hey everyone, lesley myrick here - with asqueaky chair. what. is. happening? hey everyone, lesley myrick here - i'm aninterior stylist and i transform boring beige spaces into kickass colorful homes with anoffbeat edge that are livable, delightful, and unexpected. today, we're going to talk about break ups. i'm not talking romantic break ups - i amtalking breaking up that matchy-matchy set of living room furniture with a sofa, andloveseat, and chair that all matches and coordinates perfectly.

these were super popular in the 80s and 90sand even a little bit into the 2000s, and i'm sad to say that i still see them today,and they are not a good idea. it's a total no-no to do too much matchingin your home. sure, you want things to make sense, havesomething visual that ties them together and have a cohesive look - but, i think that'sbetter accomplished through mixing and matching the right pieces than just sticking with apre-made set that some retailer has decided goes together. so, if you have one of those living room sets,you've invested good money in it, what do you do?

well, friend, it's time for a breakup. the pieces on their own are probably great. it's together when they're all matching, that'swhen things get a little bit stale. so why not repurpose some of those piecesin other parts of your home? a loveseat or a settee can be a great fitin a master bedroom, and i love the idea of using an accent chair in an office or on alanding - somewhere where you want a little somewhere to perch, sit, maybe read a book,but you don't need a full living room setup. alternatively, if the pieces have good bones,but it's just the fact that they're all upholstered in the same boring fabric that's kind of becominga snoozefest, you could look at re-upholstering

one or more of the pieces. the fact that the frames tend to be similarand the proportions are good together means that with some change of fabrics you couldtotally transform the look without buying all new pieces of furniture. if you do decide to keep your matching settogether all in one room, there are a lot of little ways you can make each piece feelunique, even though they are all the same. different pillows, throws, slipcovers. you can mix and match different soft textilesand decorative accessories to really give each piece its own personality but still haveit work together as a whole.

so, never fear if you are stuck in the 80swith your matching sofa, chair, and loveseat set - there is hope for you. if you do like it all as a set, you can personalizeeach piece and make it work in one space. however, if you're kind of over the matchinglook, break it up, spread it throughout your home, and give each piece new life. if you liked this video, be sure to shareit with a friend and spread the love. and if you want more inspiration to help transformyour home, hop on over to my website at where you can download my free guide, bringpersonality to a boring space.

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