whether it's tile, vinyl, laminate, wood, or carpet. thorton flooring has all the options youneed. we'll take a look around, next! hi matthi trisha thanks for joining us. we're here at thortonflooring and we're gonna' talk about all of your products in detail. first of alltell me a little about your business. the business was started approximatelyin 1979 by my parents. it was started in our garage with three rolls of vinyl and two rolls of carpet. and you've really come a long way fromthere because the selection here is huge. when people come into the store whatare some of the things they're going to see.

you're gonna' see a variety of differenttypes of flooring coverings. we show it in different ways. the floor iscovered with a lot of different kinds of display floors. looking at just samplesit's really hard to just choose a product. by actually seeing floors installed youget a lot better idea. so you're seeing a bigger area and beingable to visualize it more in your home that way. exactly. and what are some of the things that peopleshould consider when they're selecting a product?first thing i would consider is what you're expecting the product to perform like. are you looking for something that you

want twenty years out of and it's gonna'take abuse from dogs or kids or things like that? is it fashion or is it function?in some cases fashion does come before function. it just depends on what theperson's looking to achieve. so it's all about asking the right questionsand finding out what they really want and need.let's talk a little bit more about some of the specific products. you have a lot ofoptions for wood or the wood look. tell me about those. first option for wood looks is gonna' beyour laminate floors. people think of laminate floors like pergo of the past.laminate floors of today actually look

a lot like wood and in many cases you can't tell the difference. also there's luxury vinyl floors.the luxury vinyl floors can look like wood and they're gonna' be waterproof so they'regreat for basements. talk a little bit about ceramic tiles. everyoneis familar with those but what are the benefits of going that direction. today's ceramic has a lot of different typelooks too. you actually can get wood looks in ceramic so you can get the look of woodyet the performance of ceramic tile. are there any trends or things that you'reseeing become more and more popular? probably the biggest trend we see today isjust more hard surface going into homes.

when i say hard surface i mean vinyl,laminate, tile, or wood. by going to hard surface it's actually a little bit moremaintenance friendly for a home. and when some one comes in and they'renot sure what they want yet how do you help guide them in the right direction? basically that's the job of our sales staff.they're not here to actually sell people on a product. they're here to find outwhat the person is looking for. that's basically our job is just to try andeducate the consumer on what they're buying. and then once a customer has made theirdecision you can also do the installation. yeah we run about thirty crews of installersday in day out. we'll schedule the installers

and then back their installation throughour store. matt we've had a chance to look around thesample showroom. now let's take a look at the carpet showroom!alright, sounds good! while there are many products out therethat replicate the look of wood. there's really nothing that compares toreal wood. it has a timeless quality, adds warmth, and increases the value of yourhome. with options including plank, solid, engineered and distressed, there are manyoptions here at thorton flooring. matt now we're in the carpet showroom andyou have rows and rows of carpet. why is that an advantage?

by having a large selection of rolls likethis people are actually able to see the carpet out in big pieces. you can actuallypick the carpet right off the roll and you could take it home today if you reallywanted to. also by having the large quantity of rolls like this we're able to buy at alot better price. matt are there any trends in carpetright now? the biggest thing we're seeing in carpettoday is short, tight carpets. some sort of pattern. people are looking for things thataren't gonna' take a lot of maintenance but yet look good in their house and inten years are gonna' look like the day that they were installed.

and when some one comes in looking forcarpet what are some of the things that they really need to think about to try toselect the best one for them? basically it's a matter of whether you'relooking for something that's gonna' perform well or something that's softand more comfortable. by going to something with a shorter tighter twist you're gonnaget something that's gonna' perform better it might not be quite as soft but it's notgonna' show the traffic like of the long soft fiber. well if some one is looking for carpet,tile, vinyl, ceramic, why should they choose thorton flooring?

we're gonna' give you the best selection,the best price, and the best service. so we're definitely the place to come. great thanks for joining us. thank you! for more about thorton flooringvisit them online or at their showroom.

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