traditional home dã©cor as timeless themefor your house traditional home dã©cor is timeless ideasthat you can use years without getting outdated. it originated from the old eighteen centurytime so you can actually choose several traditional themes to use in your house. this theme will not only make your house becomemore beautiful but you can really feel the elegant atmosphere that this time will giveto every room. no wonder even people with modern house stillwant to apply traditional theme in their interior since it looks very luxurious. you can try to mix and match modern and traditionalitems if you want so it would still support

your modern lifestyle. things to consider in using traditional homedã©cor 1.color scheme [ sorry, i should say 5 ] the color scheme of traditional house is actually more colorful than you think of. most people think that traditional house isfilled with boring brown color but you can actually use other color. for example you can try to use green or peachcolor for the main color then use tan or aubergine color for the accent.

with this color scheme you will get a colorfulpallet which not boring but still have the traditional feeling. do not forget to use bronze tone for otheritems to give warm feeling that traditional style should have. 4.window treatment.for the traditional home dã©cor window treatment you can use formal treatment with swag aswell as panel for the combination. you can make the window appear higher by hangingthe swag taller than the window frame thus making faux window frame illusion. to arrange it, you can gather the panel togetheron the side then tied it with cord that has

tassels for decoration. the swag can also be decorated with fringeor other smaller tassels to make it more beautiful, choose textured material so it would not appearcheap. 3.pattern.when it comes to traditional home dã©cor, pattern is a must but you could not use anypattern that you found since traditional design has specific pattern to use. first pattern that you can use is damask patternwhich already famous for traditional theme. then you can also use floral pattern but makesure that the pattern is all over the surface. then you can use those patterns on many thingssuch as the wallpaper and the cushion of your

sofa or even pillow for your living room andbedroom, but keep the usage moderate so it will not feel too much. 2.oil painting.the best traditional home dã©cor that you must own is an oil painting with still lifeart or other kind of art that you like. you can put those arts in every room to giveit dramatic effect. combine the art with your family picture whichwill give the room romantic feeling and even more personal appearance. not only the painting will increase the valueof your design since it now incorporate art, but your design will appear more elegant andsophisticated as well.

try to make the painting to be the centerpoint of the room if possible. 1.chandelier.usually people will keep minimum lighting for traditional home dã©cor to give the designromantic atmosphere. but you still need to think about the kindof lighting you will use in the room. to enhance the romantic feeling even more,try to give the room chandelier as lighting. not only chandelier suitable as traditionalhouse lighting but it also very beautiful to look at. of course you need to choose traditional typechandelier but crystal chandelier also work best with the traditional theme.

make sure the size of the chandelier is suitablefor the room so it would not be too big or too small to light everything. tips in using traditional design for yourhouse theme traditional design is classic theme that doesnot tied with any time, which is why people love to use it since they do not need to changetheir house theme anymore. if you want to use this theme you should knowthat the design can give many kinds of feeling into your house according to the way you designit. you can try to create elegant feeling by usingsimple pieces in your living room to make it more interesting.

romantic feeling is more suitable for yourbedroom or bathroom with more private usage thus you can make use this atmosphere more. luxurious feeling can also be achieved byusing this feeling which you can also apply in your dining room where you could entertainpeople. all you need to do is to choose which feelingyou want to achieve with this theme then design the room accordingly. there are a lot of items that you could useto achieve the feeling such as silverware, flowers in beautiful vase, luxurious material,and many others. that’s it for today episode.

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