so this is my living room as it is rightnow residency is pretty boring carpet decisive like that having the bigwindows dark carpet really absorbs a lot of light and have that kind of makes it delve and what i'm gonna try to deal withgruesome wood flooring so

would have done already put down a little bit of that materialyou can see it here and its own discerned product called them traffic masters maybedford oh and beating hanaford poke we try to do is installed at throughout and asks me if that makes fora more interesting better surface time to compliment was my face and i'mhoping is to get this whole area redone

disappointed for now one of theseinteresting is that because i'm renting this place they can actually glued tostep down but i'm just going to put it down like a carpet mostly democrats okay so making some good progress now turns out i had a really don't believeit before stated tap into doing what i'm going to be somecloser here with the flurry of motions

shiny citadel thank you for that are made up so i'm gonna show you a little bit about connectivity down the pieces and then embark on cutting the pieces aswell so that you look at what's going on heresolo got burned this purposes agency is facing that's looking weekends fluffystratocaster ma but i i think i think he's a dresser end the truth about two minutes awayreinforces the defendant

but it really works best guesses withthe entire world will not require us and then went to the whole thing in place so ithink it's very difficult to actually it's the line and why president was to get used to make iteasier to read a fundraising event business for you simply isn't starting it says and ladies that remotely for us

animated enough some leftover staysuntil the first phase is all kind of peace and then i was thinking offset from that stars thirteen artists and what does that instead this useful lineup is active andi thought about that is that you get the sitter parent figures have beenabsolutely safe havens the lawn seats there and not entirelydebris now let's get down to the cuttingexpenses

i think it's going to be the mostdangerous part facilities and screening to be the mostcareful wealthiest its rules and anteriorly and opened it happened please do be careful and alternative yousandbags and the best way to go up to this country so far material for a scanned for uses playthings evening butdoesn't present things that i would very

much for john's but the thing to keep in mind is thateven though it's been went through the g_-seven fault becauseits eleven day and as a result of you can get a lot going on the blaze had formerly riveted to spend too muchtime with police units and all and we will have lost he finally he'scatching returning a vending hours disability it's worth it twenty dollars to regainengineer who's been a long way in that on the issue

so not doing that mr starr with an issue so what you want to get to the tablesand hurt but as they are but uh... given the same time and people got word site so in this case i've got applies i think that the otherparts of the pencil standout used it forty five degrees transcendent appeared at that

true insecticides fees committed that's a good wine growingbetween staff and that was pretty pad remains a great friends their familiesfor visiting were is this you've just had only rest often threefastest means altogether modern needs and then play susan here and that it was seen with the other side bedpans

was really important to clear both sides the material was used for thetime going out this as a client album season opening up in the materials thatyou know i mean it does not support of the start of this monster stumbled someplace you will release thetranscripts a ambica proportionately began vietnamese who want to be careful my burger king and his visit this in the key to three and threeeighths inch unsuccessful it said

it's quite carpools mls one hundredfifty dollars and hands-on marvelous them and see if i can answer dand senator battery which the cheaper moment looking around and he said notbad for a full first lessons well there is memory distinguishes the cost forhalf the price of mime-version time he had to cut interest levels and hisvision statement here candidacy he mechanism to triggerspending and he isn't fifteen-foot is appropriate for and onor housing can't handle it as opposed to there's no misunderstanding connelly uh... and always had a press release ofyou with us and hope both hands on the

device and solution an example of this and his material for peace deserve that works the hannah america's littlest still leads thenation okay so now they've got to ask for stuff for the last decade

do you think that this is clamps and a better favorite bands select that now that i bet that he thought they're going to put it on the end ofthis world the this n_f_l_ within that neglectful the grade yes those parts but it was in brussels um... and studied at the whole thing at onceso we handle

slowly and was knee injuries start and history's verdict indeed little very stressful and flinch uh... fourth-place finish the

dozens that events and reading about statehood this particular is that uh... naturally has to put pressure from above

they actually tightens the pieces together except effectively hood you think that's less agreeable uses for posting and this is not particularly had stevenson so that's one less definitive knowncertainly was which is how they actually do the essence of it how we get from the floor of the here

death carpet maker luby's but if you can see it that peace entryappearances and this company possible solutions is alist of scholar foreign wine explosive because it is that as pieces and basically what they want to do istake some l track and strip the ground and then do a lot of stuff with it but since this is a rental course thatcan't be sitting things into the ground anti-family differently to get the store so i will show you the split it

it's very simple associates correct series going on the surface of the skyand that's the worst things that he mail messages down caitlin red hatsseparately i think in concede that enters looks like this julia close-up but that suggests a closer look at what'sactually happening with that molding i've got an address more peace of mindhere in which you can see right here is that

has been screw that prevents and noticed thatit's flush below the surface of the moving and the reason for that is adrill the probable first animated very small three show uh... fantasy essentially have largerdruid so that that's true that if you sinkinto the wouldn't wouldn't get caught and socks and stuff like that now entersthe construction of this peace significance electric and pull thesepart a little bit and you'll see that in fact on the twoseparate pieces

and they just lined up against eachother in the fear of the site almost a smooth adhered and that's the smoothest instead when weactually fix these pieces together with these two sides within this true everytwelve inches i think that's going to be enough to keep it looking good vehicleand often if you want to their dot super visible uh... and you can also that you seek a strategy to hold it tothe edge of the picture so wanted to give you final truer stuffwent to florida like before actually put

in the new love seat and very happy with the latest summerand so hard to get a full senses website bay incidences restraining right back request by the way christopher there that just seems thatreally is has now divided the room meeting this separate section where itgot the planet living area with the computers and stuffand there's still a mess there

but as you move over here you've gotdust and lower limbs family attorney ria and back nice little sanctuary space with thiswood floor baram i think that's going to work out reallywell feels nowadays sounds nice with the carpet padding underneath connects edged down here at the bottom

n i'm pretty happy with how this workedout so that's pretty much it does i think that's what it takes to approvaland therefore onto power apartment for rent art and doesn't have that he has to beinvolved because i had to susan mccur inhabitedlinking the carcasses of leave the trio and we have reasonable stays in place janssens lee identity exactly the way that i think the secondpart of anything covering it up with

this materials that part of the carpostage rates plus the three of us is less than threehundred dollars and i had gotten on past the the elementfor and that was a friend of ours that the system dollars two pieces that he left the door and hesays reply the from the cost of living well it's about three hundred dollars reallyquite comment on that issue cover about children starving area three sixty threehundred square feet speak english the prerogatives in schoolof about you two days of work to do you

think there is something we candetermine when the effects of the household here uh... stand has a lot of fun and i thinkthe that looking pretty creates a lot of confidently questions please let me getanother lifestyle issue

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