i want to address the room in our home thatoften gets left to last, and that is the bedroom, and give you some simple, easy ideas to decorateyour small space bedroom. tip number one in your small space bedroomis i kind of say, "go white." when i say, "go white," i mean sometimes inpaint, i think choosing a warm white really opens up the space, and i love white in yourbedding, and before you say, "no way. i've got dogs, i've got kids, i can't havewhite bedding." you can. get two sets if possible. change it up and it can be washed.

i have two kids and a dog, and white beddingis just beautiful. it opens up the space and makes it appearlarger. tip number two is you want a focal point. now everyone talks a lot about focal points,so i'm going to explain a little bit what i mean, especially in a small bedroom. when you walk into the room, you want somethingmaybe besides the bed, that catches your attention. this could be a beautiful light fixture, orwhat i've done is put a ginormous painting above my bed. the reason i've done this is it really detractsfrom the size of the room, that it's small,

and what you see and what you gravitate towardsis that painting. try something a little out of the box thatcreates that focal point that distracts your eye. tip number three is to use a shelf for yourside table. yes, a little shelf. that's what i've, personally, done. if you don't have room for a large side tablewith drawers and all the rest of it, especially if you're in a condo or a small space, thinkabout just a simple shelf. you can put your glass of water on there.

you can put your book on there, and a greattip for instead of then having a drawer, which you're missing, is to put a basket besideyour bed, and that can hold all your extra stuff. tip number four is because you have this shelf,possibly for your side table, putting a lamp on there is going to take up a lot of goodreal estate, so think about a sconce. i love all the wall sconces right now, oran actual pendant that hangs from the ceiling is another beautiful option. it takes up no real estate on your side table,and it looks really trendy, and really beautiful in your room.

tip number five is if you haven't got a bedalready and you're going to invest in a new one, there are a ton of beds right now withactual storage. they have drawers that you can pull out, oryou can pull up the bed, and actually store things. this makes a huge difference and putting allthose seasonable items that you don't use. i hope this has inspired you in decoratingyour bedroom. to help you out, what i've done is includeda freebie of the top five things that every room needs, and i use to make sure every roomhas, and i have a link to it below. if you liked this video, i'd love it if youcould like it.

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