hey guys! this week we're visiting julie, her boyfriend and her little son. they are living downtown in a city apartment,and they chose to stay in a small apartment with a kid, to be close to city life. so let's go talk to her and see what theirspace looks like! my name is julie and i live here with my boyfriendand my little son, he's almost a year. and we decided to stay here in aarhus cityinstead of moving outside the city. this is close to my work and we like stayingin the city and we use the city a lot. so, that's why we decided to live here inour little apartment. how big is the apartment?

it's about 70m2, but that's including thestairway outside and the balcony. so i think it's like 60m2 maybe. how long did you live here for before youhad your son? um, a year and a half. and before we decided to having a baby wedecided that we wanted to stay so... we actually waited a while to redecorate until we hadthe baby so we could use the square meters for the best. this in here was earlier our bedroom, so wehad our bed here and all of our clothing. since our baby came, then we also had hisbed in here.

and now, we moved our bed into the livingroom so this is now our son's room, with some of his toys and his bed and diaper station. and, this is just a wall that holds nothing. just to part the rooms. so this is our walk-in closet and storageroom. so this is our change station because we haven'tgotten the room for it in the bathroom, so this is just like on top of the bed so wecan move it from side to side. and that's obviously where he sleeps. yeah and we keep diapers in this, and extradiapers under the bed.

and then there's a chair so i can sometimesbreastfeed during the night or in the evening and later on, reading stories for him. and the books, and some of his toys. within time, more of his toys gets in hereand needs to be storaged right here. and it's kind of got a lot of room, so hecan just play on the floor here and also when he's older he can have some other toys andalso have somewhere to be. so in here is our walk-in closet and we madeit with like a slide door so it's possible for us to keep our son out so he won't get upand get himself hurt and go through all of our things.

this slides to the side here. this is all of our clothes and a lot of storage. my clothes. and also clothes in the drawers and shelves here. and then on the upper shelves we got all ofour like... i like to sew so all of the fabrics and diystuff. and, over here is my boyfriend's clothes andalso up here. and this is where i keep my jewelry and mymake up and hair stuff so i have this mirror so i can stand here and get dressed withoutbeing bothered by my son.

and all of my nice dresses and also more storage,suitcases... lot of diy things. some of my extra bags and yeah, my boyfriend'spersonal stuff, he's got one box, that was okay for him to have here, stuff that younever look at but you just wanna keep it. and you're a hairdresser so you have... yeah, so obviously it's important for me tohave a lot of hair stuff, yeah. awesome. and it's also important for me that i canjust reach it whenever i want it, so i don't have to take it out of a box underneath something.

so it's just.. that's a priority for me tohave one shelf. we also got this ladder in here so we canreach the things on the top shelves and then it's also like our dirty clothes that's notdirty enough to get washed yet. it's just staying on the ladder as well soit's multi-functional. this is all of our wrapping paper, so we gotlike christmas and not-christmas. it's almost easy to reach it. almost. so, why did you decide to stay? obviously we love this area and we love thisstreet and this apartment because we got the

sun on the right side of the buildings andon the balcony, so we actually just didn't wanna move anywhere but just right here. and my job is like 1,5 km away, and i'm workinga lot, so it's nice for me that i can just bike to work and i can come home early. and my boyfriend is working outside of thecity but the highway is close to this part of the city as well so it's easy for bothof us. yeah, we just don't wanna spend all of ourmoney on more rent, and we don't wanna move outside the city. so we actually thought that in the old daysthis apartment was for big families so it

had to be possible for us to have on or maybetwo children in here. this is our living room and also our bedroom,and our son's play room. i was inspired by pinterest and so i madea drawing and then we had a carpenter to make it for us. so the stairway is also cabinets. where we keep all of our office stuff, andour baby's clothes. and my diy things also in there. so you fit all of his clothes in here? yeah! on three shelves actually.

we don't want a lot of clothes and everythingthat he doesn't fit yet is underneath our sofa in the storage. so that's only the stuff you use on a weeklybasis? yeah! exactly. i can sit here! just exactly. yeah! so it's measured by it's possible for us tosit up so we don't have to crawl into bed. how is it sleeping up here? it's so cosy!

we love it. the only thing is when our baby - he's sleepingin the next room - when he's awake at night my boyfriend is the one who has to go downthe steps and up again and that's not so good, but actually it's nice up here. and now it's winter so we don't know if it'sreally hot in the summer time yet but right now it's okay actually. i made these like bed tables because obviouslywe can't have something where we can put something in so that's where we keep the lotion formy hands and... you always need those things.

yeah exactly! and if we need water during the night it'sin a bottle because the bottle fits in the rooms as well. actually this was build a year ago but wedidn't start using it until months ago, because while our baby was so little that we had tobreastfeed him like every hour during the night, or he woke up all the time, i didn'twanna walk up and down the stairs, so at first we just used it like for storage. and then, when he was ready to sleep alonethen we moved up here. and also i can just almost stand up here.

and your boyfriend, is he a lot taller thanyou? yeah, like maybe a head higher. so he has to duck a bit. this in here is also just build so i can standup but my boyfriend has to duck a bit. but this is our sofa, and underneath here'sstorage all the way. so right here is our bedsheets because that'swhat we need the most from down here but, all the way we can take this one out and there'salso like so you can take that one out. and that's the baby's old clothes and thenext size that we have already got ready and the larger cover for him and old toys andeverything we fit in here.

that's my end of the sofa, and my boyfriendusually sits over here so we can both have our legs stretched out. and it's really cosy in here, we love thatit's like a little cabin. this is the baby's play area, now it's kindof cleaned up but normally the first thing he does is like crawling over to his toysand then he just yanks them out of the box, one for one. and then they're all over the floor, so it'sactually also a priority for us that there's room for him to play here so it's not onlythis small corner he's allowed in. actually we're the kind of persons that doesn'tget overwhelmed by it's too messy but.. i think usually in the morning i just kindof take all the toys back in the box and then

it's almost cleaned up for me. also because he enjoys yanking it out, butsometimes it's also quite nice that his toys are all over because then when he's crawlingaround then there's toys everywhere for him, you can just see that he enjoys it. this is our dining area and we also got thisbench build by the same carpenter as the one who build the bed, it was around the same time. and, in there there's also a lot of storagelike games, board games and tools because that's also quite important that it's notin the basement, we found that out the hard way. just when you need your screw driver you don'thave to take your shoes on to get it.

so it's also quite easy to get to. this is such a nice, spacious dining area. yeah, i have a friend who's an architect,he suggested that we use these bay windows space instead of... earlier our table wasthe other way around and it was up here but then we couldn't be as many people here, sonow it's like... it fits a lot more people and a lot more storage. and there's more space in the other side ofthe table as well. this is the entrance, and here we got allof my shoes. my boyfriend's shoes are in the next room,i've got like 2-3 pairs in each box here.

and we actually use this for laying our keysand whatever things we just need right away, so we try to keep it clean so we have somespace to put something in there. and then above the door we got this shelf,so we can storage my boyfriend's sports gear and the baby chair that we need when we areon the run. and then we just have the jackets that weuse on a regular basis. so this is the kitchen, and it's kind of normalsize kitchen in an apartment. it's kind of new, it's 5 years old only soit looks good in an apartment like this because normally it's a bit older apartments so that'salso one of the reasons why we like staying here because it's clean, the kitchen.

and there's actually also a lot of storage,because of the high ceiling, and we put things on top of the cabinets. and this is the balcony, it's "big" here inthe city, but i think it's like standard but a big standard. so we have space for the table and two chairs,the pram, and we have this little barbecue over here as well and flowers, so actuallywe think we have fit it all. when it's really hot then we can also putthis uv baby tent up out here, so our baby can play outside. do you think it will work for you still whenhe gets bigger and...?

yeah, we don't know obviously but we thoughta lot about it and we think that until he's a teenager, he doesn't really need more roomthat he got now, and we also think that if we get another baby then they can share aroom if they're not like too many years between them. when i was a kid, i lived in an apartmentwith my parents and my older brother, and that was nice and i love the area but obviouslyat some point we have to listen if the children don't want to stay here but when he's oldenough we can tell him that "well, if you wanna have more space it's outside of thecity". so he can maybe help us choose. i hope you enjoyed checking out julie's apartmentwith us this week, i just love some of the

solutions they've done, i love all the custombuild furniture and how they really made the space work for them. they have a huge walk in and they still havea separate bedroom for their kid which is awesome. i love it when people prioritize and reallyfigure out what's important for us as a family. it's really important to know that when you'redownsizing, and talking about living smaller, you always probably are gonna have to giveup something, you can't have it all in a small space, though it's really about knowing what'smost important to you. for julie and her family it's about city living. i hope you liked this video, if you did, shareit with your friends, give the video a thumps

up and leave a comment: would you wanna downsizeand stay in a smaller space, to have the advantages of city living? or do you want to go in the country? okay, we'll see you guys next week, bye!

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