hi guys, this is bianca from mf home tv. and welcome to our channel! we're here to bring you helpful design tips and tricksfor home decorating. and today we're going to talk about my most favoritetopic which is "accessories" if you have a gorgeous space, it's important that youbring it to life with the right kind of accessories. lots of living rooms arefunctional but just a little bit bland your room should be full of personality. so after you buy all the big stuff like

your sofa and your coffee table, youshould think about the wide blank spaces that you have the walls and the floor. you need to add some visual elements to those empty areas. you can add some nicerugs to the floor, something soft and textured.i love fluffy rugs! and it will just introduce a different color to

the floor and spice it up. then we have the walls. if you have a lot of vertical space you can add shelves and createsmall displays for knickknacks, or even books and photos. it's a great way toshow off personal items that you may have collected over the years, or justshare special memories. maybe a cluster of small paintings, or one large work that can be sort of a centerpiece. mirrors are also agreat visual element to add to the walls,

they brighten up the room andmake it look bigger. and speaking of bright, you can also add different layers oflighting to the room to make it look a little bit more sophisticated. a floor lamp or a table lamp placed beside the sofa will help create mood lighting forparties or holiday celebrations. and of course another way to accessorize the room is through textiles. you can add a fleece blanket to your sofa and use lots of cushions to make the furniture look more fun. i'd suggest bringing in somepatterns or bright colors if your sofa

is a neutral color. it's a nice accent! and then last but not least, my favorite addition to any room is fresh flowers orsome decorative plants. succulents and little cacti are so popular now, and they're such a great way to add a sense of freshness to your space. if you choosethe right kind of indoor plants, you can really have a mini garden right insideyour home. for me, it really is the best decor. well, those are my suggestions foraccessorizing your living room! and i hope you found them useful. thanks for watching! and again don't forget to subscribe here.

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