starting today we show ourappreciation for those putting their lives on the line to keepour great nation free. i'm talking about the men andwomen in the armed forces. one deserving military familygets a makeover starting right now!let's get this show on the road, boys.come on! (music).time for us to show our appreciation and give back tothose who have sacrificed. this is designing spaces:military makeover, and it starts

right now.behind me is the home of robert keefe, and his family, wheredesigning spaces has launched into a military makeover.taking a military family's house and giving it a pedal to themetal, ship-shape makeover. let's meet robert and his familynow. lieutenant!bobby! i grew up in okeechobee,florida. graduated okeechobee high schoolin 1996, and went to a couple years of college and then joinedthe marine corps.

before joining the marine corp,robert was working as a produce manager at a local grocerystore. i was a cashier, and he workedas a produce manager. i couldn't keep my eyes off ofher. i used every tactic just to talkto her. finally, she agreed to go on adate with me, and first date, first kiss.soon after, robert enlisted and joined the marine corp, trainingto become a recon marine, he was deployed to okinawa, japan,before being sent to combat in

helmin province in afghanistan.we averaged 6-10 ied strikes every mission.my truck alone hit five ieds. robert was lucky to escape threemore ied attacks, but his luck eventually ran out.the fifth ied strike was the one that injured me.the impact was right up underneath my seat.i felt my neck and head just getting crushed.the injuries were serious. diagnosis: vertebrae compressionfracture, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumaticstress disorder.

the incident did not gounnoticed back home. i actually had a dream and i sawit, and what happened was, i felt it.wow. i'm alive and i have all mylimbs. i feel very very blessed.adjusting to civilian life has been a challenge.it's hard. it's just hard because i knewhim before he went into combat, before he was a marine.i knew bobby. every day that i drive, i stillwonder when my vehicle

is going to get blown up.it's been a struggle. now it's time for us, atdesigning spaces to give back to robert and his family.with the help of the gunny, we'll transform their home andgive it a serious upgrade. i've been envisioning opening upthe kitchen some. definitely some new cabinetry.i can't wait to have appliances, especially the refrigerator.we need tile floor in the master bedroom.i'd love to get into that garage and re-organize it.your wish is our command.

the heavy lifting will beginright after this. (music).(power tools sounds). (music).. you know the best place to startany operation is right here at ground level.for this military makeover, we are starting at the deck andworking our way up. victory will be ours.hoorah! you know, that things a littlebit shaky. saw a guy fall off of one ofthose one time, landed on his

head, killed him deader than adoornail. as part of our master plan,we're carpeting three of the rooms in the house.what we're installing is not just any carpet, but somethingcalled flor. here to show us what it is, andtell us all about it, is kenny friedman, the creative directorfor flor. tell us about the product here.this is actually carpet tiles that come in squares, right?exactly. they are squares, so you canmake a rug or wall to wall in

any possible way.you can do custom, you can lay it all out in one style, but youcan do anything. you can even cut most of ourstyles in triangles, or rectangles or whatever, evenfree form. and if you do something like astripe, and you want to do checks later, it's great becauseit's versatile. we don't stick it to the ground.they stick together with floor dots, which are stickers, andyou can pull them up and you can change them out if you want.not having the carpet

permanently affixed to the floorcan come in very handy for several reasons.they're easy to clean. if it's a small stain you canclean it on the floor. if it's a little bit bigger, youcan just pull it right up, clean it in the sink, let it dry andput it down. if it's damaged, you can justget another tile and replace it. swap it out.it's really easy, and then you have a couple of extras in thegarage. if you live with a wall colorfor a while, it's so easy to

change.you can do an accent wall in a different color.you can do that now with the floors.exactly. and you can do whatever youwant. so, if you want to startneutral, you can do that, and you can add pops of color, oryou can start really colorful and in a really bright pattern,and you can change that up and add some neutrals to it.so depending on the room and decor, the look can be changedup without adding a lot of cost.

and it's so easy to put down,even our guy joe here could do it, correct?yeah, it's really easy. follow the pattern of what youordered. you place it down with the floordots. robert will be getting a heavyexecutive desk from haverty's in this home office.the question is, will this carpet be able to handle thewear? our parent company is calledinterface, and they do commercial product, and sothat's what our stuff is based

on.we have styles that our more for residential, but they staytogether well, and this is a low pile, so anything going over itwill stay nice and clean. another area where flor islooking to make an impact is on protecting the environment.one of our missions is to be, by 2020, to have zero emissions onour products when they're made. they are very low voc and weactually recycle a lot of different products to make makeour tiles. we start with fishnets andbottles, and even old carpet to

make our stuff.wow. and a lot of our styles are 100%recycled. now, if someone out theredoesn't know what vocs are, tell them what that is.that's the gases or volatile organic compounds that come outof carpets. right but it's nothing comparedto regular carpet, or even other carpet tiles.flor charges by the square, but it's best to look at it by therug. for example, a custom 8x10 rugcan be designed for as little as

$400.so, we know about this room. what are the keefes getting inthe other two rooms? okay, in the boy's room, they'regetting this thing that we call boost, and it's an area rugstyle that we augmented to make it a little bit more shaggy, andfit his room really well. in the living room, they'regetting an area rug, and it's neutral with little pops ofcolors. a little bit of red and a littlebit of a green. so, for everyone at home whowants to order this, how do they

go about doing that?there's several ways. you can go to flor.com and youcan check us out there. i think the best place to startis looking at area rugs, because that's an easy way in.you can also go to a store. we have stores in 21 cities.or, you can give us a call and we can design something customfor your there. the designing of the productsare free. i've pushed this crew to a stateof exhaustion, but there is much more to do for this militarymakeover, so be sure to

reconvene here again for part 2.i'm gunnery sergeant r. lee ermy, and i'll be waitingright here for you. don't be late.i know where you live. for more information aboutanything you've seen on today's show, or to find out how to bepart of the show, log in to designingspaces.tvyou can visit these websites to learn more about theparticipants on this edition of designing spaces.(music).

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