hey donnie gupton, welcome back to flooring my life tv and today we're going to have a little bit of fun we're going to play off of the new "female favorite" 50 shades of grey movie and so we're bringing to you, 50 shades of grey - hardwood flooring edition so grey is obviously a very very popular trend in the flooring industry right now whether it be carpet, hardwood, laminate. you name the material, grey is one of the one's that's out there so some of the four basic grey tones of flooring that you're going to see first off would be a blue gray which you're going to see a blue undertone to

it's going to provide a very cool look pretty awesome, there's some really nice blue gray looks out there "slate" would be a good way to put it dark gray is going to be very bold, very sleek for the style dark gray is really going to incorporate more of the black in gray moving onto light grays, light grays are going to be more with the creams and beiges intertwined with silvers it's a good option. brown grays are where you're going to get into the tans and brown undertones

a very warm and sophisticated look for any room so those are the four basic options you're going to see. there's a lot of different gray tones you're going to see so keep those in mind as you're shopping some of the things to remember though when you're shopping for a gray is you're going to have a lot more options coming out of the factory than what a contractor can do for you on site gray is not something that is an easy stain formula to mix up on site so it's definitely something you're going to see a lot more of coming from the factory

and when you want to be aware of that because when it comes down refinishing after you purchase this product. for exapmle, a maple, you can't stain a maple gray once it's done, it's done and once you stain a maple or sand a maple it goes back to its natural color and a lot of these colors once you sand and finish them, you won't be able to stain on site after what you can get done in the factory another thing is, a lot of these gray colors come from using the natural oil finishes

so you need to be very aware of what you're purchasing when it comes to a hardwood floor if it's a natural oil finish, you need to know how to maintain that floor properly it's definitely a little bit different floor to live on than your standard polyurethane finishes so keep those in mind when you're buying a gray floor or shopping for a gray floor especially in the hardwood world. what is the finish that is on it? this is donnie gupton, flooring my life tv make sure you subscribe to the channel check us out on flooringmylife.com to shop any of these great floors. we'll talk to you soon

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