we shares a wonderful collection of modernliving room designs that have the tv and fireplace, and look very elegant, comfortable and attractive. space saving and smart interior design ideasthat emphasize the beautiful architectural features are perfect for all social interactionswhile provide pleasant rooms for relaxing activities. it is possible to turn a living room intoa place that all family members and friends enjoy. hiding the tv is not necessary in modern livingrooms that often look like family rooms or media rooms.

you can add living room furniture that hidesthe tv, but these furniture pieces can be expensive. a television is often a challenging elementof any modern living room designs, especially if you need such furniture placement thatallow to watch the tv and a fireplace simultaneously.when it comes to finding the right place to putyour television and find the most comfortable living room furniture around your fireplace,many people think of mounting the tv on the fireplace wall or adding built-in furnitureto both sides of the fireplace. there are other things that you can do aswell to create wonderful combinations with the tv and fireplace, which improve modernliving room designs and create a beautiful,

comfortable and elegant multifunctional interior.somelarge stone fireplaces are included in house exterior and interior design. you can use the fireplace wall or adjacentto it wall for hanging your television. you can add the tv to built-in shelves orbring a cabinet for your television, creating the perfect living room design for your homewhich is multifunctional and very comfortable.fantastic looking mantels and glowing fireplaces createa warm and cozy atmosphere in living rooms, ideal for watching your favorite movies withyour kids, partner, other family members or friends. turning living rooms into multifunctionalwith the tv is one of great interior design

trends for small homes or houses that do nothave a finished basement.

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