for their needs we installed additional storage for their wall to utilized the space i made it white to make it look light and airy

the focal point of the room is the ceiling. that wallpaper is so cute it's the client's choice and i love it we elevated the bedroom area so we can utilized the space below the stair step is storage to maximize the space and we also have a deep pull-out drawer

they can store their rarely used items after the hallway, lets go straight to their main living space this is their living area an that's their dining and this is their kitchen my favorite part of this apartment so lets start in the living room

above their sofa is this storage unit because they need a lot of storage that's why i proposed to install one above this space since this wall won't have any use but i don't want to install anything ordinary that's why i use their existing glass divider they have this vintage divider that is super nice they have colored glass, so i had it made into cabinet doors

it's really beautiful. you can somewhat see the things inside but it still looks nice as you can see, they have a lot stored in here but they are hidden behind closed doors this sofa is actually a queen bed it's a pull-out bed. we elevated the bedroom to have a space underneath to hide the queen size bed

so they can use it as sofa during the day but at night if they just wanted to lounge around or they have guests they can pull it out to serve as a queen bed we also put this headboard this is from bangkal bought by the client since they love to do thrift shopping it's super nice and i love it we put some photo frames there to add some personal touch

this is the door going to their balcony this one is a 0.5 room we made a bedroom, and a half room so basically we have a 1.5 room here in this studio unit this is the sleeping quarter and underneath is another storage they already have a lot of storage that's why their house is very organize so for their dining space

the table we bought is an expandable table. i actually have this table at home that's why i recommended this since it's very efficient for small space. it expands to 6 seater and they have drawers on the side, so it's an additional storage and additional seating as well when they have guests since this is a small space we don't have any other wall except for the wall above the dining area that's why we installed the media center there

there's the tv and cable boxes but we confined them in one unit so it still looks organize on the other side is their bathroom it's a small bathroom we replaced all the tiles and all the fixtures and added shelves

for extra storage. we painted as well. the floor tiles is so cute plus we installed a sliding door so it will be efficient since sliding doors are space saving this is the kitchen. my favorite part. this is my proposed additional storage since we created a bedroom we have this big wall here

that we utilized to be more useful so it's an additional storage for their kitchen instead of putting it in their drawers and cabinets, just hang some of them here for it not to look too cluttered, the trick is i framed the entire thing so it looks like a single piece instead of a hodge-podge of stuff this is the main kitchen area that's why i suggested to put the bedroom at the front of the unit

so they can have this one wall of kitchen since their previous kitchen is really small and they love to cook, so this space is a priority we have this backsplash very graphic backsplash wall it's one of my favorite element here it gives a nice feel to the space

its black and white. its subtle. but it has visual impact so that concludes the tour. if also have a small space i hope you got some ideas and inspired you to make your space more efficient i'll actually miss this project since it's one of the most challenging, despite its small size, it made me think really hard about the floor plan and how to make the space work but i really love the result

that's why i'm sharing this to everyone that's it. bye!

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