hi guys! this is bianca again for mf home tv! welcome to our new channel dedicated to bringing you helpful design tips and tricksfor home decorating. okay so i know i'm not the only one who's walked into afurniture store and have gone "wow! how do i choose?" well sometimes there are justso many different types and colors and styles and fabrics, and you're just likea kid in the candy store. you want everything!

today i'm going to break itdown to you and show you the different types of sofa. first up we're gonna havethe traditional sofa set so that's the 3 2 seater sofa. this is the typeof sofa that you immediately think of when you say "sofa". and i bet this is thekind of sofa you had at your parents house huh? the 3 seater is the center of the living room and the 2 seater is either on the left side orthe right side. this is a traditional arrangement for a more formal living room. now, this type of sofa comes in

different styles - one, is classic - this iswhat big loose deep seat cushions, soft rounded arms and a comfortable back. this is a true "classic" that will never go out of style. also there's the modern style.i love how nice and clean the edges are. you've got the straight lines that makesa very minimalist statement, but then once you sit downyou're so comfortable. and then there's a transitional - it's a mix of traditionaland contemporary style, very elegant and mature. it's got the clean straight linesbut has these soft round edges. the best of both worlds.

the next type of sofa is the l-shaped sofa. it really makes the most out of space you have. and it's so cozy! you can recline on its long comfy corner it's practically a can watch tv, take a nap, or have movie night with friends. and this is areally great sofa to have when you've got a full house. you can squeezein your whole family. and if you want something a little bit more versatile get a sofa bed. this is a practical piece that can be a sofa by day, and a bed by night. it's perfect if you have frequent can quickly transform your living room into an extra bedroom. now if you're looking for something versatile and playful,there's the modular type of sofa. the great thing about the modular sofa isthat they can be whatever you want it to be. they're flexible totally able toadapt to the space they're in. arrange it however you want it. keep them together, spread them out, it's your choice! well, that's it. so there is the 3 2 sofa, the l-shaped sofa,

the sofa bed and the modular sofa. hope this helps you out the next time you go out and buy one. thanks for watching and make sure you hit the subscribe button. bye!! you

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