hello and welcome to the show! my name is alex and this is techflow! so, everyone and their dog has heard of themulti-room music system called "sonos." it's definitely up there in the top rankingsof multi-room music systems. let's see what we think of it! let's get straight into the video! so, the sonos multi-room music system is abit of a different system - sonos have really hit the nail on the head with this - let meexplain. so, the whole point of sonos is to have, notjust one speaker, but numerous speakers in

numerous different rooms. so you may have one in the kitchen, you mayhave one in the bedroom, you may have one in the lounge. now, let's go through what sonos productsyou can have in the different rooms. now, i'm going to try and make this as easyto understand as possible. so, in the sonos line-up, you have what'scalled the "play series." you've got the "play:1," the "play:3"and the "play:5." now, it's a very simple system to understand- the play:1 is the smallest speaker, the play:3 is the medium sized speaker andthe play:5 is the biggest speaker, the

daddy speaker. sonos also have the sonos sound bar - moreon that later - and they also have the sonos sub. that pretty much completes the sonos line-upof their actual speakers. sonos also do a product called the sonos connectwhich allows you to connect an audio jack to this device and plug it into an amplifierif you have an external set of speakers and sonos also have the sonos connect amplifierwhich is pretty much the sonos connect but with an amplifier built in so you can connecttwo bookshelf speakers to it. now, i've been a user of sonos for about fouryears now but, in recent years, sonos have taken over the game by letting you connectyour speakers to your wireless network.

now, previously, you would have to have abridge; the sonos bridge. now this is the bridge - the little, smallthing. you plug this into your router via an ethernetcable and then it sends out its own wireless mesh network which you can't pick up on yourphone or anything else (only the other sonos products can see it) and that is how the sonosproducts mesh together and go wireless. now, one thing that people don't understandis that if you have an actual sonos player, so any of the sonos devices plugged into thenetwork, that will then act as a bridge. but, you only need the bridge if your sonosspeakers are nowhere near your wireless network - that's when you need the bridge.

but now what you can do is connect one speakerto your wireless network and then that one speaker will act as the bridge connectingwith your router via wifi, via the wifi 2.4 ghz, and then that will act as the bridgeand then it will mesh to the other sonos units via its own wireless protocol - a much easiersolution. so now you've understood how these sonos unitsconnect and interact together, let's get to listening to some music because that's whatwe want to do. so, to get everything set up, you need todownload the sonos app on your tablet, computer, iphone - you can get the app on pretty muchanything. and, in the app, you can add your music services- i have tune-in radio, i have my apple music

connected to it and i also have my spotifyconnected to it. the app can also get music from your localdevice from, for example, your actual itunes music collection on your phone and streamit to the speakers over wifi. i am primarily a spotify user and i have tosay that my spotify experience, connected with sonos, has been nothing but absolutelyexcellent. there's been no drop-outs - it's been absolutelybrilliant. now, the app itself is well designed and it'sa little bit intuitive but i'd say that you do have to get used to it - you can't justpick it up and use it straight away. it is a little bit clunky but if you do spendsome time with it, it does become intuitive

- i'll give it that. if you go on spotify, you can look at differentthings like, for example, it knows what time it is so if it's 3 pm on a tuesday afternoon, it willgive you a working playlist so that you can listen to music whilst you work. or, say if it's friday night, it will say"friday night turn up" and you can click on that and it will play some drum and bass. it's pretty cool stuff and you can obviously,also, have access to all of your spotify playlists - let's just click on a song and have a lookat the player: so, this is what it looks like to play your music on the spotify playlist- you can turn the volume up and down here.

you can also play the exact same song in multiplerooms by clicking up here and then grouping two rooms together and you also have the independentvolume control for each room. now, sonos have just introduced spotify connectso you can actually use the spotify app on your phone to push music to these devices- they will show up in the spotify connect section of spotify. but, it doesn't stop there - sonos actuallyallows you to group speakers together. so, i have two sonos play:3s and i actuallyhave them set up in a left and right orientation in the kitchen. so, i don't just have two "kitchen speakers"in the same room and group them together to

play the same song out of both of them - youcan actually tell them that they're in the same room and they will label both speakersas just the kitchen and one of them will be the left channel and one of them will be theright channel. they make for a really immersive sound. now, you can obviously change a load of settingson the sonos speakers per room - so you can adjust things like the bass, treble and balance. you can also fine tune your speakers via thislittle protocol they have where you click "tune" and you can actually walk around theroom and the speakers will play a really nice, little sound and the microphone in your phonewill pick it up and it will tune the speakers

for the room so that they sound the best inthe room that they're in. now, you can also get the sonos sound barwhich, pretty much, you plug into your tv via an optical cable and it is, well, a sonosplayer - you can play music on it through the app as usual but it will also get thesound from your tv and give you an absolutely awesome movie watching experience. you can also pair this in the same room withtwo play:1 speakers - have those at the back and they can then act as the rear surroundspeakers and then you can get the sonos sub and you can have that in the corner - so youcan have the sub, the sound bar at the front and then two two rear speakers for a full5.1 experience in the living room as well

as being able to push all of your favouritetunes to the living room - with all of those speakers it will be so loud and so amazingand i really want to do that. unfortunately, i have never used a sound bar- i have heard one and it's amazing but i've never used one. what do they actually sound like? these are speakers and i'm going to be listeningto music, so, alex, what do they sound like? well, there's no point in me showing you anyaudio clips from these speakers because it's going to be going through a microphone andthen going through youtube and there's literally just no point in that whatsoever.

but, i can tell you hands down that i haveheard all of the sonos gear; i have heard the play:5, the play:3 and the playone and i have even installed a play:1 in a rather large coffee shop in the middle ofmy town and it easily, just one play:1, fills the whole coffee shop, even when it'sfull of people. the sonos speakers are some of the best thati have heard out there and even the newer ones like the sonos play bar or sound bar,it's honestly phenomenal: it sounds incredible. the tuning they've done - i don't know whatthey're doing - but it is the best; they have nailed it. and that sonos sub - my goodness does it kick.

that thing is mental! they've also just released a snow white versionof the sonos sub as well - it comes in full on white instead of black; really, reallyhot stuff. now, the sonos system isn't cheap but if you'relooking for a multi-room music system that isn't going to let you down, that's goingto give you awesome sound quality and is very, very, very versatile (in as much as you canbuy sonos' own brand speakers or you can buy the sonos connect and sonos amplifier andadd your own speakers into the mix and have them all in the sonos app, all together; ithink it's, honestly, the best multi-room music system that money can buy).

but that's just my own humble opinion. this has been techflow and i'll catch youin the next one.

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