lots of people have old cabinets in their houses but they don't know what to do with them. but i'm here to tell you, don't throw them out i have three great ways for you to update them. the quickest way that you can update that old case good is just a simple coat of paint. you'll be amazed at what just one swipe of white paint will do for it. you can also be even more creative

and do a contrasting color on the inside, or even a wallpaper for fun. however, before you get too paint happy though you do need to realize what you have on your hands. i wouldn't advise compromising value of a priceless antique for a quick update. luckily, paint's not the only option you have for updating your big piece.

you can change where it lives. move it to another room. and you can also completely rethink the way that you're using it. one of my favorite new uses for an old cabinet is to move it to a bathroom and stock it with your fresh towels and toiletries. and keep in mind, if you are using a cabinet with a glass front that you need to be selective

about what you're putting inside of it. for example, this isn't the place to put your kids sheets with all the crazy prints. try and stick to a more classic white sheet and towel. possibly my favorite rebirth of all time for a classic secretary is to move it from a dusty old library right into the living room where it's styles as a bar. but again, because i'm using another glass fronted piece

i am really selective about the bar items that i'll place in it. since it's gonna be on such display, i want it to have a neat and tidy look. the other good thing about having a bar in a living room is that it keeps everybody from clustering in my kitchen. everybody wants a drink too. last, but not least, who needs a whole office anymore

when you have this great secretary? you can store books up at the top and you can flip down the table as a place for your laptop. now that you know all the new ways to use your cabinets, i hope you're inspired to make it work for you.

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