it's ok. it's a boy. look at him. sit down. sit down.- greetings. sit down. have courage, dear. you need not worry at all.i’m here with you. do not worry, sweetheart. it's almost over.- i can't bear this pain.

calm down, dear. calm down.- oh god! listen to me. calm down, dear. sir, it's a baby girl.she looks just like you. come and see her. what's the matter, dear? daddy's moustache ls tickling you? 'the entire world, all thespecies living on earth..' '..and their survival..there's only one thing..' '..that keeps everything going.it's love.'

'love might be betweena mother and a child.' 'it might be between siblings.it might be between friends.' 'it might be between lovers.' 'but sweetest love of themall ls the love between..' '..a girl and a boy in their 20s,that leaves best memories.' 'a boy born in eastern partof india, ln kolkata city... .’ siddhartha roy..- '..named siddhartha roy..' '..and a girl born in konasimaprovince, kalkaluru village..' madhumatl..- '..named madhumatl..'

'..are destined to unite.' 'their status mightbe different..' 'their customsmight be different..' 'their castesmight be different..' 'their languagesmight be different..' 'the lord has already sketcheda way for them to unite..' '..and the way is love.' 'these kids wouldfall ln love ln future.' 'a love story wouldtake place between them.'

'this ls the story abouthow they would fall ln love.' 'when are these hearts that are..' '..thousands of kilometers awaygoing to unite?' 'when are these lipsgoing to kiss each other?' 'let us see the play.' hyderabab. they are so many designs. show that sari. second one lnthe third row. - yes, that one. it's kanchi silk.

birju. search entire college. don't leave anyone,especially sidhu. go. college kids call him bengal tiger. bengal tiger? i will alsosee how big a tiger he is. sanju, how was it! first you go there and play first. you search him in the college.we will check the ground.

you know sidhu, right?- yes, we do. the match would’ve been interestingif sidhu was here. yes, why sidhu didn’t come?- sidhu practiced... sidhu’s friends. get them. hey, don't leave him.don't leave him. get him. get him. don't leave him. beat him. i'll kill you. where ls sidhu? call him.call sidhu.

i will see you. bengal tiger. call him. where is he? where is he? sidhu. sidhu. sidhu, gorak's men bashedup guys from our college. they are searching you. if they get you they willcut you into pieces. listen to me and runaway from this city.

take this bag. you gotwhat i said? go away. sidhu. ''my shoe is japanese.'' ''my trouser is british.'' ''my hat is russian.'' ''but my heart is indian.'' greetings, brother gorak. greetings. did you recognize me? you heard about me butyou didn’t see me.

and the person you are searching.. ..sidhu siddhartha roy, it’s me. munna, two cups of tea.- in a moment. brother, the thing is that wedon't let outsiders interfere.. ..in our college matters. that day we tried to.. ..to explain this to your boys. brother, forget listening us,they started beating.. and to stop your boyswe had to beat them.

brother, i apologize to youfor whatever happened. brother gorak, lets settlethis matter amicably.. ..right here right now. and if we don't, you too knowwhat the result would be. think about lt. hey, did you see sidhu?- no, i didn’t. i heard a lot about you.. you're trying to get smart with me? you hit brother?

catch him. this way. hey, look around. look that way. now ln raj kapoor'sgolden melodies you will hear.. ''i am everything, exceptstreet-smart.'' move. move. move. leo: this week will be tough lnthe beginning. have to work hard.

those with long hair willface some danger. hey, did you find sidhu? ''i am a vagabond. i am a vagabond.'' ''or i am a star in the sky?'' the doctor said that.. you hit briju? hey! o lord, they ruined my vegetables. they ruined today's stock.

enough. enough. leave me. grandpa, these vegetables are yours? they are ruined. what will i sell andwhat will i eat? what will i do now? i am sorry.- thank you. - thanks. ''this is my universe.'' ''this is my home. this is my palace.'' ''this is my world.there is no place for you here.''

''we will rip apart the darknessand bring the light.'' ''we will scatter flowerson the path full of thorns.'' ''enjoy the journey.destination isn’t too far.'' ''lead the future generationswith your footsteps.'' history began with fire.flare is power. flare is life. there's a spark in all of youthat no one can suppress. the evil that will come closeto you will be burnt. the sin that will come closeto you will be burnt. you all are flames. you allare ever burning torches.

keep on burning and leading the way. ''my home. my palace.'' ''there's no place for you here.'' ''this is my world.'' got it, buddy? ''enjoy the journey.destination isn’t too far.'' the wheel change history.the wheel revolves and the world.. ..moves forward. you too haveto change history someday. you have to takethe country forward.

you are the futureof this country. you are the next generation. you can't halt. you can't stop.keep walking. keep walking. keep walking. ''my world. my universe.'' ''this is my world.there's no place for you here.'' dear, how long willyou parade there? come and have the breakfast.- i am worried that the car.. ..that went to the stationhasn’t returned yet..

..and you are asking meto have breakfast? go. go and do your work. hey, where's my daughter?- she hasn't come. she's hadn't come? hey, donkey! she said she would comehere today by train. did you check the station properly? yes, i checked properly.she hasn't come. no. she said she would come today. hey, she is here.

daddy. daddy.- hey, bujjl! sir, please come. sir, as per miss. madhu's request.. ..i made the arrangementsfor the blood donation. hey, where is my daughterdonating blood? over there. daddy. daddy. you dared to takemy daughter's blood. - what?

one minute, daddy. listen to me. get that blood back into her body.- please, daddy. leave me, dear. leave me, dear.- daddy. daddy, please. i will see his end.- daddy. - leave me, dear. i will see you later on.- daddy. donating blood is a good deed. come with me. mother kali, please fulfil my wish. don't fulfil my son's wish.

please save him, mother.please, mother. mother, your preparationsare only to ruin my plans. please don't pray to spoil my plans. hey, why are you fightingwith your mom! what else should i do, daddy!she ls praying for.. ..exactly opposite towhat i am praying for. poor god! if two membersfrom the same family.. ..ask for two opposite things..i want it and she doesn't want it. god will fall in a dilemma.

but eventually he will fulfil my wish.- yes, sure. - yes. what did you pray for and whatdid your mother pray for? nothing, daddy. i am prayingfor going to canada.. ..for master’s degree andmother is praying.. ..that i don't go there.you know how difficult it is.. ..to find a seat in that university. you know what sort of brainsyou need to get a seat there. no matter what i am going there. god, ruin his plans to go to canada.

hey, be careful, you mightburn your hand. - ok. daddy, i applied for the visa. do you have any objection if igo to canada for my studies? no. no. no. not at all.- then what's your problem? what sort of a father are you!- i would be very proud.. ..if my sons goes abroadfor further studies. - yes. i can't stay here withoutyou for five long years. mom, it’s not five long years.it's just five years. one. two. three. four. five.- no. - it's over.

no. - mother, lookingat your sentiments.. ..i would why i wasn'tborn in canada. look how happy father is. mother, when i can stay withoutyou for five years.. ..can't you stay without mefor five years? please, mom. no, i can't stay here. look, daddy. - that's what iscalled mother's sentiment. mother, not you, andnot eve mother kali.. ..can stop me now.

what! you want to study further?- yes. what yes! there are just afew guys in our village.. ..who are literate, and amongthose no one agrees.. ..to live in our houseafter marriage.. now if you study further wherewill i search for a son-in-law? son-in-law? what for?- to play marbles. daddy, why are you lookingfor a son-in-law now? i need to do ms. that's whatthis application is for. sign here.

come here. i will beat you up. there are only four guys in thisprovince who studied till b.sc. and among them two guys' marriageis already fixed. now there is only veeraraju'sson left. somehow i convinced them to liveat our place after wedding.. i called them here tomorrowto see you. what! you called them to see me? whom did you ask?- whom do i have to ask? i won't accept it. i wantto study further. - bujji.

bujji dear, listen to me. you were born to us aftersix years of prayers. you are our only child.if we get you married.. ..at a far away place we can'tlive here in peace.. ..worrying about you.- who is getting married.. ..and going away now?- if you study further.. ..that's the situationwe will have to face. that's why i talkedto mr. veeraraju.. ..and called them heretomorrow to see you.

daddy, tell them not to come here. i want to study further. sign here. i am shouting at thetop of my voice.. ..and you are behaving asif you didn't even hear it? daddy, you tore the applicationi brought? tomorrow the boy you choosewill come here. just keep on watching.if i don't stone him.. ..then i will change my name. dear, why are you paradingagain instead of sleeping?

come and sleep.- i am not feeling sleepy. it's 2 am and you aren'tfeeling sleepy? i am not feeling sleepy.you sleep quietly. my daughter must say to the wedding. my daughter must say tothe wedding. - daddy. daddy. daddy. i am saying yesto the wedding. - really! make the arrangementsfor the wedding. you mean it?- yes. yes, daddy.

thank god, my prayersare finally answered. come here, dear. come here.- ok. ramaraju's granddaughterand bapiraju's daughter.. ..madhumati is being engagedto gavararaju's grandson.. ..and my son bhupatiraju. so that's the matter.what can he do then! what's the matter you look veryhappy? - i got the visa. canada's government was ecstatic. they said that it's an honor forthem to give me the visa and..

..handed me this visa eventhough i wasn't interested. now i am going to canada.- i see. which college did you get a seat in? there's a kupli college inour lane. - that's right. you would get seats ln kuplicolleges in those dingy lanes.. ..because you lack this. yourrange is pretty low.. ..and my range is this high. now i will be flying to canda. oh god! how can this happen to us!- what's that noise!

i don't know, sir.- come, let's see. how can this happen to us! what happened, sister-in-law?- how can this happen to us! we are destroyed.- 'to miss. madhumita.' 'please forgive me.' 'i love a girl. i had toagree to this match..' '..because of my father's pressure.' 'the girl i love attempted suicide.' 'that's why i am doing this.'

'if the blot on your namethat the groom left you..' '..one day before the wedding can.. ..save a girl's life..'- what happened? '..then i hope you agree that it'sworth it.' - what's written in it? 'i am sorry. bhupatiraju.' siddhu, take care of your passport,visa and air-tickets. ok, dad. study well. take care. o lord!

look, dad. mother is always crying. mom, look how dad isgiving me send-off. why do you always cry, mother! why do you always cry?- i will also come to the airport. no, mom. you can't cometo the airport. hey, lt's just to the airport.take her along with you. you want me to take motherto the airport? mother will kill me with hersentiments in the airport. she will make me emotionaland won't let me go, daddy.

please, siddhu. please. lord, have mercy on me.have mercy on me. mother, give me your hands. give me your hands.- no, i won't. bless me. come on, bless me. mom. hey, chandan! 'look at the guy walkingtensed in the crowd.' 'take note of him.'

'he is in no way relatedto this story..' '..but he would changethe entire story.' 'you know whose blood it is.' 'it's madhumati's blood shedonated ln kalkaluru.' 'it traveled all overand eventually..' '..reached this hospital.' hey! hey, bujji! look here. do not worry at all. i asked them to find anothergroom for you.

you will get married next week. daddy, come on.- what? what else shall i say! youtake decisions on your own. did you ever think about me? just now a guy wrote aletter and ran away.. how can i get married immediately! i was thinking of studyingfurther and you are.. you are right. you wantedto study further.. ..but i interfered withit and ruined it.

daddy, can i study further? i want to study further,daddy. m. sc. but i tore your college-application. how is it possible now?- you tore kakatiya's application. but i have also applied innizam college in hyderabad. i got the interview card as well. if you say ok i will join it.- what! in hyderabad? but i didn't sign it? yes, it's a big signature,a long zigzag line.

i know it well. i just forged it.- you evil girl. very sad. you said you would fly. is this what is called flying? this leg on east godavari,that leg on west godavari.. ..and that hand is guntur district. where will you go now, buddy? it will take you minimum twomonths for you to walk. dog, i am going to kill you.i am going to kill you. buddy, leave it. you are notdharmendra in 'sholey'..

..but you are sanjeev kumar.- i will see you. - ok. hey, what are you fighting about?- look, uncle. sidhhu.- he wants to fly in this get-up. my dear! stop crying, mother. stop crying. hey, don't talk like that.she is really very upset. i am lying on this bed onlybecause of mother, daddy. only because of mother.when i left home.. ..she was crying and mycar met an accident.

thank god i asked her notto come to the airport. god forbid if she had comethere i fear what else.. ..would have happened.i can't imagine them. i can't imagine them. daddy,send me to canada somehow. no. no. - please, daddy. please,daddy. - calm down. in this get-up? the doctorhas already inserted.. ..a spoon in this leg anda plate in this leg. you can't even move for two months.you are settled here. and what about my studies?- in your joy..

..of joining foreigncollege you didn't.. ..apply in any localcollege as a plan-b. if you wish you can do this. my friend is a principal inhyderabad's nizam college. i can ask him to holda seat for two months. what do you say? would youlike to study in hyderabad? how does it matterwhere i study now.. ..when i am not going to canada.wherever it is! is it ok?

if you go to canada youcan see niagara falls.. ..and if you go to hyderabadyou can see hussain sagar. you can talk to buddha everyday. hi, i am siddhu.- hi, i am babu. hi, i am vicky. you looklike a bengali person. i wil ask your name later on.are you new to this class? yes, and you?- me? i have been studying.. ..ln the same classsince last 5-6 years. the reason is that i come to thecollege in the beginning..

..and then i come at the end.. ..and i spend the rest ofthe time in the dance hall. dance. dance. dance. iam the dance-master.. ..of all these students.- shall we start the class? you won't listen to melf i say no, rlght? by the way, i am getting lateto smoke. meet you later. sonam.- yes. are you ready?- ya. - start. thank you.- you are welcome.

i am shanti.- hi, i am madhu. - hi. this temple is so serene. cold breeze, nice weather.. i didn't believe it when otherssaid it, but i really liked it. i like it.- you know nisha, whenever i come.. ..to the temple it remindsme of my daddy. so you too have a girlfriend.that's how it should be. hello.- hello. have we met before?

sorry, i didn’t mean it that way. this is every guy's favoritepick-up line.. ..but i didn’t mean it that way. i really feel like i met you before. i too feel the same way.- did you see that! we are meeting for the firsttime, but there ls... ..this feeling that we knoweach other since 20 years. me too. - anyhow, i amsidhu siddhartha roy. madhu. madhumatl.- madhu. madhumatl. beautiful name.

you are..- madhu. friends.- friends. cool.- bye. - bye. oh! your sword is scaring me. you are moving that swordlike abhimanyu did.. ..ln the battle of mahabharata. you think it’s a swordor some stick? sidhu, do you love any girl?- no, not till now. never came across anyone like that.

it seems that you love someone.- yes. who's she?- she's studying in our college. our group?- no, math’s. what's her name? shanti. what's the hurdle in your love? the hurdle is that i am an orphan. shanti's father is gudumba satti. everyone in this townis scared of him.

and right now it’s college holidays. it's pretty tough forme not to see her. they are disconnecting the phone. they are not letting herstep out of the house. that's why i wrote this letter. come here. address. take out boys there and solve lt. give me a call lf therels any problem. got it?

babu is in real trouble. hello, uncle!- hello, dear! how are you? i am fine. how are you?- i am perfectly fine. madhu.- and what's shanti saying? she's your daughter afterall. bye. bye, uncle. goodbye. come, dear. hello! hello! hello! hello! sidhu siddhartha roy. temple.- hl. - hl. how come you are..- how come you are..

what's there in your hand?- letter. love letter?- how did you guess that? that's written on your face.don't you have any sense? don't you have any manners? don't you know how tobehave in public? you wore a pant. you worea shirt. you wore shoes. hello!- you are educated. - hello! hello! hello!- is this what you learnt all now? go and do something worthwhile.

hello! will you stop it? why are you shooting your mouth? yes. it's my mouth. it's mywish. i can say anything. but it’s my ears thatare hearing them. your words are hurting my heart.- what a great heart! yours is a cheap heart thatwrote a love letter.. ..to a girl whom you saw justa couple of days ago. hello! madhu! i didn’t writethis letter for you. but my friend wrote thisletter to your friend.

semester holidays. hewas unable to meet her. they were disconnecting the phone. my friend asked me if icould help him. - sorry. i said of course i would helpmy friend. - sorry. sorry. but when i came here therewas a watchman.. - sorry. so i thought of somehowbribing the watchman.. ..and smuggling this letter inside.- sorry. sorry. but then i saw you, i thoughti know this girl.. - sorry. ..so i can take her help,my job will get easier.

but here when i brought thisletter to you.. - i am sorry. ..you have started abusing meas lf i am some sort of.. what did you say? do i looklike a stupid? - sorry. do i look like an eve-teaser?- no. how do i look like?- i am sorry. do i look like a roadside romeo?- no, you don't. don't say sorry. don'tkeep telling me. you really did hurt me.- i am sorry. please. i am sorry. i am so sorry.

he always cracks such sort ofjokes and keeps us in splits. when he comes to the class.. ''what's this torture?'' ''babu, how long will you..'' madhu, we live in adjoining flats.. ..we study in the same college.. ..but how come we stilldon't know each other. keep that aside, today we aretalking here at this place.. ..alone for no reason.what do you call this?

love.- love? babu and shanti's love. what did you think? nothing.- madhu, did you love anyone? and you? why? just like that. and why didn’t you love anyone?- i don't know. you don't know how to love?- no. no. no.

so you know that?- oh sidhu! please. let's talk about something elseplease. - what shall i do! bye.- bye. bye.- bye. - bye, goodnight. bye. goodnight, babu.- meet you in the college tomorrow. ok, bye.- bye. so..- so.. so, thanks.

you must thank strangers whenthey give you a lift. do we really need these formalities? what shall we do now?- take back your thanks. then give me back. dear students, our college culturalprograms are nearing. tomorrow the dancerehearsals will begin. come on, move! - o god!i can't make it right. stop it! hi!- hi!

can you give this letter to shanti?- ok. - ok, bye. oh! you didn’t glue this? it's that? i feared thatit’s something else. very good. i appreciateyour friendship. that's how friends should be. your friend gave you thispersonal letter.. ..without pasting it, that showshow much he trusts you. no, there's nothing like that.you can also read lt. no. no. no.- it's a love-letter. very personal.

your friend gave you withtrust and you gave me this. and my friend trusts me. wecan’t betray that trust, ok? what trust! dear shanti,i can't come to college.. ..for a couple of days. ican’t take you to a movie.. ..this friday evening.so please don't mind. i am going to vizagon orphanage work. i don't know how to livewithout you for two days. i don't know how to live withoutkissing you for 2 days. that's why my heart is goingagain and again with..

shanti, i love you. shanti,i love you. i love you. love you.love you. love you. enough.- i love you. love you. love you. what a character you are!- me? how can you open a letterand read it just like that! you think it’s justany other letter? love letter. full of personalemotions you know. you are betraying yourfriend’s trust. it's wrong. you are a crook.

you are a jerk. you are a cheat. you are a pervert.- yes. you are a stupid. you are an idiot.- yes. yes. your mind is full of filthy.you are a traitor. madhu, chill. chill.- i know you are a cheat. you are a..- cool. cool. do i look that cheap? babu's thumb.. this finger..not this, but his thumb..

..tore off and bled profusely. could he have written in thatcondition? no, he couldn’t. that's why he dictated itand i wrote his letter. you got it? or do you wantany other explanations? i am sorry. - am i clear or doi have to say something else? sidhu. sidhu. - just thismuch gap is enough for you.. you just go on and on and on.- i said i am sorry. now start your usual apologies.- i am sorry. no, i know. i know. i know.i know about you.

i know you're going toend up with this. please.- you do one thing. record a cassette with 'iam sorry' thousand times.. ..and keep it with you, becauseyou need it again and again. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry.- ok. oh no! what happened?- it seems that car broke down. what shall we do now?- let's lock and walk. there won't be any problem, right?

there will be no problem. we'llcall the mechanic at morning.. ..and he will take care of it.we can go by walk now. - ok. madhu, can i ask you something?- what? who do you like most?- like most? i like my father most. of course, i too likemy father very much. since childhood he taughtme morals and all that.. i like my dad. who else? i like my mother.- of course, i too like my mother. she sang lullabies for me,fed me from her hands..

i love my mother. who elsedo you like very much? then.. i like chiranjeevi. chiranjeevi?- chiranjeevi. film actor. i see. film actor chiranjeevi? he fights well, dances well.. blood donations. blood banks.social service. i like him. he's a good fellow.i too like him very much. that's not what i mean, madhu. chiranjeevi, mother, father..everyone likes them.

on a personal level who isthe person you like most? oh god!- madhu. madhu. madhu. oh god!- madhu. - oh god! oh god! look, you want to hear somespecific person's name. tell me his name. i willtell you that i like him. forget it. take it light.- oh god! goodnight. ''love is not easy.'' ''you can't conquer it.''

''what are the conditions in love?'' ''what is the mystery in love?'' ''love is precious.'' ''everyone doesn't get it.'' ''it looks beautiful.'' ''but it bursts when you touch lt.'' ''no. no. don't say that.'' ''where there is a willthere is a way.'' ''i will do it for you.''

''i will show it to the world.'' ''everyone doesn't get lt.'' hi. - hi, babu. babu,did you see siddhu? is it your birthday?- no. anything special?- why? new dress. happy mood.anything special? nothing special. and where's siddhu? - he's thereon the left side corner. but just now i came from that way.

you might have come fromthat way, but there's a.. ..telephone booth over therethat you must've overlooked. he's inside the telephonebooth? bye. - bye. no. no. no. no. no, sweetheart. it's true that there was oneweek holidays last month. but i had to stay here asmy friends forced me. that's why i couldn't come,sweetheart. sorry. hello! hello! hello, gita! will youlisten to what i say?

there's another weekholidays next month. i will definitely come this time. are you happy now? i love you, geeta. i love you.i love you so much. you want me to give me something.. ..that you would remembertill i come there. hi! were you waiting for me? what's the matter youlook so ugly today? yes, you would find me ugly now.

hey, the truth is you look verybeautiful. i just gave it a twist. yes, you enjoy twisting things. hey, lt was just a joke. whyare you getting serious? siddhu, madhu is waiting for you. i see. so you had already met. madhu, you were waiting for me?- i came to talk to you.. ..about something important,but i forgot it. she forgot it.- siddhu! who?- who?

who was on the phone?- gita. who is she?- my mom. mom?- yes, my mom. but you called her gita.- yes, that's what her name is. i call my mom gitaand father arvind. i used call them thatway since childhood.. ..and now i am habituated to it. i talk to her everyday afterthe conference. that's it. mom?- mom.

hi, dear! will you come with me?- stupid. buddy, she got upset. hey, you! bring down the volume. there was some problemyesterday, right? yesterday's problem? yesterday we bumped intofour guys from afsalgunj. sheru, ajay and i, the three of us.. ..bashed them so hard, so hard.. ..that they were leftunrecognizable. - really!

they were lucky that i was there. brother sheru took out a knife.- knife? the scene would've gotten worse. sheru, tell them what you did.- hey, stop it! take it light. - it seems thatbrother's still very upset. look there, sheru. youranger will come down. she's sexy, buddy. you are right, buddy. i will take her today.

hey, will you come to khandala? forget khandala, we wouldtake her to gandipet? what do you say, ajay? let her go. siddhu.- hi, madhu. - hi. the entire shop is ours. we will go? sheru, no matter whatever yousay today this girl must be.. we will get nothing if wekeep on thinking, sheru.

look there, that guy istaking away that girl. kamal, start the van. what the hell are you doing! the girl's pretty fast, buddy. what!- you filthy jerks. what did you say! what did you say! can't you see while driving?- what shall i see? show me.- show you? sorry, brother. i don't knowwhat happened before this..

..but i am sorry. - why are yousaying sorry? - i'm really sorry. who are you to interfere in this!get out of this. get out. madhu, you don't know these guys. these guys are too dangerous. take him away from here orelse i'm going to kill him. i'll take care of him.- take him away. brother, tell your friend.tell your friend. hey, she is our heartbeat.- you will get bashed up here. why are you saying sorry!

don't touch her. please listen to me i am abeliever of non-violence. tell him to go away.- let's not get into fights. brother follows non-violence. he's the gandhi of this millennium. look, if you brought it this far,don't provoke me further. really? you'll beat me? ok, come on, let's fight.come on, let's fight. if you brought it this far i wouldkeep non-violence aside.

now there will be violence. you.. come. come. come. come. what were you saying!what were you saying! you were saying somethingabout gandhi, right? millennium gandhi?millennium gandhi? you know anything? do youknow anything about gandhi? tell me. tell me. youenjoy eve-teasing? you enjoy eve-teasing?

you trouble girls?you trouble girls? eve-teasing is fashion for you?eve-teasing is fashion for you? eve-teasing ls fashion for you? it's fashion for you.. eve-teasers..- come. come. what did you say then!she's your heartbeat? you want to hear my heartbeat? you too belong to this group?you too belong to this group? they belong to your group?

then what are you doing here!get lost from here. hey, bring the rod. sorry, bro. sorry, bro. run away from here.he will leave none. please, sir. i am sorry, bro. thank god. come. come. does it hurt? does it hurt?

does it hurt? do you know how much.. ..your comments and actionshurt girls? you know that? you become heroes lf thereare four guys behind you? you become heroes? you become heroes? - hey, look! leave him. you know who i am? you know aunt jaya? you know uncle lallu?

you got the picture?they are all behind me? if you dare to touch me..- what! the matter will reach the top.- is that so? this matter will reach the top.- really! now get lost. what are you doing! you didn't get me?item, tell him who i am. what will he do!- tell him to stop it. hey, where are you all going!don't run. hey, guys!meet my old friend. my dad.

has come from calcutta just now.- hi. dad, this is bingo boy,studying m.sc. my classmate and my friend.- hello! and this is shukla. one of thegood dancers of our college. and he's damn good.i would like to show you.. ..one of his shows, and of course,he can never beat me. siddhu. - the one and only vicky.- glad to meet you. he's been teaching danceat our college... ..since last five years andwe're really proud of him.

and she is.. she is madhu. and she is my dance-partner. my college friend. and my.. my.. my friend.- friend? friend means?- friend means friend. hi. ''when a girl gives that half-smile..'' ''..boys go crazy and become bed-ridden.'' ''when a boy looks straight into the eyes..''

''..lt even melt glaciers.'' ''those smiles, these looks..'' ''those smiles and these lookswhen united form love.'' ''when you are in loveday and night look alike.'' ''when you are ln love worldlooks like a big carnival.'' ''when you are in loveeven a snake looks like a rope.'' ''when you are in loveeven a rock looks like a soft bed.'' ''your sweat is scent for me.'' ''a chilly from your handsis an orange for me.''

''in this age, in this bond..'' ''in this age, in this bondeven fire looks like water.'' ''if i am a bookyour face is a picture in it.'' ''if i am a word you are its meaning.'' ''your flying scarf creates a sensation.'' ''your admirers go crazy about you.'' ''your arm around mels the ultimate comfort for me.'' ''you are sunshine for me on a cloudy day.'' ''where there is love..''

''where there is lovethere is happiness all around.'' ''..it even melt glaclers.'' hi, madhu. did you get scared? what's this?- a small gift. for me? it must be interesting. you can open it slowly.what's the rush! i know. i know.

astray? beautiful. where did you buy it?- in taj art gallery. how much did it cost?- 10,000. 10,000? it's 10,000? - ya. it is.- 10,000 for an ashtray? because lt's made of china crystal. because of its minute art-worksit costs so much. what's this madhu! it looks good,but still you could've.. ..bought me somethingelse instead of this.

i can't flick ash in such a costlyashtray, madhu. i can't. that's why i bought it. that's the reason ibought that ashtray. every time you smokeand flick ash in it.. ..you should remember me.you should feel like.. ..flicking ash on me. soyou should stop smoking. sorry. you want me to stop smoking? i smoke to maintain some style.. ..and you want me to stop it?sorry, i can't do it.

if you really.. ..respect me, you wouldnever smoke again, ok? beautiful. ok. last puff, ok? just one more. let me just finish this. happy? that's good.

hi, madhu. - don't disturb.exams. i am studying. siddhu.- don't disturb. siddhu. this is not right.- what? what you are doing. studying a book is not wrong, is it? i am not studying wrong questions. i am not talking aboutwhat you are reading. i am talking about whatyou are looking at. i am looking at the book.- don't lie to me. you..

you looked at waist.- what! don't act. you looked at it.- no. you looked at it.- i said i didn't. i said you looked at it. i sawyou looking at my waist. may be accidentallywhile turning pages.. ..i might have seenit accidentally.. ..but i didn't lookat it in that way. it's not been one minutesince you came here.. ..you haven't read evena single page..

..but you looked at meat least ten times. madhu, you are looking atme from a wrong angle. who? me? i am looking atyou in the wrong angle.. ..or you were lookingat me in a wrong angle? madhu, you have mistaken me. not just now, but you havebeen making a mistake.. ..ever since the beginning.that day in the dance hall.. ..when i gave you that openletter what did you say.. you said i am a bad fellow.i read others' letters.

you said i am a crook, thati am a pervert, didn't you? and then when i said that iwrote that letter as he had.. ..an injured thumb you apologizedto me, didn't you? ok, leave that aside. take ourfirst meeting for example. you saw babu's letterto shanti in my hand.. ..and assumed that i was aboutto give you that letter.. ..you started jumping up and down? didn't you jump? now thatsays your psychology.. you feel that you are the mostbeautiful girl on earth..

..and that everyone should bemesmerized by your beauty.. ..and admire you badly. but if anyone hits upon you,you start screaming.. that's how girls' psychology is. when you are talking aboutme talk only about me. don't generalize it. what do you know aboutgirls' psychology? it's not us who keep something inmind and talk something else. at least i don't do that.men do that.

ok, you do that. that day when we were eatingfried rice what did you do? you dropped your spoonintentionally. and then you took my spoon,the spoon i was eating with.. ..and started eatingwith it, didn't you? didn't you hide it then?what did you hide then? and the other day you saidthat the car broke down.. ..when it didn't, you saidwe would lock it and walk. what did you ask mewhen we were walking?

who do you like most?who do you like most? didn't you bombard mewith that question? ok, leave that aside, a fewdays ago when your father.. ..came here, and when you wereintroducing us to him.. he's sunder, studying maths,my college-mate, my friend. he's babu, studying physics,my class-mate, my friend. she's madhu, studying maths,my college-mate, my friend. you could've said it just like that. why did you falter then? whatwere you hiding then?

all these days you have beenhanging out with me.. ..even after knowing all that, whatshould i call that? tell me. even after knowing all thatyou presented me an ashtray. ok. ok. we can call it friendship. that day when i was talkingln the college-phone.. ..when i said 'gita, i loveyou' and kissed her.. ..you were dying to knowwho that gita was. who? gita? who's she?she's my mother. only after telling that youcooled down, didn't you?

ok, presenting an ashtrayto an acquaint of yours.. ..to get him rid of smokingcan be called friendship. but the pain and the possessivenessyou felt.. ..to know who that gita was..what do you call it? don't change the topic. didyou look at my waist or not? did you love me or not?- no. i too didn't look at your waist. it's not been even five minutessince we sat on the terrace.. ..and now i have to deal withan egoistic character..

..who finds hundredfaults in others.. i would never have sucha girl as my friend. even if she is my friend thatfriendship won't turn into love. even lf it turns into love itwon't go as far as marriage. and lf i am forced tomarry that girl.. ..i would write a letter thati won't want such a girl.. ..and run away the nightbefore the wedding. you..- madhu. look..

..you don't have.. ..any rights to talk aboutme or my character. i will assume that i hadn't metanyone called siddhu in my life. from now onwards there isnothing between you and me. there's nothing between you and me. madhu.. madhu, i didn't mean to.. priya.- yes, sir. ravi.- yes, sir. sukanya.- yes, sir.

rosy.- yes, sir. jhansi. - yes, sir. siddhu. babu. babu. siddhu, babu hadn't come? madhu.- yes, ma'am. shanti. shanti. shanti. madhu, shanti hadn't come.- i don't know, ma'am. i'll kill you.- just kill me at once.

i won't kill you. i will kill you.- if anything happens to babu.. ..you won't find me alive.- you will die? ok, die. run away with him and dyingis one and the same for me. it would be better if you die. you were born as my daughterbut you don't want money? it makes me doubt yourmother's character. if you meet him or he meetsyou he won't stay alive. from that day onwards i havebeen house-arrested.. ..by my father. i don't knowwhat happened to babu.

shanti. shanti. shanti, please. nothing will happen to babu. it's my responsibility to uniteyou with him. it's a promise. if you think that i came hereto make a compromise.. ..it would be wrong.- who said compromising is wrong! look here. i didn't come here.. sorry, i didn't come hereto argue with you. i came here to talk aboutsomething important. in the last two months inour summer holidays..

..many things took place here. babu went to shanti'shouse to see her.. ..and mistook her fatheras shanti and woke him up.. ..and got caught there. shanti's father kept herunder house-arrest. did babu come to class?- no, he didn't. the love we startedis in a problem now. i mean babu and shanti's love. did you see shanti?sorry, did you see her?

i am coming from there now. shanti hadn't stopped weeping. i promised her that i am therefor her and that i take.. ..the responsibility toreunite her with babu. and i came here to meet youregarding that matter. you too made a promiseto your friend. so i for the promise thati made to my friend.. ..and you for the promiseyou made to your friend.. ..together we have to..

together?- together.. ..together we have to unite them. i used the term 'together'.first i have to define it well. in the coming days whenwe would move together.. ..we will have to decide nowwhat sort of a relationship.. ..there would be between us. it's not friendship. it's not love. it's no other relation. just a blind relation.a blind relationship.

a relationship which has no meaning. and that relation will alsoend once we unite them. i hope you would not crossthe line i drew. i hope i don't have to remindyou again about it. you said exactly whati wanted to say. we will go and see babu now.- ya. why not? let's go. babu, what's this beard! two months! what!

you couldn't control yourselffor two months? what was the rush! ok, youwent to shanti's house. and then instead ofwaking up shanti.. ..you woke up her father? hey, now stop it! that's the reason.. that'sthe reason i say.. ..there'd be no commitmentsregarding love and crap. now look at me how happy i am,how cheerful i look.. ..because i never loved anyone..

..and didn't get stuck inany problem alike you. you thought i would get stuckln it and suffer like you? it looks stupid to puta smile on the face.. ..when there is so much painin the heart. - what! i mean the pain that you haveinside your heart for babu. is that so! if we put a dull faceall problems will be solved? to solve x number of problemslf we have to.. ..make a dull face fory number of hours.. ..then i will do exactly that.when your dull face..

..can't solve any problemwhat's the use then? what's the use then? babu, do not worry about anything. concentrate on your studies.we can afford to.. ..neglect studies, but youhave to study at any cost. leave your matter to us.we will take care of that. it's our responsibilityto unite you with shanti. you don't have faith ln my words? and we won't have to do it,lf your love is true..

..then it will unite you eventually. what? if our love is true it willunite us eventually. bye, babu. - babu, come to thecollege tomorrow morning. see you tomorrow.- thanks, madhu. you don't need to go by foot.i'll drop you. to drop you,you need not be my friend.. ..and you need not bemy girlfriend as well. there need not be anyrelation between us.

you can assume that whilegoing on road you asked.. ..some stranger for a liftand i would assume.. ..that i gave a lift to a stranger. and lf you still want to goby foot it's up to you. you can go by walk. i am not staying in the flat now.i am staying in the hostel. i shifted to the hostel to stayaway from a few things. no problem. i will dropyou there. fine. ''women say something andmean something else.''

''..mean something else.'' ''if she gives you an angry lookit means she likes you..'' ''when she invites you, it's betteryou get lost from there.'' ''when they say no they mean yes.'' ''when they say yes they mean no.'' no! i haven't doneanything this time. just wait for two minute.i'll check it. give me two minutes. wait.

no, i haven't seen anythingand i don't know anything. thanks. when a stranger gives me alift i always thank them. that's really wonderful. i am going to.. who do you think i am?who do you think i am? you think this guy looks likean innocent villager.. ..so you could fool him? you weren't even scaredof my moustache?

i am going to.. hey, where didi ask you to take me to? to nizam college. when iasked you to take me to.. ..nizam college you should'vetaken me there. but you instead of taking me there.. ..you took me around the townand at last brought me here.. ..to extract money from me? iam going to.. - sir, leave him. you want me to leave him?get lost from here. hey, don't think you can getaway with it. - sir. sir. sir. come, i will drop you there.

why do you take that trouble, son? i paid him to do that job.he should take me there. you carry on. i will manage it. sir, no one can leave till youmove. look at the traffic. come, i'll also drop you there.i am also going that way. come.- sir. – i will.. please come, sir. how do survive in this city, sir! there's fraud everywhere.

but you look like areally nice person. you are a good-hearted person. you take everything with a smile. that's what i liked most about you. son, do you know my daughter?- who? bujji. bujji? - yes, there are somany kids who study here. how would you know each one? and yes, there's a girl's hostel.do you at least know that?

which hostel?- it's.. durga.. what is it? durga..- durgabai deshmukh? yes, durgabai deshmukh.durgabal deshmukh. well, i can neverforget that hostel. there's a girl i knowln that hostel.. she's not just any other girl. she's a girl with king-size ego.- what's that? ego.- what does that mean?

ego. how do i explain it? yes, the feeling of superiority. even lf what she had done is wrong,she too knows that.. ..what she has done is wrong,but still she won't apologize. even if she's down.. got it?even if she's down.. ..still she would say shehas got the upper-hand. that's her feeling like.. how doi put this! how do i put this? like a big bully. - somethinglike this. something like this. she's a girl.she's a girl after all.

if she can be that arrogant,you think i am any less than her? sir, the building you cansee there is the hostel. thanks a lot, son. daddy. - bujji.how are you, dear? are you fine? i'm fine. where's mother?- she wanted to come here.. ..but i left her back.- why are you so late then? don't ask me that.i had a minor fight.. ..with an auto-driver onmy way here. then a boy.. wait. i will come here in a moment.- daddy.

son. son. son. son. come here.yes, i'm calling you. come here. come here, dear. come here, son. bujji, i told you that i hada fight with an auto-driver.. ..and then a boy gaveme a lift.. it's him. son, she's my daughter. bujji. bujji?- that's my pet name. pet name? good.i'm siddhu. siddhartha roy.

come, son. let's have a coffee. it's alright, sir.i will make a move now. - come on. when someone comes to our place.. ..we don't leave them beforethey have a meal with us. at least four hens are slain. how can you leave withouteven having a coffee! bujji, call him. have a coffee with us. come, son.- sir, i forgot to lock the car.

you carry on. i will lock it. ok, come soon. come, dear. come. bujji, i have startedlooking for a groom. i came to tell you that. is that ok? daddy, you are alwaysbehind my marriage. i don't want it.- what's it that you don't want? i got you admitted in thecollege as you asked. now you should listento me, shouldn't you? come here, son. sit down.- i won't listen to you.

you won't? look, son. she isnothing listening to her father. why don't you listen to your father? you have any ideawhat my father said? this is somethingbetween my father and me. do not interfere in it.- hey, i will slap you, girl. he's our guest. you shouldn'tbe talking to him in that way. look, son.what have i said wrong now? i just said that i amlooking for a groom for her.. ..and she is asking me to stop it.

what does it mean if a girl saysshe doesn't want to.. ..get married?it means she loves someone. look, if you love someone,don't be afraid to tell me. i don't have any objection.i just want to see you married. but that boy must havea heart like him. what do you say, son? do tell me if there is sucha person in your life. there's no one in my life. if there's no one in your life,why don't you say yes to the wedding?

father, start looking for a groom. it's so surprising. she didn'tlisten to me even though.. ..i said it so many times,but she said yes.. ..after you said it just once. son, you are really very lucky for me. you solved the auto-rickshawproblem on the way. now this wedding problemis also solved by you. thank god my visit didn't go waste. i will also come with you.drop me on the way. let's go, son.

i shall go now. let's go, son. there's one more thingi want to tell you. here there's a girl he knows. there's a fight between him and her. it's alright, sir. let's go.- wait a minute, sir. you did such a huge favor on me. how can i leave without doingsomething for you in return? bujji, she's big bully. it's.. something superior..

what was that word, son..was it 'mental'.. what is it? is it echo?- it's ok, sir. we shall go now. tell me that word, son. tell me.- ego. yes, ego. she's a big bullywith a big ego. like people get possessedby ghosts in our village.. ..she is possessed by an ego. you do one thing.talk to that girl for my sake.. ..and tell herthat he is a good fellow.. ..and tell her that your fathertold her not to fight with him..

..and unite him with that girl. is that sufficient, son?is that sufficient? or do you want me to..- it's enough, sir. let's go, son.what shall we call that girl.. ..who fights with such a nice person.it's her upbringing. it's her parents' fault. ''o dear foreigner..'' how can such a thing happen!she created such a big scene.. ..just because you lookedat her waist?

i came here from calcuttaat correct time. now i will give you a small idea..- what? you would forget everything.got it! you think this issome water packet? no. it's a liquor-packet. in hyderabad they call it 'gudumba'. if you take one packet..- hey, get lost! it's great. try it. - you know idon't have the habit of drinking? so you think i am a drunkard?will i pass out?

what are you, man! take it. cut it. cut it. pour in it. pour in it. you cut it well. lean forward. lean forward. have it. that's it. it's over. it's over. now have this. have this. how's it?

is it spinning? yes, you would spin. now look at me. put that here. now start a song. ''rongoboti, rongoboti..'' ''rongoboti, rongoboti,kholo kholo..'' what! you are singingrongoboti song? no oriya. telugu. srikakulum.your father's native. srikakulum song? - yes, right.- you should say it clearly.

''o dear ravanamma.'' ''there's a hand-pump near the pond.'' ''by the time you returni will be in my own palace.'' ''i am a girl who lives in a palace.'' ''and you are keeping me in a hut.'' ''o barber, o mischievous barber.'' ''o dear, come to me.'' ''there's a bus on that side,there's a bus on this side.'' ''we shall travel in a busbetween them, ravanamma.''

''there's a train on that side,there a train on this side..'' ''we shall travel in a trainbetween them, ravanamma.'' i forgot the next line.- what's there! the train has left, the bus hasleft, the packets are also over. i will do one thing.- what? i will go and bring the packets.till then you have a cigarette. hey, don't forgetto bring cigarettes. 'every time you smokeand flick ash in it..' '..you should remember me.you should feel like..'

'..you're flicking ash on me.' hey, what are you staring at! stop. you are dancing in front of me? what are you staring at! what! what! what are youstaring at! tell me. you have to tell me. with such big eyes why areyou looking at me? tell me. it's this much..

that's it. this much. just a bit more. it's less than four inchesand she says i saw it. you think you are beautiful? such a small face,a small rat-like nose.. ..a pair of small swollen lips. and tender but attractive waist. you wore a black sari andcovered your entire body.. ..a red-coloured body,like a ripe lemon.

a ripe lemon looks yellow.ok, so a mixture of red and yellow.. ..which forms a romantic color.in such romantic color.. ..a small area was visible,eye would definitely fall on that. that's the nature of the eyes. you shouldn't have exposed that part. face is a part of your body.waist is a part of your body. you didn't get angrywhen i saw your face.. ..but you got angrywhen i saw your waist. why? i ask you why. that's it.

now not just your waist,but i will see your entire body. you don't even deserveto stand next to me. madhu. it can't be madhu. madhu. madhu. madhu. i am sorry..- no. don't touch. don't touch it. no. madhu, it's..- don't try to touch this. o god! o god! i'm sorry, madhu.

i came to talk to you aboutsomething very important. but now you are not ina mood to hear it.. ..and i am not in a mood to talkabout it. - i am sorry, madhu. i am really sorry. oh no! i am sorry, madhu. i am sorry. ..poured liquor in my moutheven though i tried to stop it. you can drink, you can smoke,you can do anything.. how does it bother me!who are you to me!

why should i worry if someone inthis world smokes and drinks! i don't need to knowwhy you are drinking. hello! you evil human, you ruinedmy life. rascal. you evil human, you ruined my life. i had this wrong impressionthat you are a good person.. ..but now i realized that youare far greater than that. he ruined my life.- goodbye. he came here from calcuttaonly to ruin my life.

come here, son.come here. come here. i will kick you. i will kick you. i am so happy to see you today. my heart is overflowing with joy. come here, son. come here. did she compromise?- compromise? not this one. cheap quality. gudumba costly. stop. stop.

is this why you came here?is this why? scoundrel. scoundrel. you came here only to ruin my life.scoundrel. - me? ''waist is an illusion.'' ''the world is an illusion.'' ''that's what our vedas say.'' i thought the song is great.so i gave some music. oh god! oh god! did you learn all the steps?- master, just that one step..

i couldn't pick it up. - you canpick up this girl so easily.. ..but you can't pick upa dance step. - master. i shouldn't reveal such secrets, right?coming to the point. the next step is.. everyone would lift theirright leg in this step. next step, master.- the next step is.. in this step everyone will have tolift both their legs at a time. but we would fall lf we do that.- you have to fall. that's the latest school of dance.hi, mala!

hi, master.- how are you? - fine. carry on. bye.- bye. the next step is..- master. how did you find out withoutlooking back that it was mala! the smell. it's the smell.bad smell. you think they bath regularly? they stink. where's this fragrance coming from? hi, madhu. hold it. one moment.

hi, madhu.- hi, master. how are you?- great. - maintain that. let us come to the point.this year's college cultural programs.. ..are nearing. from tomorrowonwards we are about to start.. ..the rehearsals. siddhu askedeveryone to practice the dance. from tomorrow you'll bepracticing with siddhu. ok? no, master.- yes. i am not participatingln this program. - why? i said no. leave it there.- i am not some tea-master..

..to leave it so easily.i am a dance-master. don't turn me into a kung-fu master. the program you did togetheron stage last year.. ..was a super-hit.again you have to come together and.. master, please. please leave it there.- ok, it's alright. bad luck for you.good luck next time. raghu.- master. - let's do one thing. let's put club anita with siddhuthis year. - ok, master. waste of time.- master.

yes, what again?- who is anita? what a stupid question youare asking. who is anita? anita is a beautiful babe whojoined our college recently. the moment she joined therewas hysteria in the college. every student has turned blindfor that girl. - why? an unfortunate incident tookplace in that girl's life. that girl had a blind brother.one day when he was.. ..crossing the road a lorryran over him and he died. from then onwards whenever ablind man crosses the road..

..she holds his hand andhelps him cross the road. for that one touch of her handall the guys from our college.. ..are buying black gogglesln sultan bazar.. ..and moving in front of thatgirl like blind fellows. i am also going out on thatparticular work right now. she is so modern, but stillhas such a big heart. i shall go now. bye. excuse me.- yes. madam, can you help mecross the road? - why?

because i am blind.- how unfortunate! sir, you crossed the road.- such a narrow road. what!- anyhow, i thank your big heart.. ..for helping out this blind fellow. it's ok. thanks. chest miss! what would i do with this now!it's of no use. what?- shanti gave me a letter. then give it to babu.- it's not for babu.

it's for me?- no. it's for you?- no. if it's not for you, if it'snot for me, then who is it for? it's for us.- i see. it's for us. to mr. siddhuand miss. madhu. great. it's so.. someone glued it very strong. it's quite difficult to open it. you read it.

to dear siddhu and madhu,this is from shanti. no one in this worldwould have loved anyone.. ..as much as i loved babu. what! you think everylover says the same. might be. no matter whateveranyone says love is love. pain is pain. please i want to see babu.your friend shanti. what shall we do now? shanti has a friendcalled fatima, right?

babu, take care.- ok. this gun had some rest afterfour hours' fight. shanti, you talk to your friend,i am going to bed. shanti, who is this girl? she is fatima's friendfarida, daddy. dear, farida didn't seeour house before, right? yes, daddy.- then you do one thing. you give company to fatima.i will show farida the house. babu, run away.- stop.

daddy, no. no, daddy.- move aside. tiger. hey! what!- siddhu, come. let's dance. move aside. please. thank you. i'm sorry. siddhu.- madhu. bingo, bring the car. get into the car. open the door. get into the car.

move. move. move. move. madhu, are you fine? hello! hey, man! who are you? how are you related this girl?- i am actually.. ok, whoever you are.we need give her an injection. help us out. may i? hey, man! not there, near waist.- ok.

no. - what! - no, doctor.give her that injection on hand. but this injection can'tbe given on the hand. doctor, listen to me and giveher that injection the hand. the injection that shouldbe given on hand.. ..will be given on hand and theinjection that should be.. ..given on waist willbe given on waist. and this is an injectionto be given on the waist. doctor, you don't knowabout this waist. please give her thatinjection on hand.

you don't know this matterrelated to the waist. this waist created a lotof problems, doctor. lot of problems dintbelive lt when they sai.. ..that two families separatedbecause of cock-fights. didn't believe it whenthey said two kingdoms.. ..were destroyed because ofa tile, i didn't believe it.. i thought that these arejust rumors, doctor. i thought that these are rumors. but after i faced so manyproblems because of..

..such a small waist i had tobelieve those stories, doctor. i had to believe those stories. to explain all thesethings clearly.. ..it will take metwo hours, doctors. it will take me two hours. that's why, listen to me and giveher that injection on hand. who's the doctor? you or me? it's you.- nurse, send him out. then it's ok.you can give that injection..

..on this side or the waist,or on this side of the waist. you can give thatinjection anywhere. i don't know anything.i am leaving. there are waists everywhere. it's such a small area,but it creates so many problems. ''o my beloved one,are you upset with me?'' ''stop it, dear. you are kidding me?'' ''there's no place for angerand resentment between us.'' ''we must spend our lives happily.''

''there's no placefor differences between us.'' ''ours must bethe strongest bond on earth.'' ''the bud didn't blossom till now.'' ''but it blossomedonce the breeze touched it.'' ''is it breeze's victoryor is it bud's defeat?'' ''the statue hides inside a rock..'' ''..but it surfaceswhen a chisel touches it.'' ''is it chisel's victoryor statue's defeat?'' ''who would explainus the difference?''

''who would clear our doubts?'' ''what is hiddenin our eyes is a dream.'' ''what is hiddenin our thoughts is repose.'' ''when the clouds collide with air..'' ''..they take the form of rain.'' ''is that a fight or is that nature?'' ''when two pair of eyescome in contact..'' ''..they take the form of love.'' ''is that armageddonor is that love?''

''who would tell me about you?'' ''who would clear my doubts?'' ''the lips would tellyou the stories.'' ''your love is hidden in the heart.'' greetings, sir. i needto talk to you. i have been trying to talk toyou since a long time, but.. ..i didn't get an appointment.i tried in your office, but.. hey, what's the matter!sir doesn't have tlme.. ..to talk to a fool like you.now get lost from here. get lost.

get lost. hey, when big people talk kidsshouldn't interfere. got it? sir, you sent men to knock me down. i am that siddhu siddhartha roy. sir, you think your mencan take a person's life? only he has the power totake a person's life. sir, i need to talk toyou for two minutes. i will say what l wantto say and leave. don't say no. please.

please, sir. don't say no.- leave my hand. he's a kid. he can'tbear it for too long. sorry, sir. he didn't listen to me. sir, i am siddhu siddhartha roy. and you are satti. you areknown as mr. gudumba satti. sir, i came here to talk about babu. even the biggest success storiesstarted from the bottom. even you started out as alocal goon and today.. what's there in the money, sir!

babu has a good heart. and the reason shanti fell in lovewith him is his good heart. the happiness shanti would getas babu's wife would be.. ..ten times greater than whatshe gets being your daughter. if a boy gets his girlwithout any hurdle.. ..he would consider himselfthe luckiest person on earth. please unite them, sir. two minutes aren't overyet and i have already.. ..completed what i had to say.it's up to you now.

two minutes over. start the car. he didn't say anything else? he said two minutes areover and then left. even though he hadn'tsaid anything.. ..could you sense what wasin his heart? - what! could you sense what wasthere in his heart? there would no problem inthis world if we have.. ..the power to find out whatls there ln others' hearts. all these problems are therebecause we don't know that.

'all these problems' means? 'all these problems' means'all these problems'? ok, i will go now. did you call me? what?- i need to talk to you. i think that's what we did till now. i need to say something personal. about what?- you arrogant girl! about what? it's about what you think it is about.- i didn't think anything.

you said you wanted totalk about something. tell me what it is. bye.- you called me back to say that? ok, bye.- cool. sexy galt.- look at his style. one. two. three. four. will you come to khandala? why khandala? we wouldtake him to gandipet. ''i am a beautiful babe.i am kanakamu from kottapeta.''

''you'll be intoxicated lf i wink.you'll go mad lf i touch you.'' ''if you give me a silk sarii will tell you all my secrets.'' ''if you give me a green notei will teach you all the skills.'' ''if i dance all the nearbyvillages will shake.'' ''you'll be lntoxicated if i wink.you'll go mad if you touch me.'' go. go.- ajay, anita is here. siddhu is a dead man today. anita, not that much. cut it down. master.- stop it.

''my beloved one is not with me.'' hi, guys! class is over.we will meet tomorrow. siddhu, you too.- get lost. - bye. shall we go to a movie? there's no one in my room.shall we go to my room? i will slap you with my sandal. siddhu. i need to talk to you. i need you. i love you.- it's.. there are so many menwho are chasing me..

..but you are the one i fell for? you fell for me? o lord krishna. these eyes.. this nose.. these lips.. and then..- anita. anita. anita. anita. you can love me.you can lust for me. you can think about mein any way..

..but there is no possibilityfrom my side.. ..to turn you down.- o thanks! anita, these things are newto me as well. that's why.. anita. anita. siddhu, no problem. you cantake as much time you want. siddhu. - yes.- can i put my hand around you? ya.- thanks. ya. no problem.feel free, anita. you are also very beautiful.your eyes. your nose. mouth.

cool. i will show somenice dance moves. one step to your rightand one step to your left. one step to your right..- siddhu. hi, madhu! when did you come? hi. - i am not tensed thatthere is a girl in your arms.. i am not tensed that you aremaking diagrams on her body.. ..with your finger, nor didi come here to disturb you. we have to be atshanti's house by 7:30. right now it's 7 o'clock.you didn't forget it, did you?

i didn't forget it.- siddhu. - yes. who is she? your friend?- no. my friend? no.- is she your lover? my lover? no. no. no.not at all. there needs to be some qualitiesto be my lover. my range is too high.- then who is she? that girl's name is madhu. i don't know anything morethan that. don't ask me. siddhu, we'll leave?

ok, anita. let's meet again.- siddhu. - yes. when will we meet again?- sunday. next sunday. shall we meet for lunch?- no. no. no. dinner. dinner. 10 o'clock dinner.candlelight, you know. we're gonna have a niceromantic dinner. ok? bye. ten o'clock. sunday.i'm gonna see you. we're gonna have a..- siddhu. yes. naughty anita. very anita.

'today is sunday.' 'let it be. how does it bother me?' 'it's about to be 10 o'clock.' ''the anklet-bell rang.the heart skipped a beat.'' ''the cloud stormed.there's a buzz in the village.'' ''who colored the parrot green?'' ''who taught the peacock to dance?'' ''the anklet-bell rang.the heart sklipped a beat.'' ''a nightingale sangthe auspicious song.''

''the jasmine budwants to win your heart.'' ''it's becoming hard to resist you.'' ''do not entice me.'' ''what did the pearl on the lotus say?'' ''it wants to reach your nose-ring.'' ''on the beautiful cheek..'' ''..there's little blush.'' ''come to me and tieme the green chain.'' ''o greek god,you have no competition.''

''o my beautiful star,you have got the greatest shine.'' ''your step will crush the floor.'' ''no other lady can havethis affect on my heart.'' ''in our village you will begreeted by a folk song.'' ''if it's a folk songi would hear it from my heart.'' ''under the shadow of a papal tree..'' ''we shall have a maize roti.'' ''it would be greatto have it in your company.'' anita. anita.- please, siddhu.

anita. anita.- siddhu. siddhu. please. anita. anita. anita. siddhu. siddhu. siddhu. siddhu,please. siddhu. o god! who's this? why are youmum after calling me? hello!- siddhu. oh god! anita. anita. anita, stop it. anita, please. siddhu, stop it.

anita, i can't take this.stop it please. sorry, i am late.- no problem. what did shati say? she asked to forget it.- forget what? love.- whose love? shanti told babuto forget his love for her. i see.and what did you say then? what would i sayif she doesn't want it? it's easy for you.you love when you feel like loving.. ..and you leavewhen you feel like leaving.

you don't knowhow much it hurts others. why are you talking as ifyou are some pure soul? you think i don't knowhow good you are? didn't you breathe yesterday? what! didn't i breathe?- didn't you breathe yesterday? not just yesterday,but i also breathed.. ..the day before yesterday,the day before that.. i have been breathing sincemany months and years.. i have been breathingslnce childhood.

you want to say that wedon't have the rights.. ..to breathe as well? you asked menot to look at your waist. ok. now you are saying thatbreathing is also wrong. am i the only onein this world who breathes? everyone breathes.your parents breathe.. ..my parents breathe,neither you nor l would survive.. ..lf we don't breathe.even that puppy won't survive. it breathes in one waywhen it stands..

it breathes in a differentway when it sits.. it breathes in a dlfferentway when it runs. right, puppy? now if we don't breathewell how would we survive? how can you say that lt's wrong! the breathing i amtalking about is different.. ..from what you are talking about.- all are same. if you say breathing is wrongthen everything's wrong.. ..in this world. - i will leavelf you talk like that.

i don't want to talk about it.- no, you have to talk about it. about what?- about love and pain. how can shati go back afterwriting those lengthy letters? that's why we needto talk about it. my dear students, i am upsetour day of separatlon.. ..would arrive so soon.if you come to me one by one.. ..i will give you a sendoff.gita, come. take care, dear. sangeeta, you come here.

take care of your health. anupama, come here. take care. next. get lost.- master. you're stinking. how long hasit been since you took a bath? get lost. anita, you are alsoleaving the college? you would be breakingso many hearts. and yes, you used to say'i love kids' a lot.

yes, i love kids a lot.- i am always ready.. ..to father those kids.- naughty. babu, what's this!- siddhu, they fixed shanti's wedding.. ..on the 27th.here's the invitation. uncle, shanti isnowhere in the house. what! she's nowhere.- we searched everywhere. we couldn't find her anywhere. babu, shanti's father iscoming this way with his men. i will go and stop them.- siddhu, how can the wedding..

..take place ln your absence? it's not importantlf i am here or not.. ..but the wedding is more important.- but, siddhu.. there is no use talking to you.be careful, babu. bro, what are you doing?- eating coconut. come. hey, chotu motu, lift the gate. brother hasn't given me permission.go away. who's your brother?lift the gate.

who's your brother?- brother, they are screaming at me. ''the fishes in the handwere jumping out of the hand.'' ''i slashed those fishesln two pieces.'' ''i will cook those fishesfor dinner.'' hey! - brother's here.- what's the matter? with those beards and moustaches.. ..you are scaring a kid?- hey, you! don't shatter my mind. open the gate. - shatteryour mind? you have a mind? hey! i am telling you.i am telling you.

if you don't open the gatei will cut you into pieces.. ..and throw you in the drain. o brother, your voice is scaring me. what's that body and what'sthat voice? they don't gel well. go and repair your voice.get lost from here. next. hey, you!- what? - who are you? hey, you don't know brother? it's our misfortune, brother.it's our misfortune. we have to give our ownintroductions. ok, carry on.

world-renowned poetravindranath tagore.. ..jagadish chandra bose,subash chandra bose.. ..amartya sen,satyajit ray, bagha jatin.. ..swami rama krishna paramahama.. ..swami vivekananda,swami yogananda.. ..char mazumdarand the one and only.. ..royal bengal tigersiddhu siddhartha roy. we are all from 'amar bangla'. that's why i tell you my friends,get lost from here.

please. did you get it? hey, you dogs!you can't open a gate? you are playing games here?hit him. hey, let me warn you. if youlisten to me and leave.. ..i will spare you, or else.. i know life is taxingand death is relaxing. let me liberate your divine soulsfrom your stinking bodies. salim, get him.- i will cut his leg.

salim, say him with the sword.slay him. get him. get him. wait a minute. i don't get anything. i told you torepair your voice first. you didn't get it? i don't fight people like you.you got it now? good boy. no. no. no. boss, one minute.

i have got nothing.i don't want to fight you. you got it?- then why did you come here? to play marbles? hey, i could slash your shirtsand hair without hurting you. taking your livesis not too hard for me. but i am not doingthat only because.. ..i know the value of life.- are you scared of a kid? hey, you know who i am?gudumba satti. gudumba satti. you can be gudumba satti,you can be anyone..

..but i don't care,because i am siddhu siddhartha roy. now tell me how difficultlt is to kill someone. you guys don't knowthe value of life. by killing peopleyou might think that you are.. ..big shots and leaders. a pistol that wasin your hand a minute ago.. ..is in my hands now.i could've taken their lives.. ..just like you do,but i know the value of life. your wealth,power and influence..

..might be helpfulto take a person's life.. ..but they aren't enoughto give someone a life. sir, i told you earlier as welland i am saying lt again. babu is not justan intelligent guy.. ..but he is agood-hearted person as well. if shanti marriesa person of her cholce.. ..there won't be any problem. don't ruin her weddingwith blood and murders. sir, you are an elderly man.i need not tell you all this.

when i can do so muchfor my friendshlp.. ..why can't you doa little bit for your daughter? i said whatever i had to say.now lt's up to you. before i cross the temple gateyou can kill me.. ..and take her away.. what's your name?- bengal tiger siddhartha roy. siddhu, i liked your guts. for your friend, you are evenready to sacrifice your life.. ..which shows that heis a worthy person.

siddhu, take me there. i need to bless her. buddy. come, brother.- welcome, uncle. i knew uncle gudumba,that you would change. give me that gun. that ugly gun. you are a dangerous guy. hey, uncle! why areyou so hot-tempered! i told you earlier as well..

babu, do not worry. the auspicious time is passing by.tie the nuptial thread. pass me few. i'm so happy for you.- thanks. - bye. bye, madhu.- bye, madhu. bye, shanti.- bye, dangerous kid. bye, uncle gudumba. bye. bye.- bye. bye. thanks a lot for uniting my friendbabu with his girlfriend.

thanks to you too. you helped me a lot to unitemy friend with her friend. thanks a lot for that. thanks. thanks.- thanks. thanks.- thank you. siddhu.- i am priya, madhu. i am leaving this evening. ok.- what ok? i am leaving and you are saying ok?

i am already pretty tensed here. i am sorry, madhu.i will call you later. bye. - bye. watchman, is mr. siddhu at home?- he left just now. he has gone? where?- to the railway statlon. which station?- falaknuma express. hi!- madhu.. madhu has gone?- where has she gone? she's going by gautami expressfrom secundrabad. gautami express platform no. 3.

falaknuma express platform no. 4. madhu. madhu. madhu. siddhu. siddhu. siddhu. has anyone called madhucome here? no one came here till now. 'what if she had gone tothat platform searching me?' 'has he gone tothat platform searching me?' a girl called madhu will come here.will you give it to her? sure.- thank you.

a person called siddhuwill come here. will you give it to him?- yes, i will. thank you.- it's ok. 'what! he's here again?' are you siddhu? someone left this for you. 'dear, madhu.i wanted to say something to you..' '..since a long time, but i couldn't.you know what it is.' 'i love you, madhu. i love you.'

'but i don't know why..' '..i couldn't say this to youall these days.' 'if i can't say thisto you today..' '..i fear i won't be able to say itto you ever again, siddhu.' 'ever again.- today i want to say it to you..' '..but you are not with me, madhu.you are not with me.' 'today i came to know some truth.you know what it is.' 'all these days we weren't fighting,but lt was love.' 'i want you, siddhu.'

'to love me, to flght with me.' after ten years.. stand up. stand straight. wear it. come on. listen. look at him. why are youtroubling me this way? wat. listen. listen. can't you hear me?- yes, i can. listen.- what!

look at this crazy kid.he is giving me a hard time. he took after you.- what! he took after me? he took after me?look at her. she isn't removing her towel.she took after you. what! she took after me?say lt again. i will say lt hundred times.- if you don't like me.. ..why did you marry meln the first place. - my misfortune. before i reachedmy village on train.. ..you reached there by flightand told my father..

..that you love me..- you are screaming like a crow. ..and begged formy hand, didn't you? here is miss. universe.- that's how you got my hand. that's the biggest mistakeof my life. - yes. in just ten years of marriageyou got me pregnant.. ..so many times..- hey, come in. i am pregnant even now.and now you say lt was a mistake? why aren't you saying anything? hey, what rubbish are youtalking since then? - mistake..

stop it. stop it. enough. it's your mistake.- i have been bearing you.. ..since many years.you never keep your mouth shut. i don't want to talk to you..- now stop it. stop it. we are getting late. stop it. we are getting late.let's go. hey, come. divya. ready, sir? you had 17 kldsln ten years and entered..

..the guiness bookof world records. say a few words about it, sir. actually the thing is thatwhen we were in college.. ..we used to fight a lot..daily fights.. and finallydestiny brought us together. and then we didn't look back. every time it wasa double lmpact. twins.we had twins every time. kamala. vimala. ravi. kavi.

shanti. damayanti. ajay. vijay. pappu. sippi..- o stop lt! enough. you are feeling shy? ganesh. dinesh. mahesh.radhe shyam. shyam. chotu. moutu. so in eight attemptswe had 17 kids. 17 kids?- yes, you can't believe it? o god! but you can have only16 kids in eight attempts, sir. once we had triplets.puppu. sippi.

who's the third one?he must be somewhere around. he must be somewhere around. there are so many.i just get confused sometimes. it is a wonderful feeling at last.so many kids. i feel somebody up there likes me. i am really grateful to godfor giving me an opportunlty.. ..to enter the guinessbook of world records.

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