asian home dã©cor items to get asian inspiredhouse asian home is very interesting, that is whya lot of people try to use asian home dã©cor to apply this theme on their home. small details on the home dã©cor will make your house appear more asian even though the structure of your home is not asian styleat all. furthermore, this asian decoration can beuse in most themes that you have in your house without worry. here are some main items that you need tohave to decorate your home with asian theme.

6. furniture. some of you might like to use authentic antique asian furniture but if you want modern taste,there is also some modern furniture with asian taste that you could use as asian home dã©cor. for old asian furniture, you could try touse low table which usually found on japanese houses. for more modern taste, you could try to findmodern furniture but the height should be lower than ordinary furniture. it should be closer to the floor; you couldfind lowered bed frame, low sofa, and many

others. 5. lantern. lantern is a means of lighting for asian homes in the old times. of course, those homes have already use normallight bulb. however, that does not mean the lantern isleave behind. they still use lantern in the home as asianhome dã©cor which you should also apply in your own home. there are many kinds of lantern that you coulduse from the chinese red lantern to the japanese

white lantern. the shape and size of those lanterns are variedso you could put them to different places such as on top of your table or even hungthem on the plant. put small size light inside as the light source. 4. decorative screen. decorative screen for asian home is not only use to divide the room but it is also useas an important decoration. that is why you will see the asian decorativescreen appear more like a painting compared to the ordinary decorative screen.

there are many asian home dã©cor styles forthis decorative screen. from the crafted decorative screen that ismade using woods to the painted decorative screen. the painting really appears like normal asianpainting inspired from the nature, cultural event, and many others. 3.wall artwall art is the most common home dã©cor and there is wall art that inspired by asian style. asian love the nature this is why you willfind a lot of asian home dã©cor wall arts which inspired from the nature such as plantation,animals, and many others.

they will also write some poet on the artto inspire people. some wall arts also inspired by asian peoplethat is why they also adapt several paintings with people in it such as kimono girls, samurai,and many others. you can use those wall arts anywhere aroundthe house such as living room, bedroom or even dining room. 2.china porcelain. china porcelain is another thing that becomes the signature of asian themed house.

this china porcelain has white backgroundand blue color which becomes the signature of this item. there are many kinds of china porcelain thatyou could find. china porcelain vase is the most common oneas chinese people love their vase. you could use the vase to arrange some flowersor you could just put them anywhere you want inside your house. other items are the chinaware which you usuallyuse to decorate your dining room and kitchen. 1. buddha items.buddha has been an icon of asian people that is why a lot of asian home use buddha itemsas decoration.

there are a lot of buddha items that you couldget such as buddha paintings which created in different art style, buddha symbol is thecommon theme that everyone could try but of course you could find different items suchas candle holders and many others. spread all of those buddha’s around thehouse and you will feel asian theme on your house right away. decorate your house with asian theme. to decorate your house with asian theme, then you should try to apply zen living to yourhouse. use a lot of wooden material on your housewhen necessary.

wooden floor would be easier to apply, andif it is possible add several wooden panels on your wall. use a lot of natural element as well. try to put several plants inside your home. if you could not find asian plant such asbamboo, then you could try to use any plant that you find on your local store. use all of those asian home dã©cors insideyour house evenly so the asian theme could be felt from your entire house instead ofone room only. that’s it,since you’re still watching, help this video

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